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Palm Punishments

Nosy brats, thieves and masturbators spanked and strapped on the palms of their hands

We all know that a spanking on the bare bottom is a proven and most common form of daily corporal punishment routines around the globe. However, there are some specific offenses and crimes that require more specific sanctions. For example, did you ever catch your girlfriend or wife reading your private messages on your cellphone? Or did you ever catch her stealing? Or even worse, did you ever catch her masturbating without permission? That's the moments of palm punishments! A paddling, strapping - or even a caning for repeat offenders - on the exact body part where the offense came from, the palms of their hands!

You would instruct the delinquent to stand in the middle of the room, preferably stark naked to add more shame and embarrassment, with both arms and hands stretched out, palms to the top. We recommend to keep her in this position for at least 1 hour, so she can think about her behavior before the actual spanking procedure begins.

There’s no common limit for the number of strokes you would apply. Just make it as many as required to accomplish the purpose. The purpose is to make the girl feel truly sorry, with her face drowned in tears and her palms turned crimson red. See the galleries below for how to do it right.
A Chance To Own Up - Part 1+2An end-of-term exam paper has disappeared from the Head of Physics' tutorial room. At the time of the disappearance four girls were unsupervised in the room, where the exam paper was in a desk drawer, for just five minutes. One of them took it and they all know which.palm punishmentspankingm/fstrapuniformblack girls spankinggroup punishmentCaning Punishment SpecialThis is the hardest cold caning series we have ever produced. Each girl gets two long cold caning sessions over the punishment stool, naked and scared. The dragon cane does it's terrible work. But it's not over yet: once these punishments have ended each girl has to take the strap on both hands.palm punishmentspankingf/fcaningAmelia Stripped For A Hand Strapping And Yard-Stick Across Her BottomAlready humiliated by an authoritarian regime, investigative journalist Amelia Rutherford is not in control as she attempts to expose what happens at The Facility. Standing naked, Amelia endures a leather strap on her palms and a wide wooden spanking stick across her bottom.palm punishmentspankingm/fstockingsstrapyardstickNaughty Schoolgirl Hand TawsingDani is always in trouble at school, time for a more inventive punishment. In a ridiculous school uniform (with no panties) She is ordered to present her hands one at a time. The horrible stinging tawse is brought down with terrific force on each open palm.palm punishmentspankingm/fstrapYou Have To Be Punished Laura - Photos PreviewSometimes the talking has to stop and in this case not only does the talking have to stop but important lessons have to be learned. Well a good lecture is a way to start but then she has to go over the knee and take a real hard spanking on her bare bottom.palm punishmentspankingf/fotkear pullingthighs spankingwedgiesVery pretty girl lifts her evening dress and bares her bottom for the cane - deep welts and stripesVery pretty girl lifts her evening dress and bares her bottom for the cane - deep welts and stripespalm punishmentspankingf/fcaningFree Mouth Soaping PunishmentsThe Cold Caning Experiment Part 2 - HQ Photos PreviewOnce again she has to be examined by the good doctor before taking a position on the caning bench. The second cold caning is given, her tears flow but I continue till the end. Then she has to endure my own extra experiment, the application of the tawse to both her hands.palm punishmentspankingf/fcaningstrapseverecryingtearsEnglish Education 4No description available yet. Enter gallery for preview and more details about this production.palm punishmentspankingf/frussian spankingclassroomTrouble At The Hotel - The Full Story - 47 MinsThis is the full story of the two young ladies Eryn Rose and Monica. You will watch as each girl takes it in turns to have their bottoms sprayed with cold water to intensify the sting of the cane and then take a terrible cold caning, twelve strokes at a time, a total of twenty four strokes each.palm punishmentspankingf/fcaningApricot's TearsAfter she is spanked over her regulation school knickers, she is stood up for a hand tawsing which brings her to tears. It's back over headmaster's knee for a bare bottom spanking before he bends her over and gives her 12 hard strokes with the cane which make the tears continue to flow.palm punishmentspankingm/fcaningotkuniformcryingtearsSecretary Alaina Fox Spanked and Caned - Part 1The super cute, curvy bottomed lady whimpers while she receives a long hard caning, and becomes remorseful when put over her large, strong boss's knee for a sound spanking.palm punishmentspankingm/fcaningNimoy Out Of ControlNimoy gets an over the knee spanking followed by a good strapping on her hands. Then it's time to bend over so that the leather strap can be best used on her firm bare bottom. A good lesson for this young lady in one of her very first films.palm punishmentspankingm/fotkstrapFree Spanking & Caning FilmsHolly The School Bully PunishedIn her uniform Holly has to take a spanking and a strapping on her school knickers and on the bare bottom. Just when she can't take any more she is made to remove the kickers and put her bare bottom high in the air so that the headmaster can give her a swishing caning.palm punishmentspankingm/fcaninguniformThe Final PunishmentAll the girls have now taken a terrible caning. Most of them are in tears now and they are just pleased that the punishment is over. But, it is not! Their teacher tells them that now each of them will take a severe palm punishment. This is met with cries of despair and more tears!palm punishmentspankingf/fblack girls spankingSevere caning and palm punishments for cute teen in pigtailsSevere caning and palm punishments for cute teen in pigtailspalm punishmentspankingf/fcaningwheelbarrow spankingIt Ends In TearsWhen the head decides Paris & Scarlet need to have further punishment they ask if they can be beaten together. This is not a problem and the resulting punishments given with the school leather paddle to the naked girls hands and bottoms is severe but somewhat erotic.palm punishmentspankingf/fcaningleather paddleNaked blonde sweetie gets severe strapping across her palms and buttocks - tears of painNaked blonde sweetie gets severe strapping across her palms and buttocks - tears of painpalm punishmentspankingf/fcaningRiley Mouthsoaped & Hand StrappedRiley faces one of her most humiliating punishments at home after her stepfather has been told of what she did at school. This time, she will receive the nastiest mouth soaping for the disgusting gum-chewing followed by a mean, leather strapping across her hands for the brazen thefts.palm punishmentspankingm/fblack girls spankingseveremouth soapinghumiliationMore Free Previews at 100 Free Caning GalleriesSevere palm punishments for cutie in pain - relentless hard strokesSevere palm punishments for cutie in pain - relentless hard strokespalm punishmentspankingm/friding cropThe Physics Master - The Tawse And The CaneOnce again Amelia finds herself in the physics detention class and the master is not pleased with her supposed improvements. It is not often a girl is caned in this school so when it happens it has to be a real deterrent, that means it must be well laid on. Accurate and hard.palm punishmentspankingm/fcaninguniformKailee's Hand StrappingDescription: Since Kailee cannot keep her hands in place during a paddling, Lady D straps her hands.palm punishmentspankingf/fTears won't stop the painBent naked over the back of a chair in her house her bottom is exposed to the swish of a heavy cane expertly wielded by a self-appointed moral guardian. This bare bottom is soon covered in red stripes and the tears flow freely.palm punishmentspankingf/fcaningPunishment As Requested - Part 5This is the final part of our series and Gemma joins her step-mother in the punishment room for her final caning. Once this is over her bottom is bright red and will be marked for days. The punishment is not yet complete, both girls have now to take the tawse on both hands.palm punishmentspankingf/fcaningseveremature women spankingTrespassingRosaleen is frolicking about and climbing trees on someone else's property and she will be punished for her trespassing! After catching her she takes Rosaleen inside and gives some smacks on her hand before she bends her over for the real punishment with the strap!palm punishmentspankingf/fstrapuniformMore Free Galleries at AAA PreviewsThe Cheat At St JustsLucy has been caught going through her teachers desk looking for the exam results, there is only one course of action he can take. Lucy has to stand and stretch out her arm as both her hands are given a thorough strapping, her fingers feel the full force of the strap.palm punishmentspankingm/fSimpson In TroubleElizabeth is in trouble again, she must remove her filthy knickers and bend over the chair on all fours and get a good spanking with the shoe! The discipline goes on with the hairbrush on her hands before removing the rest of her school uniform and getting put up against the wall for her caning!palm punishmentspankingm/fcaninghairbrushuniformSchoolgirl Vandal PunishmentMackenzie is in big trouble this time. Her Detention Punishment will not be pleasant, not after what she had been caught doing. She is already feeling ashamed and humiliated and he saves his best to last with a severe caning.palm punishmentspankingm/fcaningstrapuniformBlazer Of TrustAs head girl, Anita gets to wear a special blazer for the year, which Mr. Baxter calls the blazer of trust, and tells her she has broken the trust he had when he gave it to her. Her hands are strapped since she used her fingers to look up offensive material on Mr. Baxter's computer.palm punishmentspankingm/fRachel Caned And Tawsed To TearsRachel's caning is in 2 sets of 12, such is the severity allowing for a break in between, the camera captures both angles in full... nothing is missed out, covering her facial and bottom welting reactions - caned from cold!palm punishmentspankingm/fcaningstrapseverecryingtearsPassing Notes In ClassCee is caught passing notes in class. The Headmaster, instead of strapping her bottom, decides to strap her hands. She remains sarcastic so he strips off her pants and knickers and finishes her hand strapping with a half-naked girl with very sore palms until she promises to never pass notes again!palm punishmentspankingm/fMore Free Galleries at Uniform SpankingEnglish Education 6No description available yet. Enter gallery for preview and more details about this production.palm punishmentspankingf/frussian spankingclassroomSaturday DetentionDetentions for the girls at this Boarding School on a Saturday were always the worst. The Head Teacher, Mr Osborne, was particularly blunt when dealing with both girls, taking time to scold, chastize and use a painful method of correction: A hard wooden ruler across their hands.palm punishmentspankingm/fotkuniformblack girls spankingPretty blonde school girl caned on her bare bottom plus palm strappingPretty blonde school girl caned on her bare bottom plus palm strappingpalm punishmentspankingm/fcaningotkstrapJayda Blaze Chastised For CheatingAs Jayda had stolen the exam papers, the Principle decides her thieving hands should feel the wooden ruler across her outstretched palms. Further humiliation is in store as the Principal decides to give Jayda 10 swats of his wooden paddle, bent over the desk with her bottom presented for punishment.palm punishmentspankingm/fotkuniformblack girls spankingcheerleaderwooden paddleA Hand In Her PunishmentKennedy carries a tawse on his shoulder under his jacket when teaching, and he takes it out to put it to good use. He makes Cupcake face the wall and lift her skirt, then applies the tawse to her bottom immediately, without any warm up.palm punishmentspankingm/fblack girls spankingtawseLola Anderson Caned and Tawsed - Images PreviewThe evidence of the welts on Lola Anderson's bottom is enough to show how much this severe caning is hurting and by all 24 her poor bottom and upper thighs are an angry red mass and parallel welts. Then she receives the heavy tawse, Lola has never felt pain like this...palm punishmentspankingm/fcaningsevereMore Free Galleries at Spanked & DiaperedCaught StealingHe marched them to the Detention Room for a short sharp shock punishment on the 'Spanking Horse'. The girls had a bare bottom spanking and strapping facing each other in shame after a hand tawsing for stealing from their classmates.palm punishmentspankingm/fstrapThe New Boss - A Regression Session Film - Part 1Skirts raised Mila and Dillon are bent over the desk and both get a blistering spanking on bare bottoms, this in itself is humiliating enough. Next they have to remove more clothing and then hold out their hands to take swats with the heavy ruler on both hands.palm punishmentspankingf/fwooden rulerFinishing School: Hand Or Thighs?Finishing school tearaways Pandora and Willow are in trouble again - and they won't get off lightly this time. Headmistress Hewitt has a new idea: perhaps her tawse could be of use? Neither girl has been subjected to the leather before, nor to a beating taken on their hands or thighs.palm punishmentspankingf/fstrapuniformStrict Punishment Extreme PainThe start of her punishment was not well received and tears began to well in her eyes. More to come though as Alora was made to bend over for a good hard whacking with the thick leather paddle. Just take a look at this girl at the end of our film, no doubt that she has received a hard punishment.palm punishmentspankingf/fleather paddlestrapseverecryingtearsbreast torturebreast slappingEnglish Education 2No description available yet. Enter gallery for preview and more details about this production.palm punishmentspankingf/fpaddlerussian spankingclassroomNimoy Out Of Control - Photos PreviewNimoy gets an over the knee spanking followed by a good strapping on her hands. Then it's time to bend over so that the leather strap can be best used on her firm bare bottom. A good lesson for this young lady in one of her very first films.palm punishmentspankingm/fotkstrapMore Free Galleries at Spanked GirlsTwo young lovelies spanked and strapped to tearsTwo young lovelies spanked and strapped to tearspalm punishmentspankingm/ff/fotkhairbrushstrapHard SellIf Del thinks getting hands-on with a potential client is acceptable, he's going to get very hands-on with her. Specifically his hand on her bottom until she learns the lesson, followed by a two-tailed Scottish tawse... applied to Del's hands, of course!palm punishmentspankingm/fpantyhosetawseKami's Birch Rod PunishmentWhilst Kami's hands were still burning, she was ordered to turn around, lower her knickers & bend over the desk for a cold birching which you will see she hated as the collection of twigs bit into her soft white rounded cheeks!palm punishmentspankingm/funiformbirchclassroomDrunk SlagPeter came home and found Sunny asleep after drinking all morning. He is furious and gives Sunny a hard thrashing on her bare bottom. Then he takes the strap to her hands for stealing money from him.palm punishmentspankingm/fotkstrapTeen slut brutally caned on her naked young cheeks - deep purple bruisingTeen slut brutally caned on her naked young cheeks - deep purple bruisingpalm punishmentspankingm/fcaningsevereThe New Boss - A Regression Session Film - HQ Photos PreviewAs employers go Sarah Stern is a pretty tough boss to work for as Mila and Dillon are about to find out. Skirts raised they are bent over the desk and both get a blistering spanking on bare bottoms, this in itself is humiliating enough. But next...palm punishmentspankingf/fDon't forget to bookmark this page. We are updating regularly.
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