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Advertize HereAdvertizementBad Teens PunishedNaughty teen girls think they can get away with anything, don't they? Sometimes they just need to be shown who's really in charge. Can these dirty girls be reformed by spanking and fucking?AdvertizementBad Teens PunishedNaughty teen girls think they can get away with anything, don't they? Sometimes they just need to be shown who's really in charge. Can these dirty girls be reformed by spanking and fucking?strapspankingotkhairbrushpalm punishmentff spanking2 days agoHairbrush Spanking And Strapping For Sarahstrapspankingcaningmf spanking3 days agoBubble Butt Redhead Punished In Yoga Pants - Strap And CaneMaddy Marks has an incredible Booty, further enhances by form fitting yoga pants. Instructed to straddle the chair backwards, her bottom is pushed out for the strap and cane. Stinging strokes of the cane cut right through the thin fabric to immediate yelps. The strap raised high overhead penetrates to impart a lesson on her perky posterior.strapspankingstockingsmf spanking3 days agoThrashed With Leather - Two Drinks Later 2 - Vol1The nerdy research scientist has a couple of drinks at the holiday party and her behavior turns wild and lewd. She is told by her boss, Dr B, to come up with her own punishment to be administered and she emails him her need to be punished hard by spanking, belting, paddling and a heavy leather strap. In part 2 we see her well spanked and belted bottom face a long paddling and then the prison strap. Her cries, shaking, flinches and jumping from position are delicious as the leather is laid on her bare bottom good.strapspankingleather paddlestockingsmf spanking7 days agoThe Slipper, Paddle, Strap And Penalty Swats For Naughty Lola - Part 2Naughty Lola wants a good spanking after a long day at work. She gets a good OTK spanking over her dress, panties, and on the bare bottom. She is slippered, paddled with a leather paddle, strapped with a heavy prison strap and finally opens her naked bottom wide for Penalty Swats.strapspankingotkwheelbarrow spankingff spankingrecentAlora Lux Spanking PositionsPlease welcome Alora Lux to our network... and in the finest of introductions, she agreed to participate in three traditional and intimate spanking positions. This was filmed at the end of a long shoot and you will see evidence of previous spankings which are soon to disappear as her cheeks glow red from the next round, courtesy of Clara Matthews. As with all films in this series, there is no build-up dialogue or storyline, Alora is being spanked for the sake of it... and why not? This is the full-length version but all three separate positions will be added soon after in your preferred download format. Position One: OTK - Alora, dressed in a tight sexy light blue dress receives a thorough spanking from Clara, first over her white cotton panties, then with them pulled down having her delightful round cheeks turned a darker shade of red. Clara dishes out delightful pleasure (tickling the cheeks with her fingertips) and painful slaps to keep Alora guessing what would happen next. Position Two: Wheelbarrow Spanking - Alora was keen to try this embarrassing position, as she liked to feel humiliated as Clara reminds her what she can see and how the spankings are different. She is even able to reach the innermost parts below Alora's cheeks which she finds out, stings - a lot! Position Three: All Fours - Alora is naked except for her cute knee-length socks, spreadeagled on all fours on the hard wooden floor. Clara has full access to her naughty girl's red bottom and even uses a stiff leather strap that has Alora gasping. This position is also called the 'Table' as Clara straddles her, strapping and spanking Alora this way until her cheeks are a beautiful crimson.strapspankingsecretary spankingtawsemf spankingrecentTables Are Turned As Spanker Zoe Page Is Now The Spankee In Asking For ItA leather tawse bites deep into Zoe Page's round, soft booty as she pushes Philip Johnson to punish her harder in Asking For It. A new role for Zoe, but one she relishes: 'I'm always the one giving punishments at Firm Hand, so being spanked instead gives me a great perspective and a sore bottom!' Enjoy the strap going to work on those cheeks!strapspankingotkff spankingrecentStepsisters Spanked TogetherSarah and her stepsister, Bella, wanted to have a fun afternoon out in London doing some sightseeing. They decide it would be far more fun to sneak onto the train without paying. Little do they know that the London Transport Authority has notified Mommy of both girls' naughty behavior. Upon returning home, they are not honest, pretending that they had a great day and didn't get into any trouble at all. Mommy knows they are lying and tells them about the embarrassing phone call and that they will be soundly punished for the blatant lies and bad behavior. They are each spanked over their panties and then on the bare bottom. Sarah is first taken over the maternal lap, as Bella watches with nervous trepidation. It is doubly humiliating for them as they can see and hear the spankings, and know exactly how the other miscreant feels! However, the punishment only finishes when they are both given 10 hard strokes of the 'Family Strap' bent over the couch with cheeks bared and exposed for the dreaded leather implement. Afterward, their heads bowed in shame, they are told to stand in the corner with their red, sore bottoms on full display.strapspankingotkenglish disciplinemf spankingff spankingrecentSales IncentiveLina is unhappy with Jenna's sales figures and general attitude. The best way to remedy the situation is incentivize Jenna with corporal punishment. Lina enlists the help of co-worker Andy to administer a good bare bottom spanking to Jenna before putting her over the desk for a taste of the paddle and strap.strapspankingtawsemf spankingrecentMotivational College Punishment #2 - Vol 1Previously Red needed some assistance with passing her classes and she felt that corporal punishment would be her best bet for motivation. And while the spanking did help, she found that ongoing motivation would be needed as she was falling behind in her classes. Enter the hand, some mean straps, the riding crop, and the ever so stingy switch. All of these implements were used on her tender fanny to bring about some better results in College. Be rest assured, if Red needs motivation, a 'red' ass is the way to inspire it!strapspankingotktawseenglish disciplinemf spankingrecentDisappearing MoneyClara has been working as a cleaner for an employer who has a habit of leaving cash around the house which was a temptation that she was unable to resist and started helping herself. Eventually her employer worked out what had been going on and now Clara has to pay the price. A humiliating over the knee bare bottom spanking is just the start after which she is ordered to knee on the settee with her already sore bottom properly presented for further chastisement with various leather paddles. The punishment concludes with Clara laying flat on the floor with her employer's foot on her back as he gives her a good strapping.strapspankingotkbelt spankingmf spankingDaddy Spanks AdrianaAdriana waits nervously for daddy to come and punish her. She knows she has been a naughty girl and no more discussion is needed. Daddy approaches belt in hand. Adriana goes over her lap for a hard hand spanking before she is made to kneel on the chair and stick out her bottom for a dose of daddy's leather strap. She cries real tears and promises to be a good girl as daddy straps her poor red bottom.strapspankingmf spankingLying On A Desk In A Butt-Revealing Swimsuit, Lucy Is Strapped For MotivationLucy Lauren's round, athletic bubble butt is soundly strapped laid flat on Philip Johnson's desk. A swimsuit hardly covers her cheeks as she squirms on the desk, exposing more and more bare skin. After her earlier spanking, her sass earns a blistering strapping with his belt in Spanked in Uniform. 'The belt was way worse than I expected,' admits Lucy.strapspankingff spankingShe Always Needs Spankings - Part TwoAs Veda's sizzling, sexy spanking continues, Chelsea chooses a thick, wooden bath brush, just to really begin to heat things up. Still in her OTK position, Veda takes one heck of a hairbrush spanking! But, still there's more. No sensual spanking experience is complete without a strapping! Whew!strapspankingmf spankingReal Spankings - Exclusive Updates - Part 4AdvertizementBackroom Casting CouchBackroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job.AdvertizementBackroom Casting CouchBackroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job.strapspankingseverecryingtearsrectal thermometerhumiliationmf spankingMandie's Big MistakeMandie was sulking in her room after an earlier spanking and didn't feel like going out later that day with everyone else as she was sure that her marks would show or give away that she had been punished. She concocted a fake illness when told to hurry up and get ready. Of course this didn't fool John who played along with her until he suggested taking her temperature - rectally (the last time she had placed it in a warm cup of coffee when he left the room so she could not be trusted again). He was giving her a chance to just stop this nonsense but she persisted so the threat of the thermometer became reality and was placed up her bottom. There was no fever, of course! Confronted with this evidence, Mandie realized her mistake but it was too late and he was disappointed that she would have to have another lesson in not to tell fibs. A quick leather strapping and spanking in many varied, humiliating and painful poses brought Mandie to tears as she was told she was coming out with them - like it or not!strapspankingff spankingThis One Is Gonna Sting - Part TwoSo, Luci's stinging session continues and, of course, there's more paddling involved. Chelsea had LOTS of paddles...and STRAPS! Finally, Chelsea had put her own marks on Luci's hot little bottom!strapspankingwooden spoonwooden paddlemf spankingff spankingReal Spankings - Exclusive Updates - Part 19strapspankingfemdomcaningslipperwooden rulerenglish disciplinefm spankingMaintaining DisciplineIt might be a novelty to new teacher Ms Blake, but for Headmaster Mike Pain, institutional corporal punishment is part and parcel of running a school. After hearing reports that Pandora Blake's art classes are a little out of control, he invites her to his office for some friendly guidance on discipline. Having never given corporal punishment before, you'd expect Ms Blake to be anxious. What you might not expect is the gleam in her eyes that tells more of excitement than professional nerves. It's clear from the flirty chemistry between them that Ms Blake and Mr Pain enjoy talking about traditional school punishment - but will Ms Blake enjoy Mike's demonstration? Mike talks her through the rituals and rules of delivering a school beating: how many strokes, how hard, and when to pull down the student's underwear and smack them on the bare. Although the ritual is rigid, his teaching method is unorthodox – Mr Pain bends over the desk to allow Ms Blake to get some hands-on practice with the slipper. In between stinging swats, the obliging headmaster offers critique and tips – after all, it's improtant that Ms Blake is able to adminsiter a punishment with vigour and accuracy. As he urges her to spank him harder, and to pull down his trousers and apply the slipper to his bare bottom, it's clear that Ms Blake is either a pretty fast learner or a natural spanking enthusiast. After some heavy bare-bottomed smacks with the slipper, it's time for a lesson with the ruler. Ms Blake marvels at the vivid marks she's making on his bottom after the first few hard strokes, and then administers six rapid swats to mimic a real-life whacking. As she gets more confident, and delivers more painful punishment, Ms Blake expresses her gratitude to the patient headmaster.strapspankingslipperuniform spankingprison spankingmf spankingCaught With A DildoDuring the last Inspection, there was a life-like Dildo found in inmates Jentina's cell. She was sent to the Warden who scolded her severely and bent her over his desk tawsing her soundly while she was forced to suck that dildo. Then she was sent to the corner, bottom ablaze. In part two inmate Jentina has to write punishment lines on the board in the nude while her, already sore, bare bottom feels the sting of the Slipper. That is how she learns that what she writes, makes her bottom red and sore.strapspankingotkstockingsuniform spankingff spankingGrounded For PunishmentMelanie Graham has been called in for one last disciplinary meeting, and if her supervisor doesn't like what she hears then Melanie will be one ex flight attendant! The list of all the latest misdemeanors, uniform infractions and mishaps are read out to her from the latest sorry-sounding report. Melanie is facing supervisor Soria in a creased shirt, ill-fitting clothing and a sullen expression.. does this girl ever learn?. However, Soria wants to give this recruit at Spanko Air one last chance... but Melanie will have to take a punishment befitting her latest behavior with a spanking and leather strapping. The miscreant goes over her supervisor's lap for a hand spanking and is shocked to find that the spanking is carried out over her panties and bare bottom! However, she wants to keep her job and accepting this punishment is part of the condition. Melanie's bottom turns red and sore very quickly and the final part of this 'Special Disciplinary' sees her placed over the table, panties down, receiving a mean hand strapping from the angry supervisor. Soria's strapping leaves more visible wide welts on poor Melanie's behind as she is told this really is the last chance and that her behavior and attitude to the job will improve or she will be dismissed!strapspankinguniform spankingmf spankingBare Bottom Strapped For Aggressive Behavior: Rosie Munroe Feels The BurnBent over a chair, uniform skirt lifted, panties pulled down, sassy Rosie Munroe is soundly strapped across her bare buttocks for aggressive behavior at Reform School. 'You think the strap will break me?' she asks John Friday as her bottom flinches from the leather. This is one miss who deserves further correction. Watch out Rosie!strapspankingotkuniform spankingyardstickmf spankingCassy's Tearful DetentionSometimes, the teaching staff are required to discipline girls on their day off. So it will never go well for any miscreant, who has taken precious time away from family, as Cassy is about to discover. Boarding Schools for problem girls often have Saturday detentions and discipline... Cassy has been caught tampering with the length of her school dress. it is so obvious when she is called into Mr. Osborne's office. His look of disdain at the state of her appearance is just the start as he uses a measuring stick to show her just how ridiculous the new dress looks. It barely conceals the bottom of her panty line. Taken over his lap, the dress rides up revealing the regulation knickers, this only makes him spank her harder and soon her legs are kicking as she struggles to take the punishment. Cassy is to receive the Reformatory Strap... but first, he is so incensed with her that he places Cassy over the stool and uses the wooden measuring stick like a cane. This stings and marks her bare bottom, very quickly bringing her to tears as the final part of her detention discipline is with a mean leather strapping. Wiping away her streaming tears, Cassy is told to get out of the office. The rest of her Saturday will be spent in reflection on what she did and to undo the vandalism to 'school property' (her uniform).strapspankingtawseenglish disciplineff spankingHer naked body used, abused and strappedElla Hughes is a senior at High School and her head of school thinks it's OK to seduce this poor innocent. She strips her naked and plays with her, teasing her before finally making clear what she intends. This will mean a lot of pain and humiliation for Ella as she is bent over and her bare body is strapped and paddled.strapspankingotkmf spankingJulie Spanked and StrappedJulie Manners is used to teasing her boyfriend to near insanity with her luscious little body and flirtatious ways. But one afternoon, she goes too far, blatantly coming onto him, then laughing at his desire. It's the last straw as far as Rick is concerned and he takes her over his knee to air his displeasure, via a very hard spanking, starting on her skirt, progressing to her cute panties, then vigorously proceeding to her beautiful, curvaceous bare bottom. Determined to spank the provocative coed until she yields a few concessions, Rick doesn't spare his hand.strapspankingff spankingJust To Please Chelsea - Part TwoNaughty, naked Luci's cropping continues and soon evolves into a stinging strapping. Finally, Luci chooses Chelsea's largest, hardest wooden paddle for the flaming finish to her hot and sexy spanking session!strapspankinguniform spankingcheerleader spankingff spankingDisrespectful Cheerleaders DisciplinedZoe Page makes her first special appearance as a cheer coach on an exchange program from England. She has singled out two girls who she feels needs some extra discipline from herself as only she knows how. It comes as no surprise that Adriana and Kiki are the girls in question, who turn up late for her disciplinary meeting. On top of that, they are not in uniform, more proof of their obvious poor attitude. the girls are not used to Zoe's caustic and harsh scolding, that is just the start of this punishment. Both girls are spanked over their tight panties then with their bared bottoms on full display, bent over side by side as Zoe continues to berate them both. She hasn't finished though, as she uses her favorite leather strap with the girls still bent over, bottoms reddening in shame as the loud swats confirm Zoe is not to be messed with.strapspankingotkuniform spankingmf spankingNew Resident LinnLinn is sitting at the table using her laptop. Michael a master at Girls Boarding School comes into the room. He wastes no time in telling her why he is there, she has only been a student at Girls Boarding School for two days and she is already in trouble. He accuses her of being late for class and she gives him an excuse that she overslept. Then as if that is not bad enough, she did not do her English History homework. With a tremor in her voice she tells him she forgot to do it. Michael tells her she's a naughty girl and naughty girls at Girls Boarding School are punished. She has never been spanked before and he says it will be a new experience for her. Obediently she stands up when he tells her to do so. Sitting on the chair that she had just vacated he orders her to get over his knee. Hesitantly she obeys and he starts hand spanking her on top of her school skirt. After six spanks he lifts her skirt away from her bottom and carries on spanking her on top of her white school knickers. A few spanks later and he pulls her knickers down to her mid thigh. Now her sore red bottom is in full view. His hand makes contact with alternate cheeks, causing them to become more red and sore with each spank. He reminds her that she has been a naughty girl and tells her to tell him so over and over again while he continues to spank her. She starts telling him so like a mantra. When he believes she has had enough and has learned her lesson he tells her to stand up and kneel on the chair. Telling her to stay in that position, he leaves her, promising to return shortly. Ten minutes later and he has come back. He's brought with him a leather paddle. He explains to her that her previous punishment was for being late for class. Now he intends to deal with her for not doing her homework. She is instructed to lean over the back of the chair, elbows resting on the table and her bottom stuck out ready for the paddle. By the time he has hit her already sore bottom a further half dozen times she is begging him to stop. However, as he tells her, he'll stop when he's ready. Now as the final part of her punishment she is going to receive ten strokes of the paddle on her sore red bottom. By the time he has delivered the ten strokes her bottom is a bright red. She is to stay in position for thirty minutes, then she is to return to her class. He walks away, leaving her gingerly rubbing her poor sore bottom.strapspankingcaningmf spankingPainful cure with the canePainful cure with the caneMore ResultsRecent New ModelsEmily RightAdded August 17, 2022teens solo, artistic eroticismChristie LeeAdded August 14, 2022lesbian, spanking, otk, erotic spanking, ff spankingMandy FoxAdded August 14, 2022lesbian, spanking, otk, erotic spanking, ff spankingAthena FTVAdded August 14, 2022teens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismNadja HotAdded August 11, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, latina, cum swallowMiraAdded August 06, 2022teens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismOlya DerkachAdded August 06, 2022teens solo, artistic eroticismJazmineAdded August 05, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, deepthroat, bukkake, handjob, cum on face, cum swallowLilith FTVAdded August 05, 2022teens solo, masturbation, artistic eroticismCrystal WatersAdded August 04, 2022spanking, otk, mf spankingNeciaAdded August 01, 2022spanking, strap, mf spankingGina SnowAdded July 29, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, anal, cum in mouth, bukkake, cum on face, cum swallowDelilah BlueAdded July 27, 2022milf, cumshots, handjobLayden LandryAdded July 27, 2022milf, cumshots, handjobAudrey RoyalAdded July 27, 2022teens hardcore, spanking, otk, mf spanking, spanked and fuckedMegan SageAdded July 27, 2022teens hardcore, spanking, otk, leather belt, uniform spanking, belt spanking, mf spanking, spanked and fuckedAthena IIAdded July 25, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, anal, anal toysLoraineAdded July 20, 2022spanking, otk, stockings, strap, mature women spanking, ff spankingLola FTVteens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismRiley Starrspanking, otk, mf spanking, uniform spankingQuetzalteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, deepthroat, handjob, latina, cum swallowSunny Radfordteens solo, artistic eroticismLilah FTVteens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbationDeedeeteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, titjob, cum swapping, bukkake, latina, cum swallowJessie FTVteens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbationOlivia II FTVteens hardcore, anal, teens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbation, anal toys, anal masturbationMonica Singerspanking, leather paddle, strap, black girls spanking, breast slapping, mf spankingNina Porterspanking, leather paddle, strap, black girls spanking, breast slapping, mf spankingEmma Fantazieteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, handjob, cum swallowAriel Gossimerteens solo, artistic eroticismSofia Garciateens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, cum swallowMorganspanking, otk, wedgies, english discipline, ff spankingTamsin Rileyspanking, uniform spanking, english discipline, ff spankingNyxi Leonspanking, uniform spanking, wooden paddle, mf spankingStephanie FTVteens solo, masturbation, artistic eroticismMillaa.k.a. 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