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Advertize HereAdvertizementBad Teens PunishedNaughty teen girls think they can get away with anything, don't they? Sometimes they just need to be shown who's really in charge. Can these dirty girls be reformed by spanking and fucking?AdvertizementBad Teens PunishedNaughty teen girls think they can get away with anything, don't they? Sometimes they just need to be shown who's really in charge. Can these dirty girls be reformed by spanking and fucking?breast whippingbdsmwhippingrecentPetra - Stepping Through Real Submission - Part 4It's the final countdown for freedom for Petra. She has got to endure and survive the last ten minutes, without giving up, to receive the prize of her bravery. Before finishing the serial, Dr Lomp decides to punish the poor fresh girl on her amazing boobs and cute nipples. He will whip the youngster's boobs and place the painful clamps on her nipples. And to cause more pain and high sensitivity, he will drive a pinwheel around these stunning tits. For sure, if the holy shocker wouldn't take its place in this great scene, it would be a big miss. Watch the movie, and witness how Petra is struggling against every kind of boob torment from Dr Lomp's talented hands.breast whippingspankingbdsmriding cropseverecryingtearswhippinghumiliationbdsm castingsEP Castings - Aleshka Diamond, Leilabreast whippingspankingbdsmwhippingpussy spankingbreast tortureTesting An Untouched Teen - Ariana's DebutSay hello to Ariana, a 19-year-old decent girl. Ariana wants to prove her bravery and has attended a testing movie in the holy dungeon of Graias Studio. She knows BDSM only from porn movies and has never tried it before. Moreover, she even doesn't know whether she has got any desire to be a BDSM model, for she has never got a chance to meet her own pain threshold. Soon Dr Lomp will examine her with various initial punishment instruments, thus both the punisher and the victim will see if Ariana has sufficient potential to take more roles in Graias. Now take your seat and enjoy the fresh natural beauty Ariana meets the true pain under Dr Lomp's supervision.breast whippingspankingbdsmcaningriding cropseverewhippingmf spankingbdsm castingsEP Casting - Alice, Rebecca, Vanessabreast whippingbdsmseverecryingtearswhippingbreast torturebdsm castingsEP Castings - Alisha, Rebeccabreast whippingspankingbdsmriding cropcryingtearswhippingbreast torturebdsm castingsEP Castings - Amina, Michaelabreast whippingbdsmseverewhippingpussy whippingpainslutpussy tortureThe Beauty - Part 2It's really hard to accept and wait for your fate, and if you are aware of helplessness, in addition. No escape. This is the mood of beautiful innocent Mia, while her both arms and chest are fixed to torture board. It is why she begins to tremble when Dr. Lomp's cold and unfriendly hands touch her smooth breasts. Trouble moments for Mia are to start. Even she is unsure whether this time she can survive Dr. Lomp's brutal punishment. Watch this movie to get seduced by blue-eyed beauty Mia's desperate tears in unbearable pain. And, don't miss Dr. Lomp's extra surprises along the movie.breast whippingspankingbdsmseverecryingtearswhippingmature women spankingDesperation Of Yultsi - Part 1The wheel of pain is to turn for Yultsi, and she again seems very nervous, that she knows she will suffer a lot, as no less is expected if this duo is in the scene. It is a psychological torment for the loyal switch, to be in the focus of the whip, where she has just finished making a submissive guy cry with the same instrument. Dr Lomp is also aware of this, and now wants to enjoy Yultsi's mental destruction. As she turns the wheel, the cursor stops for 'Joker' two times in a row, as if the wheel itself also shows mercy for the poor slave, and doesn't want to take a role in her torment. This session will be extremely hard for Yultsi, and now you watch and see her getting mad for her misfortune.breast whippingbdsmseverewhippingbdsm castingsEP Castings - Ellie, Soniabreast whippingspankingbdsmcryingtearspalm punishmentpussy whippingpainslutbreast torturepussy tortureEnslaved Chick – Jasmine Waterfall's Debut – Part 1Dr Lomp keeps on gaining new faces to the BDSM world under Graias Studio. Here we are meeting a gorgeous porn star, 23-year-old fresh chick Jasmine Waterfall. She has never tried any BDSM session before, however she feels ready for surrendering herself to experienced dom Dr Lomp to taste it. Even seeing a whip is enough to catch the fear in her eyes. Before the real action starts, Dr Lomp promises her to apply some demonstration with relatively lighter strokes by every kind of instrument, and if she passes the initial pain without failure, she will be involved into the true BDSM game. Let's watch and see if she can endure Dr Lomp's first impact without any tears in her eyes.breast whippingbdsmseverecryingtearswhippingpussy whippingpussy tortureCards of Pain - Duo 2We are back with the'Duo' format of your favorite pain game, which is a special version of your favorite pain game 'Cards of Pain'. We thought we should end the feud between Amanda and Ariel, so we offered them the highest prize in our history: $25,000, that they can win only if they co-operate in this special edition. They can either both win or lose. The special rules are as follows: This time they have to distribute 200 strokes among the five body parts. They must complete 2-2 rounds individually with each other's support, and one last round together, sharing the punishment. If in the individual rounds one player cannot continue, the other player can save the round by taking double the remaining strokes for that round.breast whippingspankingbdsmwhippingbreast torturepussy tortureWelcoming A Shining Starlet – Aria's Debut - Part 1It's a pleasure for Dr Lomp to introduce new faces into the BDSM world. This is Aria, the latest starlet of the famous master. She is just 21, another curious sub youngster. Aria has got only one chance in her life to taste a whip stroke on her flesh, and it seems she liked it. She is eager to remember that taste and more, thus she accepts to be trained under Dr Lomp's commands. Experienced master warns her that he is known for his cruelty, but the young girl is determined to take her chance to be enslaved by such a master. Alia will be tested now, and Dr Lomp will decide whether he will record movies with her or not. Watch this sexy submissive Alia tormented and witness the result by yourself.breast whippingspankingbdsmcosplayotkriding cropwhippingenglish disciplinemf spankingHavelock's Campaign - The New LieutenantThis is a new historical military series inspired by the British Colonial era. Major Harry Havelock of Her Majesty's Hussars is about to set out on a new campaign. He has been assigned a new Lieutenant, fresh from training, commission bought with daddy's money, of course. The night before they move out, Havelock summons the young Lieutenant Shada to educate him in the privileges of an officer and a gentleman: wine, wenching, and whipping! As a passing-out gift, Havelock presents the new Lieutenant with a girl he has trained himself, a saucy wench with a heart of gold, just the thing to keep a young man's tent warm on his first campaign. Havelock also takes the opportunity to demonstrate to the new Lieutenant the best methods he has found to keep the help in line, should the need arise: a brisk over-the-lap spanking (which also serves as an entertaining diversion) and, if she needs it, a firm thrashing with the riding crop. Duty and pleasure don't often combine so pleasantly, but when they do it really is marvelous.breast whippingspankingbdsmriding cropseverecryingtearsface slappingwhippingpussy whippingbastinado falanga falakabreast torturepussy torturerecentLovenia - Cost Of Being LateCruel masters, as Dr. Lomp, are always looking around for a fault to punish their poor slaves. So, if a slave wants to get out of a session with least damage, she must be very careful and avoid giving a chance to her master, which will cause her to be brutally tormented. Unfortunately, Lovenia has put such an opportunity right in Dr. Lomp's hands. She is late for the very first shooting with him. For being late, sadist master tells Lovenia that he will double the intensity of punishment, which is already prepared for the poor girl. Watch and enjoy this poor girl punished until intense pain shakes all her body and avoids her even from speaking a word.AdvertizementBackroom Casting CouchBackroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job.AdvertizementBackroom Casting CouchBackroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job.breast whippingspankingbdsmseverecryingmf spankingbdsm castingsEP Castings - Roxana, Zsofibreast whippingspankingbdsmriding cropseverecryingtearspussy whippingbastinado falanga falakapainslutpussy tortureEnslaved Chick – Jasmine Waterfall's Debut – Part 3It's a real joy for a dominant to tame an obedient slave. Obedience shows the quality of your raw material, and you just have to follow the proper process to obtain the good result. Dr Lomp has enough experience to handle this process for obedient cheek Jasmine Waterfall. In this part of the serial, she will be whipped both on her front and back side, while her both wrists are cuffed and fixed to the ceiling, then, with her right wrist clipped to the right ankle, she will be caned harshly on her sensitive sole. To boost the pain, Dr Lomp will not switch to the other sole, and focus on the poor chosen. Watch Jasmine silently weeping while her sole is terribly beaten.breast whippingspankingbdsmriding cropwhippingbreast tortureCurious Chick Detected - Melanie's Debut - Part 1Yet another pain seeker is around and she is eager to be caught soon. She is Melanie, a 27-year-old hot amateur. Instead of suffering, she is more for showing submission to a strong character. This is the main fact which has driven her to knock Dr. Lomp's door. Alas, to gain what she dreams, she has to fulfill the sadist master's horrifying desires. Dr. Lomp never misses such occasions when a cute obedient girl feels herself ready to go down on her fours before the master, and let him torment her smooth flesh. Poor fresh girl Melanie is aware of her pathetic situation, and she can't keep herself away from the approaching trouble. Watch the movie and see if the new girl can satisfy Dr. Lomp's demands.breast whippingspankingbdsmriding cropseverecryingtearspussy whippingpainslutpussy torturemf spankingKyra - Part 2 Of 6Dr. Lomp starts to this girl so he tries to reveal the most sensitive part of her body. She may not figure out how a serious condition she is involved but painful strokes teaches her the reality. First tears easily drop on her cheeks. She suffers extremely. You will love close up scene on her face while she is fearfully sobbing.breast whippingspankingbdsmriding cropseverewhippingpussy whippingmature women spankingpussy torturemf spankingDesperation Of Yultsi - Part 2Dr Lomp seems quite pleased that there is a real pain toy to punish in front of her. He doesn't need to ask himself if the model can endure the torment or not, and try to quit the session. Poor Yultsi will take whatever is given and suffer a lot even if she feels heavy for her body and soul. In this circumstance, Dr Lomp is to strike every sensitive part of the helpless woman's flesh. During the cruel moments, experienced submissive Yultsi is just showing patience and silently waits for the time to pass for good. With her switch pride, she tries to not to weep, or to hide her innocent tear drops. Watch this lovely movie, which Yultsi will never forget for quite a time, thanks to marks on her flesh.breast whippingspankingbdsmpussy whippingbastinado falanga falakapussy torturerecentFragile Sub Returns Home - Part 4Teaching her how to torment another slave has an essential place within a slave's training process. Thus, she will gain empathy for her master, and in this way, she will be a more proper obedient. Diana is still at the beginning of her slavery journey, and she has got a lot on her check list. Since Kate is in the scene, Dr Lomp decides to take the chance and urges Diana to assist him while he is punishing the latter one. On the other hand, it will be a nightmare for Kate, since being hit by an inexperienced one is worse, because the intensity of the strokes are never predictable. Watch this movie, where one is suffering a lot, the other one is just confused and the only pleased one is Dr Lomp.breast whippingspankingbdsmriding cropseverecryingtearswhippingpussy whippingpussy torturemf spankingDraining Her TearsAfter the harsh punishment in her debut, Mishelle learns to not to ask for more from Dr Lomp. She understands that the famous master has no joke, and he is determined to give more than she desires. Now, in her second shooting, she will be placed on the torment chair, her wrists will be secured to both sides of the chair and she will taste the bitterness of back whipping for a while. Then, another hot girl, sexy blonde chick Mia will accompany her, while both girls will be tormented together. In the last scene, Mishelle will get her soles bitten by Dr Lomp's cruel riding crop. The weak girl will be crying along all these torments, but now you watch and decide which of them hurts her most.breast whippingspankingbdsmwhippingbastinado falanga falakaFresh Girl Meet The Pain - Diana's Debut - Part 4Sweet youngster Diana is still with us with her fresh gorgeous tits. Just before this part of the serial, Dr Lomp has given her the chance to leave the session right at that moment, if she feels that she may not take any more. Brave girl insists on being under control of the experienced master and his creative torments. This time, the wheel of pain indicates a cruel udder whipping. Indeed, it is Dr Lomp's special choice, when the cursor stops on the joker section of the wheel. Poor girl's eyes cannot hide her concern when she hears the master's decision. Alas, Diana, it is your decision to please us in Graias Studio, and now go and endure your punishments for our pure pleasure.breast whippingbdsmwhippingbreast torturerecentWeak Chubby's Struggle - Alexa's DebutMany girls attempt to taste slavery with experienced master Dr Lomp, however most of them cannot image how a trouble they are stepping in. Alexa, a chubby teen, is one of those unaware decent girls. She admits that BDSM is her dream, but since she has never tested herself in any painful game, she didn't know she would try to quit in the middle of casting. Her sensible nipples can't handle even the pain of the clamps. Thanks to Dr Lomp's patience, she doesn't find herself out of the game, and slowly gets used to suffering. Anyway, this is the famous master himself who will decide whether to accept this chubby or not. Let's watch the movie and see if Alexa will take role in the further movies.breast whippingbdsmseverecryingtearswhippinghumiliationbreast tortureCost Of Inexperience - Alice WayneA fresh journalist approaches Dr Lomp for an interview that will be published in a local newspaper. She is not aware how big trouble she is stepping in, and how dangerous the man she is touching. Journalist Alice will get what she is after, but Dr Lomp is not eager to please her, before innocent Alice satisfies him. Young and decent girl is to be trained, tamed and deeply tormented by Dr Lomp. Her smooth flesh will carry some seductive stripes, which will remind her of this terrible night, in which she will have to surrender herself to Dr Lomp's merciless hands. Now watch and see for yourself how Dr Lomp can play with a sexy young innocent girl.breast whippingbdsmseverecryingtearswhippingpainslutThe Beauty - Part 4Blue-eyed beauty Mia is back on the stage, still her eyes revealing the whole fear through her soul. She has lost her resistance, now she will only obey Dr Lomp, and will help him silently while he tortures this smooth body with a single tail whip. Dr Lomp gets Mia so obedient, that he even doesn't need to cuff her to cross, while whipping her untouched flesh. To have this poor body completely exposed, he just needs to order a slave girl to hold her arms up. This young and pretty girl is sobbing merely for your pleasure. The fear that she can't hide from you, will boost your enjoyment. Let's watch such a dream girl struggling under heavy torture of Dr Lomp.breast whippingbdsmseverewhippingpainslutFresh Girl Meet The Pain - Diana's Debut - Part 1Graias Studio always has new encounters, who have various expectations. Some of them are just after gaining experience of being trained by experienced master Dr. Lomp's, and some are just aiming to receive some money. Diana is one of those money seekers. She is a hot teen with her untouched skin and lovely small tits. Indeed, she is not willing to taste the pain, however Dr. Lomp will never give her what she asks, unless he doesn't take what he asks. Luckily, the talented master is a gentleman, he will give Diana the opportunity to pick the torment instruments which she is to taste during the session. Watch Diana learning to be a slave under a firm dominant.breast whippingbdsmseverecryingtearswhippingbreast torturebdsm castingsEP Castings - Nadia, Jennybreast whippingbdsmseverecryingtearswhippingpussy whippingpainslutpussy tortureMia - Irresistible Call Of Pain - Part 4 Of 5Poor girl's unfortunate fate on the bench has not come to an end yet. This time she has to face the spread bar. Dr Lomp fixes her both feet to the edges of the bar, widely open, and gets her poor pussy completely exposed to any cruel punishment. Now he can whip her inner legs and smooth pussy as much as he desires. Sweet beauty Mia has got nothing in her hands than bear the punishment and silently cry. Her sobbing doesn't work on Dr Lomp's mercy, and it just causes us to get more joy from the scene. Young chick Mia will keep on being punished and humiliated, and she knows that this is what she deserves.More ResultsRecent New ModelsEmily RightAdded August 17, 2022teens solo, artistic eroticismChristie LeeAdded August 14, 2022lesbian, spanking, otk, erotic spanking, ff spankingMandy FoxAdded August 14, 2022lesbian, spanking, otk, erotic spanking, ff spankingAthena FTVAdded August 14, 2022teens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismNadja HotAdded August 11, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, latina, cum swallowMiraAdded August 06, 2022teens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismOlya DerkachAdded August 06, 2022teens solo, artistic eroticismJazmineAdded August 05, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, deepthroat, bukkake, handjob, cum on face, cum swallowLilith FTVAdded August 05, 2022teens solo, masturbation, artistic eroticismCrystal WatersAdded August 04, 2022spanking, otk, mf spankingNeciaAdded August 01, 2022spanking, strap, mf spankingGina SnowAdded July 29, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, anal, cum in mouth, bukkake, cum on face, cum swallowDelilah BlueAdded July 27, 2022milf, cumshots, handjobLayden LandryAdded July 27, 2022milf, cumshots, handjobAudrey RoyalAdded July 27, 2022teens hardcore, spanking, otk, mf spanking, spanked and fuckedMegan SageAdded July 27, 2022teens hardcore, spanking, otk, leather belt, uniform spanking, belt spanking, mf spanking, spanked and fuckedAthena IIAdded July 25, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, anal, anal toysLoraineAdded July 20, 2022spanking, otk, stockings, strap, mature women spanking, ff spankingLola FTVteens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismRiley Starrspanking, otk, mf spanking, uniform spankingQuetzalteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, deepthroat, handjob, latina, cum swallowSunny Radfordteens solo, artistic eroticismLilah FTVteens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbationDeedeeteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, titjob, cum swapping, bukkake, latina, cum swallowJessie FTVteens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbationOlivia II FTVteens hardcore, anal, teens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbation, anal toys, anal masturbationMonica Singerspanking, leather paddle, strap, black girls spanking, breast slapping, mf spankingNina Porterspanking, leather paddle, strap, black girls spanking, breast slapping, mf spankingEmma Fantazieteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, handjob, cum swallowAriel Gossimerteens solo, artistic eroticismSofia Garciateens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, cum swallowMorganspanking, otk, wedgies, english discipline, ff spankingTamsin Rileyspanking, uniform spanking, english discipline, ff spankingNyxi Leonspanking, uniform spanking, wooden paddle, mf spankingStephanie FTVteens solo, masturbation, artistic eroticismMillaa.k.a. 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