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Advertize HereAdvertizementBad Teens PunishedNaughty teen girls think they can get away with anything, don't they? Sometimes they just need to be shown who's really in charge. Can these dirty girls be reformed by spanking and fucking?AdvertizementBad Teens PunishedNaughty teen girls think they can get away with anything, don't they? Sometimes they just need to be shown who's really in charge. Can these dirty girls be reformed by spanking and fucking?otkspankingmf spanking19 hours agoKiki Spanked OTK In Her Pj'sNaughty Kiki is taken over Mr. M's knee for a long spanking on her bare bottom. She is then placed in time out with her nose against the wall. Kiki is near to tears. This is a painful and embarrassing experience which should help Kiki to learn her lesson.otkspankingff spanking20 hours agoA Schoolgirl's RevengeSchoolgirl Alex is tired of getting spanked, seemingly all the time by her horrible teacher, Miss Morgan. Some things are about to change, however... Internet research has yielded some very naughty photos of the sexy Miss Morgan, which Alex will use to blackmail the teacher. Having asked Miss Morgan to call on her at home, Alex shows her the photos and threatens to show them to the School Board. Her price for not doing so is: 1) no more spankings for Alex, 2) top marks in all tests, and 3) Alex is going to give Miss Morgan a taste of her own medicine! In no situation to disagree, Whitney accepts Alex's terms and swiftly finds herself over the schoolgirl's lap, receiving the kind of painful and humiliating spanking she delights in giving to others. Revenge is sweet and, in this case, served hot upon Miss Morgan's bottom!otkspankingmf spanking21 hours agoGigi Very Late On TaxesGigi Lea did not submit any forms for her taxes, which effected Mr. Ford so much that he must now take corrective action. He teaches her to be more responsible by putting her over his knee for a very hard hand spanking that turns her curvy bottom bright red. She will not be sitting comfortable for many days.otkspankinghairbrushstrappalm punishmentff spanking2 days agoHairbrush Spanking And Strapping For Sarahotkspankinghairbrushuniform spankingff spanking3 days agoMadison Swan Spanks Paula DiamondMadison Swan and new girl Paula Diamond are waiting in the office to determine who started their fight. Even though it was Madison, she wants Paula to admit that it was her. They start wrestling around until Madison puts Paul over her knee and starts giving her a sound spanking, as a means to convincing Paula she should say she stared the fight. The hairbrush she uses is does the trick.otkspankinglesbianerotic spankingff spanking4 days agoMandy Fox And Christie Lee Erotic Spanking - RemasteredThis erotic scene has been remastered so now there are full spanking clips in higher resolution in contemporary file formats. Here is the original description: Mandy is a volleyball player who will do anything to improve. Christie Lee is her friend who offers to spank Mandy to improve her game. Mandy has one of the most spankable bottoms in history. Mandy gets a few swats in on Christie's ample bottom as well, before the girls decide to make love and not war.otkspankingmf spanking7 days agoOver Her Data, Over His Lap - Reyna Pays For Playing On Her PhoneLike many girls her age, Reyna is often found playing on her phone. Tired of her constant overages on her data plan, her Step Dad has had enough. Pulling her across his lap, her bottom stings under his hand as he scolds her to be responsible. His hand stings through her thin yoga pants, Reyna is scolded to stop playing on her phone or lose it.otkspankingjeans spankingff spankingrecentSpanked Sweeties - Dynamite DeniseDynamite Denise is a cute and feisty exotic valley girl who talks about being spanking growing up, mostly by her mother, who is played by Clare Fonda, who spanks Denise for dressing inappropriately in our reenactment spanking. It is a colorful spanking from the much taller Clare.otkspankinghairbrushuniform spankingff spankingrecentRose Spanks Lexi HollandAccording to new sorority girl Rose B, Lexi Holland was not supposed to spank teach Clare Fonda. So Rose says she has been sent to give Lexi another spanking as her punishment for doing so. Lexi gets over the knee and takes a long, sound spanking, with hand and hairbrush, leaving Lexi rubbing her sore bottom in the corner. But Lexi might be looking for some payback.otkspankingpantyhosepussy spankingmf spankingrecentPantyhose Thrashing - Late For The PartyEvery time they have a social engagement, troublemaker pushes their schedule to the last minute. Coming home to find her laying on the bed in pantyhose, making them late again. If they are already behind schedule, he decides they have time enough to warm her bottom. Pulled across his knee, the spanking hurts extra on her bubbly cheeks encased in nylon. Her cheeks jiggle, flashing red under a long hand Spanking. Standing up he picks up the razor strap, burning leather across her naughty cheeks.otkspankinghairbrushff spankingrecentClare Spanks The MormonClare Fonda was spanked by Mormon Kyla Keys and now Clare is looking for some payback. She puts the smaller Kyla over her knee for a sound spanking and even has her strip naked. Clare uses her hand and hairbrush to turn that perky bottom bright red and making it difficult for Kyla to sit down.otkspankingblack girls spankingmf spankingrecentA Proper Young Lady - Home For The Summer 2 - Pink Thong Panties Spanked And Paddled OtkIt is no mystery why pretty little Ivy receives so much distracting male attention at school. With her shorts pulled down her perky little butt is revealed. Impossibly bubbly cheeks framed in a bright pink thong. Step daddy's big hand has her cheeks bouncing as the heat rises from her punished skin. Smack, flatten, jiggle, Ivy whimpers has his hand echoes off her bottom. Despite her promises to behave he picks up the paddle and delivers painful swats to her exposed cheeks.otkspankingblack girls spankingwooden paddlemf spankingrecentBlistered OTK - Home For The Summer - Part 3Naughty girls get paddled on their bare bottoms, hooking the waistband of her thong panties they are pulled down to center thigh. The heavy paddle splats across her bruised cheeks as she promises to get her grades up and behave. Step daddy picks up the most painful paddle drilled with blistering holes. In between excruciating swats his hand inspects her progress. Ivy obediently takes her punishment, gasping and fighting back tears. She counts 10 final Swats as she holdbacks tears. Her bottom is bruised and blistered, a reminder to stay focused and behave like a proper young lady.otkspankingwedgiesenglish disciplineff spankingrecentDon't Go Easy On The New Girl - HQ Photos PreviewThis is an interview with a difference. We usually like to ask girls who have never been spanked before to give us a little insight into their lives and why they came along to audition for our spanking sites. Morgan gives us a great insight into her life and how she felt to be spanked for the very first time. She then goes back over Sarah's knee for a prolonged and painful hand spanking on an already marked bottom.AdvertizementBackroom Casting CouchBackroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job.AdvertizementBackroom Casting CouchBackroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job.otkspankinghairbrushff spankingrecentLexi Spanks ClareWhen sorority girl Lexi Hollands finds out that he did have the correct night for the part, tomorrow, and that Sorority Mother Clare Fonda spanked her hard for no good reason, she is looking for some payback. Reluctantly, Clare agrees. Lexi puts Clare over her knee for a sound spanking, using her hand and a hairbrush, turning that famous bottom bright red.otkspankinguniform spankingpaddleff spankingrecentMaddy Marks Spanks & Paddles Lexi HollandManager Maddy Marks calls Lexi Holland into her office to let her know about the complaints Lexi has received for being a bad maid at the apartment complex. Lexi does not agree and gets sassy with her boss. Maddy lets Lexi know how things are done around here. She puts Lexi over her knee for a sound spanking, then has her bend over to drive the lesson home with a firm paddling.otkspankingabdldiapershumiliationspanked and diaperedageplayff spankingrecentMommy You're So Mean - HQ Photos PreviewMiss Elizabeth gets a call from her daughter, Cherry's school. Cherry has a bad habit of wetting herself- not for any medical reason, but because she's too lazy and distractible to get up and go to the bathroom! The school called to say that Cherry was caught taking off her required pull-up and throwing it out. Cherry overhears this conversation and quickly tries to wiggle into an all white, padded pull-up before her mom comes back. She can't fool her mom, though, and she ends up over her knee, getting a hard spanking over her pull-up for lying and disobeying at school. Cherry is even more upset when her mom pulls down her pull-up to bare her bottom, spanking her even harder now. But Cherry's punishment is just beginning- since Cherry is acting like a baby, she's going to be treated like one. Her mom diapers her in a My Diaper Animals diaper while humiliating her about how naughty and babyish her behavior has been. Cherry is blushing in a way that can't be faked- she's clearly very embarrassed! She promises her mom she won't wet her pants, but is told she's going to be diapered daily until she proves she can stay dry.otkspankingjeans spankingff spankingrecentPaula Spanked AgainPaula Diamond returns home after getting spanked at the store for shoplifting. The store called, but her step-sister Faith Shalynn took the message. Paula gets Faith to promise not to tell their mom, but the cost is a spanking on her already sore bottom. Plus Paula must help Faith clean up the storage room. Faith even uses her hairbrush.otkspankingteens hardcoremf spankingspanked and fuckedrecentInsert ThisJessica Rex slides her panties aside to masturbate in her bedroom. Rubbing her clit, she bucks her hips and grabs her tits as orgasmic bliss courses through her body. Attracted by the noise, Audrey Royal comes into the room to see what her stepsister is doing. Audrey tries to tell Jessica to cut it out and keep it down, but Jessica has other ideas. Grabbing her stepsister's hand, Jessica pulls Audrey down onto the bed and convinces her that they should masturbate together. The girls lay by side by side stroking their pussies, but Audrey eventually admits that she's not feeling turned on. Grabbing a hairbrush, Jessica coaxes her stepsister to let her fuck her tight bare twat with the handle. Soon Audrey is moaning as she reaches the peak of a big climax. The girls agree to get together more often to get each other off. Little does Jessica know that Audrey now has a hankering for putting things in her fuck hole. The next day, Audrey grabs a pack of hot dogs, flips up her miniskirt, and starts shoving them deep in her cock hungry snatch. Her stepdad Johnny Castle walks in on her, and determines that spanking his stepdaughter is the only way to punish her properly.otkspankinghairbrushpyjamasmf spankingrecentVandal Spanked By SecurityRaven has been caught by campus security on CCTV vandalizing school property as part of a freshman hazing. He comes to Raven's dorm room, confronting her about the recent unsavory incidents. At first, she lies but that only makes things worse when she realizes that there is footage to prove that she is the perpetrator. So Raven must decide if it is worth getting kicked out of school or spanked for her actions. She chooses the spanking punishment. Security officer Justin takes the naughty girl over his lap using his heavy hand to smack her bottom without mercy. To emphasize his point, he also uses a hairbrush found next to the bed across her round, bare quivering buttocks until he is satisfied that this naughty miscreant has learned her lesson.otkspankingmf spankingrecentAngelica's Lift And Carry PunishmentsOne of the disadvantages of being tiny is that it is easy for a big, mean Dom to lift you off your feet and wear your bottom out. And so it is with little Angelica Vee, who gets lifted, carried and soundly spanked three times by Tubaman.otkspankinghairbrushblack girls spankingpyjamasff spankingrecentBlaire's Bedtime SpankingBlaire has been spanked earlier in the day by dad for being rude, disrespectful and not doing chores. A spanking in the day always means a spanking at bedtime. Now it is Stepmom's turn to take this naughty brat over her lap. It isn't just going to be a hand spanking though. A hairbrush always teaches a much better lesson. Blaire is scared and waiting as she knows what is about to happen. After a good scolding she is taken over the lap for the dreaded punishment. She is spanked over her pajamas, panties, and of course on the bare bottom with stepmommy's stinging hand and hairbrush.otkspankingff spankingrecentMeet A Newbie With Attitude At College: Faerie Willow's Bottom Is Soundly Spanked!Faerie Willow's creamy white bottom is swiftly turned a glowing red in her new series, College Girl Discipline. This young lady has a smart mouth and an attitude problem, but she's met her match in Zoe Page, who puts her across her knee for a hard spanking. 'She can keep going a long time,' said Faerie, 'but my ass can outlast her hand, so bring it!'otkspankinghairbrushpyjamasmf spankingrecentBullies Get The HairbrushPlease welcome Mila Rae, making her debut performance with us at AAA. Mila has been bullying her younger brother, Rupert... and her tearful mother confronted her over this but reserved the real punishment closer to bedtime when dad would be home. He is furious and sets up the spanking chair in the Living Room, calling down Mila who is dressed in her pajamas and ready for bed. She is very quiet and contrite as she spies the spanking chair and knows this means she is about to endure a painful lesson across her bare bottom. Mila is embarrassed when he pulls down her PJ bottoms as she isn't wearing any panties and so the hand spankings feel harder as she kicks and squirms over his lap from the stinging smacks. For upsetting her mom, she is told to get up and bring him the Mason & Pearson hairbrush he was holding earlier. She is told to ask dad to use it across her already sore red buttocks. How humiliating! She hates this implement as it stings so much and now she is beginning to realize that there are real consequences for her bullying. Mila is left to contemplate her actions, and then go make a sincere apology to her tearful mother and her younger brother before spending an uncomfortable night unable to sleep on her back!otkspankinghairbrushff spankingrecentMadison Martin Spanks Yasmine SinclairMadison Martin was spanked by her roommate Yasmine Sinclair for the costume she chose for the party. But now no one is coming to the party because Yasmine sent out the wrong address. So Madison gets some payback. It might be painful for Madison to sit, but she does anyway so that she can put Yasmine over her knee for a sound spanking, using hand and hairbrush.otkspankingasianuniform spankingasian spankingff spanking31 Days Imprisonment - Part 2Maina receives punishment every day. One day, she can't take it anymore and tries to escape, but she is soon caught and the punishment becomes even more severe. And on the 31st and final day...otkspankingbath brushff spankingCan't Disappoint A Girl In Need - Part OneApparently, Maddy wants a spanking. She's dressed most provocatively and clearly this is the task at hand. So, Chelsea invites Maddy over her knee, an invitation that Maddy accepts. She gracefully drapes her lovely self over Chelsea's knee and the sexy spanking begins. Chelsea starts with a slow build hand spanking that soon has Maddy's bottom responding with the color of red. But, Chelsea wants Maddy to experience lots of spanking sensations, so out comes a thick wooden bath brush and, well, then a paddle. Why not heat things up?otkspankinghairbrushuniform spankingcheerleader spankingmf spankingLily Spanked For Skipping PracticeLily arrives home to find her angry dad waiting for her in the kitchen, holding a wooden hairbrush. He questions her about where she has actually been (he knows, as the cheer coach has called him) and he wants her to tell him herself. However, she is unable to, and he is disappointed ... especially as she is one of the best cheer girls and she can gain a scholarship. She skipped practice to hang out with the weight-lifting guys, she loves the gym and knows she is the strongest girl in the squad... but she forgets she still needs to attend practice! Dad is furious and tells her it's high time she received an old fashioned spanking across his lap. Not only that, she will be receiving that nasty heavy hairbrush... which he knows she hates! It's been a while since Lily earned a spanking, but she remembers how embarrassing it is to have dad spank her bare bottom. He spanks her so hard it quickly turns her bottom a flaming red. The hairbrush was as expected... and hurts like heck as the wooden implement stings and whacks her tight cheeks until they are a deeper, shameful crimson. Lily is left to reflect on her punishment in the corner, finally being allowed to rub her throbbing, sore bare bottom better. She will do well to remember that scholarships are not easy to come by, and cheerleading will be her ticket to one if she applies herself correctly.More ResultsRecent New ModelsEmily RightAdded August 17, 2022teens solo, artistic eroticismChristie LeeAdded August 14, 2022lesbian, spanking, otk, erotic spanking, ff spankingMandy FoxAdded August 14, 2022lesbian, spanking, otk, erotic spanking, ff spankingAthena FTVAdded August 14, 2022teens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismNadja HotAdded August 11, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, latina, cum swallowMiraAdded August 06, 2022teens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismOlya DerkachAdded August 06, 2022teens solo, artistic eroticismJazmineAdded August 05, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, deepthroat, bukkake, handjob, cum on face, cum swallowLilith FTVAdded August 05, 2022teens solo, masturbation, artistic eroticismCrystal WatersAdded August 04, 2022spanking, otk, mf spankingNeciaAdded August 01, 2022spanking, strap, mf spankingGina SnowAdded July 29, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, anal, cum in mouth, bukkake, cum on face, cum swallowDelilah BlueAdded July 27, 2022milf, cumshots, handjobLayden LandryAdded July 27, 2022milf, cumshots, handjobAudrey RoyalAdded July 27, 2022teens hardcore, spanking, otk, mf spanking, spanked and fuckedMegan SageAdded July 27, 2022teens hardcore, spanking, otk, leather belt, uniform spanking, belt spanking, mf spanking, spanked and fuckedAthena IIAdded July 25, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, anal, anal toysLoraineAdded July 20, 2022spanking, otk, stockings, strap, mature women spanking, ff spankingLola FTVteens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismRiley Starrspanking, otk, mf spanking, uniform spankingQuetzalteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, deepthroat, handjob, latina, cum swallowSunny Radfordteens solo, artistic eroticismLilah FTVteens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbationDeedeeteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, titjob, cum swapping, bukkake, latina, cum swallowJessie FTVteens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbationOlivia II FTVteens hardcore, anal, teens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbation, anal toys, anal masturbationMonica Singerspanking, leather paddle, strap, black girls spanking, breast slapping, mf spankingNina Porterspanking, leather paddle, strap, black girls spanking, breast slapping, mf spankingEmma Fantazieteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, handjob, cum swallowAriel Gossimerteens solo, artistic eroticismSofia Garciateens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, cum swallowMorganspanking, otk, wedgies, english discipline, ff spankingTamsin Rileyspanking, uniform spanking, english discipline, ff spankingNyxi Leonspanking, uniform spanking, wooden paddle, mf spankingStephanie FTVteens solo, masturbation, artistic eroticismMillaa.k.a. 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