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Advertize HereAdvertizementBad Teens PunishedNaughty teen girls think they can get away with anything, don't they? Sometimes they just need to be shown who's really in charge. Can these dirty girls be reformed by spanking and fucking?AdvertizementBad Teens PunishedNaughty teen girls think they can get away with anything, don't they? Sometimes they just need to be shown who's really in charge. Can these dirty girls be reformed by spanking and fucking?caningspankingmf spanking21 hours agoRepeat Offense Punishment - Ass Caning And HairbrushIt's bad enough to have to give punishment, but when the offense(s) happens more than once it becomes more clear that more severe punishment is necessary. In this case, Sunny is sent to the corner to think about her repeat offenses and then is ordered to take off her skirt and panties for a repeat offense punishment. Step-Daddy goes right to the riding crop to warm up and punish this girl's bottom. He is certain that he can change her ways, but it just might take a severe spanking to do it. Next there is a strapping, and then the vicious bite of two tawses have her struggling with her desire to do bad and the unrelenting sting that is bringing her to tears. Sunny is then taken over the knee to feel the of the hairbrush as it really does beat her bare behind. In truth, this session had to be a game changer, her behavior had to change for her own good! Enter the lexan paddle with holes to sear her sore buns, and then enter the cane. The cane is that tried and true implement that delivers such an exact and profound pain that a girl has to take notice of the reasons for her punishment. The cane is applied to her naked ass and exposed thighs in a spanking that reflects what repeat offense punishment is all about.caningspankingstrapmf spanking3 days agoBubble Butt Redhead Punished In Yoga Pants - Strap And CaneMaddy Marks has an incredible Booty, further enhances by form fitting yoga pants. Instructed to straddle the chair backwards, her bottom is pushed out for the strap and cane. Stinging strokes of the cane cut right through the thin fabric to immediate yelps. The strap raised high overhead penetrates to impart a lesson on her perky posterior.caningspankingmf spanking3 days agoLiar WifeAgean's wife, Victoria, lies to him about job seeking and why she lost her job. He finds out its due to laziness, and sentences his insubordinate wife to a hard nude spanking and caning. Then, as she is still marked the next day, he tells her he is going to give her ANOTHER spanking and caning every day til she gets a job. He does so immediately, leaving the girl humiliated, sore and pouting after the 2nd session with his cane.caningspankinguniform spankingface slappingpalm punishmentenglish disciplineff spanking4 days agoUnfinished Punishment - Photos PreviewThis video features the amazing Alora Lux, a girl who loves what she does and is a true professional at her job. This is a film made as a custom request, as always we find the right person for the particular film and Alora was that person. The film is in a school setting and Alora has to show her fingers and toes to the head teacher. She has nail varnish on which is against the school rules and so has to be punished. She receives a face slapping punishment followed by a hand tawsing and a hand caning.caningspankingenglish discipline6 days agoSingapore StingPandora's used to getting her own way: she's a highly successful businesswoman, after all. When she meets up with an old flame in Singapore, she decides to take the opportunity to reconnect with him - but when his wife discovers their indiscretions, Pandora soon finds herself in way over her head. We join her outside the caning room of a local women's correctional facility, where she's under strict instructions to strip down to her bra, knickers and tights while she awaits her punishment. She shares her story as she disrobes - including the deeply embarrassing hand spanking she's already received - and waits nervously for her turn on the block, toying apprehensively with the selection of nasty caning implements she's been told to carry in when it's her turn. Meanwhile she can see other unfortunates as they come and go, weeping and humiliated and covered in bright red welts. Will she be able to take her twenty-four strokes, or will this undeserved punishment prove to be too much?caningspankingpantyhosemf spankingrecentFHS Classics - Stacy Stockton - Secretary CaningTaking off some of her clothes in the office 'because I'm hot' is provocative enough to earn pretty Secretary Stacy Stockton a bare bottom caning - with one extra deliberately miscounted! Patrick Bateman perfectly stripes her tights-clad and bare bottom cheeks.caningspankingbdsmriding cropsevereface slappingwhippingelectro punishmenthumiliationrecentLomp's Service - NicoleServing Lomp is a nightmare for Nicole. She's counting the hours remaining according to her contract. She's trying to make use of her time while Lomp is away. But one day Lomp arrives home earlier than she expected. part1 Nicole hasn't finished school. She's going to fail in Physics but she's learned well that electricity stings on wet skin even more than on dry. part2 Nicole is getting more and more scared and terrified of the shocker, the whip and the hot and cold bath. At her lord's command he opens her thighs obediently and offers her hairy pussy and huge clit to the whip. part3 Lomp likes obedient slaves. He is curious about whether he can do anything to his little servant. He drags her into the room, ties her up and strikes her bottom with a rattan cane. Nicole is squirming, yelling but doesn't dare to beg for mercy. In the interview after the shooting she tells us how she saw it from the inside.caningspankinguniform spankingjeans spankingwooden paddleoutdoor punishmentcheerleader spankingmf spankingrecentFHS Classics - Kelly MorganKelly Morgan's private school enforces strict discipline and corporal punishment. Taking the varsity cheerleaders' clothes as a senior prank has dire consequences. Cheerleader Captain Kelly has to touch her toes for 15 strokes of the cane, 7 bare: ouch! Includes awesome Reaction Cam replay.caningspankingotkuniform spankingenglish disciplineff spankingrecentInsubordinationJenny Jay has been found guilty of striking a senior officer and has to present herself to the officer in charge of discipline for a severe thrashing. A sound over the knee bare bottom spanking is followed by a good paddling and strapping and finished off with thirty-six strokes of the cane to really teach her a lesson.caningspankingenglish disciplineff spankingrecentPersonal Assistant PunishedLina is fuming when her personal assistant has her booked in for two important meetings at the same time. As far as Lina is concerned there is only one way to deal with a situation like this and that's to discipline her personal assistant by means of corporal punishment. A bare bottom over the knee spanking is just the warm up to a good hard paddling and strapping and a severe caning.caningspankingotkstrapuniform spankingmf spankingKatherine St James - Corporal AirThe reputation of Corporal Air is tarnished after Katherine St James suggests an overweight passenger buys a second seat and it gets into the press. Mr Strickman is worried about his job as he administers a spanking, 51 with a strap and a dozen strokes of the cane. Watch the out-take!caningspankingff spanking18-Stroke Caning For Hot Stable Groom Lucy Lauren, Touching Her ToesIt doesn't get any more authentic than this: 18 strokes of the cane for Lucy Lauren, touching her toes! She's told by Zoe Page to take off her shorts and thong then bend over for a caning in Racing Stable Discipline. It's supposedly her last punishment, but we don't believe that for a minute. Reaction Cam catches every grimace as the cane bites into her bare buttocks. There's even an extra stroke for moving, and slow-motion replays. Classic!caningspankinguniform spankingenglish disciplinemf spankingA Proper ThrashingMr. Henderson has just caught Sara and her friend using foul language. He takes each of them over his knee and gives their bare bottoms a good thrashing. Sara was the one behaving really terrible, so he gives her several strokes with the cane.caningspankingbdsmseverecryingtearsbastinado falanga falakaRenata Fox - Loser Of The GameUnless commanded, for a slave, it's not a wise decision to play a board game with her master. In such games, the first rule is that the master is the constant winner, even if he loses. Generally, a punishment is set before the game and eventually the master wins to be the punisher. Slave girl Renata Fox involves such a game with Dr. Lomp, and as predicted, she is the loser at the end. Her punishment is to be tied to the ceiling and whipped with a rubber whip. As you know she is never a rough girl, and she will cry out very much, but Lomp will never stop until he gets satisfied by the young slave's begging. Watch the movie and witness poor model Renata Fox's trouble caused by Dr. Lomp's sadistic instinct.AdvertizementBackroom Casting CouchBackroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job.AdvertizementBackroom Casting CouchBackroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job.caningspankingotkstrapwooden paddleff spankingIris Punished HardMistress Gloria (6ft 3in pro domme) has been hired by the school for wayward girls to punish the very worst school girls. Iris escaped and stole a car for a joy ride. So she finds herself over the knee of this very stern lady, receiving a hand spanking, a paddling, then she is bent over and strapped and caned. This volleyball team player Iris ends up with a very sore, red bottom and hopefully learns her lesson this time!caningspankinguniform spankingenglish disciplinemf spankingHome Made Spanking And Caning FilmThis is the second film from Louise and Will and once again they continue their real life experiences. Louise is a naughty schoolgirl who seems to need continual punishment. A variety of canes and sticks are used on her bottom and because she is making too much noise she is made to remove her knickers and stuff them into her mouth. A very effective gag for this young beauty. Very authentic and just as it happens.caningspankingenglish disciplineff spankingTwo Naughty Girls From School Are WeHolly and Willow are taking dirty pictures of each other, showing off their bottoms which have just been spanked at school. When Mum finds out she is not happy with this behavior and brings out a cane. Now the girls aren't laughing. She takes hold of Holly and puts her over her punishment stool. Knickers are removed and then she canes this naughty schoolgirls bare bottom, hard.caningspankingenglish disciplineff spankingA lesson in caningKodders still wants to learn to be a spanker but he is pretty rubbish and when he asks to be shown how to use a cane there is no way I am going to let him lose with one. I tell him that he must watch as a caning is demonstrated to him so he has little choice. April has once again volunteered to be the victim and she takes off all her clothes so that she can enjoy a naked caning. She bends over in front of lucky Kodders who can't believe his eyes as she is caned hard on her beautiful bare bottom.caningspankingslipperuniform spankingenglish disciplinemf spankingCaned And Slippered Prefects (caned Headgirls)The head school girls are chatting about getting disciplined, as the Headmaster comes in and confronts them on misbehaving! So each girl gets slippered on her bare bottom as they are bend over, and then Katie gets caned!caningspankingotkpantyhoseenglish disciplineff spankingApril breaks house rulesDo like to keep my house clean and tidy and I do not like it when other people who are my guests use my computer. I have already paddled April for disobeying me and now I am going to give her a caning for showing her bottom to her boyfriend on skype. I start off spanking her over her tights, she takes a good few strokes before these come down and she gets the rest on her bare bottom.caningspankingstrapuniform spankingprison spankingff spankingSaffy CrotchedPrison Officer Madame Zoe has forcibly brought prisoners Saffy McKenna and Leia Ann Woods into the prison sickbay. Both girls have previously been involved in drug dealing that at the time died down, but since McKenna came into the prison - has started up again. So Matron has been instructed by the Prison Governor to examine both girls inside and out. They are ordered to strip. Matron starts searching McKenna first. Putting on rubber gloves she goes on the hunt for hidden drugs up the girl's arse. But finds nothing. Despite denying having drugs inside her, Woods is found to be a liar - when matron withdraws a small packet from up her arse. Now what Matron needs to know is where they are coming from? After caning Woods until her bottom is bright red and very sore, the truth comes out or partially. Woods explains to Matron that when McKenna came into prison the two girls struck up a friendship. During conversation they found they had some mutual friends on the outside. So unknown to McKenna - Woods got some drugs smuggled into the prison - with the intention of dealing with the other prisoners. Having given this information to Matron, Woods refuses to name names regarding whom the outside contact is. Both girls are then marched off to see the Governor.caningspankingleather paddlestockingsmf spankingff spankingBeautiful brunette caned and paddled to tears on her fantastic big assBeautiful brunette caned and paddled to tears on her fantastic big asscaningspankinguniform spankingblack girls spankingseveremf spankingLola Marie - Stripped, Shamed & CanedLola Marie makes her debut in our new caning series set in a bleak and foreboding school punishment cellar where no one can hear a girl's cries from the painful punishments carried out there. She waits nervously for the announcement of her punishment. Spankings have not been enough to deter this young lady from her continual poor behavior, and she is told that she will receive 25 hard, severe strokes of the heavy, dense Dragon cane across her bare bottom. To ensure Lola remembers this, she is ordered to strip, carefully and in an organized fashion. This caning is going to be with her completely naked and with her feet tied to the cross, her legs parted, buttocks and privates exposed. One can only imagine the humiliation and shame she feels as she undresses in silence, knowing what is to come. She is watched offscreen by the appointed schoolmaster carrying out the punishment. Each stroke is captured on film and the strokes are so hard that her beautiful ebony skin leaves white welts shame. Every cane stroke is carefully placed and taken in 5 sets of 5, slowly and deliberately, to allow this miscreant to fully absorb the consequences of her actions. Fans of Lola Marie and those who like to see real, severe discipline meted out in relative silence, with only the swish of the cane and gasps of pain, will enjoy this moody schoolgirl punishment movie.caningspankingsevereenglish disciplineff spankingThe Punishing Police Woman - Part 3Back into the punishment room for the second part of her caning comes a very sorry Lola Reay. Having listened at the door whilst her stepmother was caned she knows that she must now bend over and take the second part of her punishment. Her bottom is marked and painful from the first cold caning, there is no respite from the pain as the police chief bends her over and swishes the cane.caningspankingmature women spankingenglish disciplineff spankingPunishment As Requested - Part 2The second part of this caning story sees Gemma and her step-mother are outside the office of the principle where they know they will be getting a hard cold caning. Now it is the turn of Mrs Smart to go in for her first formal punishment caning. Her bottom is sprayed with water to make the pain more intense she then takes her place over the punishment stool for a long and severe caning.caningspankingoutdoor punishmentff spankingOutdoor shameful caning for girl in tears - ripe buttocks striped pinkOutdoor shameful caning for girl in tears - ripe buttocks striped pinkcaningspankingotkenglish disciplineff spankingCaned for her debtcaningspankingenglish disciplinemf spankingDay Ten of Her TrainingDressed in tight corset and skirt, Leia-Ann is an obedient secretary, ready for day ten of her training with Thomas Cameron. She submits to an inspection, then a cold caning at the hands of her exacting boss.More ResultsRecent New ModelsEmily RightAdded August 17, 2022teens solo, artistic eroticismChristie LeeAdded August 14, 2022lesbian, spanking, otk, erotic spanking, ff spankingMandy FoxAdded August 14, 2022lesbian, spanking, otk, erotic spanking, ff spankingAthena FTVAdded August 14, 2022teens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismNadja HotAdded August 11, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, latina, cum swallowMiraAdded August 06, 2022teens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismOlya DerkachAdded August 06, 2022teens solo, artistic eroticismJazmineAdded August 05, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, deepthroat, bukkake, handjob, cum on face, cum swallowLilith FTVAdded August 05, 2022teens solo, masturbation, artistic eroticismCrystal WatersAdded August 04, 2022spanking, otk, mf spankingNeciaAdded August 01, 2022spanking, strap, mf spankingGina SnowAdded July 29, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, anal, cum in mouth, bukkake, cum on face, cum swallowDelilah BlueAdded July 27, 2022milf, cumshots, handjobLayden LandryAdded July 27, 2022milf, cumshots, handjobAudrey RoyalAdded July 27, 2022teens hardcore, spanking, otk, mf spanking, spanked and fuckedMegan SageAdded July 27, 2022teens hardcore, spanking, otk, leather belt, uniform spanking, belt spanking, mf spanking, spanked and fuckedAthena IIAdded July 25, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, anal, anal toysLoraineAdded July 20, 2022spanking, otk, stockings, strap, mature women spanking, ff spankingLola FTVteens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismRiley Starrspanking, otk, mf spanking, uniform spankingQuetzalteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, deepthroat, handjob, latina, cum swallowSunny Radfordteens solo, artistic eroticismLilah FTVteens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbationDeedeeteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, titjob, cum swapping, bukkake, latina, cum swallowJessie FTVteens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbationOlivia II FTVteens hardcore, anal, teens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbation, anal toys, anal masturbationMonica Singerspanking, leather paddle, strap, black girls spanking, breast slapping, mf spankingNina Porterspanking, leather paddle, strap, black girls spanking, breast slapping, mf spankingEmma Fantazieteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, handjob, cum swallowAriel Gossimerteens solo, artistic eroticismSofia Garciateens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, cum swallowMorganspanking, otk, wedgies, english discipline, ff spankingTamsin Rileyspanking, uniform spanking, english discipline, ff spankingNyxi Leonspanking, uniform spanking, wooden paddle, mf spankingStephanie FTVteens solo, masturbation, artistic eroticismMillaa.k.a. 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