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Advertize HereAdvertizementBad Teens PunishedNaughty teen girls think they can get away with anything, don't they? Sometimes they just need to be shown who's really in charge. Can these dirty girls be reformed by spanking and fucking?AdvertizementBad Teens PunishedNaughty teen girls think they can get away with anything, don't they? Sometimes they just need to be shown who's really in charge. Can these dirty girls be reformed by spanking and fucking?spankingstockingsmf spanking5 hours agoThey Lost My Money In Vegas - Part 1Ashley Lane and Violet October took $500 or $600 I had left in the hotel suite and went gambling - they lost it all. They were punished hard! I spanked those naughty bottoms red, paddled them hard, and took out the prison strop (a two sided strap) and strapped those bare asses to boot. Then I lined them up in tandem and strapped them some more.spankingotkmf spanking5 hours agoSpanking Bloopers - Casey Calvert - Very Serious Business Lingerie Spanking - BTSWhat started out as pretty girl Spanked in lingerie turns into a series of bloopers that were too funny not to share. A decade of working together leads to a close friendship where we always have fun camera rolling or not. A series of mishaps leave Casey with the giggles. A lovely view of this beautiful girl being spanked OTK in pretty pink polka-dot lingerie. There is plenty of Spanking and plenty of laughing for those who enjoy some genuine behind-the-scenes Spanking video bloopers.spankingotkuniform spankingmf spanking5 hours agoRiley Starr - The Naughty CheerleaderRiley Starr, all dressed in her cheer top, introduces herself and lets you know she's been a very naughty cheerleader and skipped practice, so now she is going to get a very hard spanking. Her boyfriend Kyle comes in and tells her to get ready for her spanking. She immediately stands up and starts getting punishment-ready, which is pants off and bent over. This naughty cheerleader is reprimanded by her boyfriend, all while he is oblivious to how aroused she is getting from the spanking. She bites her finger and bats her eyes as her stern boyfriend lays into her bare bottom, spanking her soundly for her behaviors as she yelps and pretends to apologize. This naughty girl is spanked soundly and sent to the corner as she giggles and rubs her nice and hot bare bottom!spankingstrapmf spanking5 hours agoDisappointed Step-Father - Part 2Samantha Storm is in a lot of trouble! Even though she is 21, she came home messed up and acted rather foolish, she couldn't talk or walk right, was a shame. Samantha has been allowed to live with her Daddy rent free as she finishes college and this ridiculous behavior would not be tolerated. Her Daddy waited until the next morning when she was good and hung over to administer the punishment for acting the fool. First she is given a long lesson with the leather belt followed by painful licks with several straps and a leather tawse across her bare bottom as well as her thighs. This punishment is right to the point and very stern, exactly the way that it should be. The final 25 strokes of this Daddy Stepdaughter discussion are applied with a long razor strap. The razor strap is certain to make any girl struggle during a lesson, but it's also certain to make that lesson stick!spankingasianasian spankingff spanking1 day agoStress Relief SpankingNanami is the boss of several companies, and has to do a lot of work that causes her a lot of stress. She hired an intern, Izuna, to relieve her stress in an unconventional manner.spankingyardstickmf spanking1 day agoA Stinging Yard Stick Challenges Zoe Page's Spirit- And Her Bouncing Butt Cheeks!Tight jodhpurs pulled down, swiftly followed by her panties, Zoe Page bends over a long bench seat in Asking For It. Judging by her dramatic reactions, jumping up and down, cheeks jiggling, the yardstick works well on her curvy red bottom in Asking For It. Philip Johnson has the difficult job of keeping her in position for the full punishment.spankingbdsmriding cropbastinado falanga falakamf spanking2 days agoI Cry When You Spank My Bare Bottom And My Bare Feet - Part 1When it's time for punishment it's best to just show up and get it over with, and in this case Sunny decides that it's best to just get it done. To her dismay, the arrogant attitude that she's been showcasing earns her a face slapping. Next, she is told to lay over a desk and to present her feet for some painful bastinado. Her bare feet take stinging strokes with the riding crop (leather and plastic) and the bamboo cane. She will certainly be walking gingerly after this discussion! Unfortunately the punishment continues for Sunny as she is to take a spanking with two vintage yardsticks and the cane,...all on her bare ass!spankingotkhairbrushpyjamasmf spanking2 days agoBullies Get The HairbrushPlease welcome Mila Rae, making her debut performance with us at AAA. Mila has been bullying her younger brother, Rupert... and her tearful mother confronted her over this but reserved the real punishment closer to bedtime when dad would be home. He is furious and sets up the spanking chair in the Living Room, calling down Mila who is dressed in her pajamas and ready for bed. She is very quiet and contrite as she spies the spanking chair and knows this means she is about to endure a painful lesson across her bare bottom. Mila is embarrassed when he pulls down her PJ bottoms as she isn't wearing any panties and so the hand spankings feel harder as she kicks and squirms over his lap from the stinging smacks. For upsetting her mom, she is told to get up and bring him the Mason & Pearson hairbrush he was holding earlier. She is told to ask dad to use it across her already sore red buttocks. How humiliating! She hates this implement as it stings so much and now she is beginning to realize that there are real consequences for her bullying. Mila is left to contemplate her actions, and then go make a sincere apology to her tearful mother and her younger brother before spending an uncomfortable night unable to sleep on her back!spankingcosplaystockingsstrapff spanking4 days agoThe Strap And The Cane - Let Us Prey Two - Vol1Apricot is caught vaping, drinking and cavorting with young women in her private religious school. She's in for a corporal punishment now. She finishes the punishment with a good strapping and bare bottom caning.spankingleather paddlemf spanking4 days agoPaddled Till She Wets Herself - Stevie RoseStevie is ordered to stand in the corner with her freshly spanked bottom on display for 10 minutes. As soon as he leaves the room she moves to pick up her phone so she can text to pass the time. Finding her disobeying she is bent right back over the kitchen table to be paddled on already sore bottom. Stevie is caught leaving the corner to text on her phone with a freshly spanked bottom for disobedience. She begs to go to the bathroom and to be sent to bed. Unable to hold it any longer, clenching as it begins to trickle down her leg. She empties her very full bladder. Her Step daddy finds her standing in a puddle of her own mess. Disgusted, he scolds his filthy girl, forcing her to stay in the wet puddle as he continues to paddle her hard. Counting 10 brutally hard swats as she counts and recites ' I am a dirty girl' for added humiliation. Finally she is sent to her bedroom to get ready for bed.spankingotkhairbrushff spankingrecentMadison Late AgainMadison Martin is late with her rent yet again. When Apartment Complex manager Sky Terrapin comes by to collect the rent, she is surprised but as she promised, she gives Madison a very long and painful spanking that turns that curvy bottom bright red. She even uses a hairbrush to drive the lesson home. Madison rubs her sore bottom and discovers that is painful to sit.spankingasianuniform spankingasian spankingff spankingrecentA Spanking FantasyFuka and Maina haven't done their homework. This is Fuka's third time this week and she is soundly spanked by their teacher Shio while Maina watches.spankingstockingsenglish disciplinerecentThe BDSM Play TeacherPandora's been around on the scene for a while now, and she's ready to teach you a thing or two. If you've ever wondered how to get the perfect presentation of our gorgeous submissive performers or prepare yourself for the caning of your dreams, this one's for you! As she embodies the various guises of our BDSM play fantasies, Pandora gets gradually more and more carried away. After all, these roles and poses are deeply distracting for us all! By the end, our once-prim teacher has come quite undone - and we're quite sure she's getting hot and bothered underneath her perfectly-pressed collar.spankingotkff spankingrecentClare Spanks RoseIn her first ever spanking scene, Luna Leve plays Rose, the call girl who took jewelry from Madam Clare Fonda. Clare gets to the bottom of this theft by giving the round bottomed Luna a sound spanking, turning her bottom bright red and making it very difficult for her to sit.AdvertizementBackroom Casting CouchBackroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job.AdvertizementBackroom Casting CouchBackroom Casting Couch is a website about the real life interactions that occur during adult modeling interviews. We film girls sucking, fucking, swallowing and taking it in the ass just to land a job.spankingotkmf spankingrecentAngelica's Lift And Carry PunishmentsOne of the disadvantages of being tiny is that it is easy for a big, mean Dom to lift you off your feet and wear your bottom out. And so it is with little Angelica Vee, who gets lifted, carried and soundly spanked three times by Tubaman.spankingstockingsstraphumiliationbutthole spankingff spankingrecentTawse, Strap And Penalty Swats - Let's Be Honest Finale - Part 2Chrissy Marie's beautiful naked ass is tawsed in wet panties, strapped hard and then she gets on the floor and pulls her buttocks open wide for 20 painful penalty swats on the bare butt hole.spankingstraptawsemf spankingrecentMotivational College Punishment #2 - Vol 1Previously Red needed some assistance with passing her classes and she felt that corporal punishment would be her best bet for motivation. And while the spanking did help, she found that ongoing motivation would be needed as she was falling behind in her classes. Enter the hand, some mean straps, the riding crop, and the ever so stingy switch. All of these implements were used on her tender fanny to bring about some better results in College. Be rest assured, if Red needs motivation, a 'red' ass is the way to inspire it!spankingotkmature women spankingwedgiesenglish disciplineff spankingrecentShe Wants A Fucking Machine - HQ Images PreviewKugar Lush Is very well named, a bit of a predatory lady stalking men to earn some money. She has come to the strapped for Cash Company as she needs to buy a 'fucking' machine. She reasons are that she will be putting on shows for gentlemen who will pay her and thereby enable her to repay the loan. The lady from the loan company is a bit straight laced but does eventually agree to lend the money with the usual conditions. Kugar will have to take a bare bottom spanking, there and then and if the short term loan is not repaid in full there will be other consequences to follow. The lady agrees and is soon over the knee being spanked. Is she enjoying this a bit too much for such a mature lady.spankingotkstrapuniform spankingcheerleader spankingff spankingrecentNot Without My PermissionBella only thinks of herself, as her mother is all too aware of and this latest incident reinforces just what a naughty selfish girl she is at home. Before going to cheer practice, Bella has cleared the furniture from the large Living Room so she can stretch and practice her routines... after all, she knows she is the best cheerleader at school, and practice makes perfect! Unfortunately for her, she forgets that in an hour, her mother has a Book Club meeting and the furniture and sofas had all been carefully arranged in the impressive room. Mom (Mistress Scarlet) finds Bella practicing and scolds her selfish girl before deciding she needs further discipline since she should know that she can not do anything without first asking for permission. Bella is spanked hard over the maternal lap, the hard-hitting hand leaves Bella's bare bottom, aching and red... but there is more to come. Next will be a harsh leathering with the dreaded 'Family Strap' - for which the naughty miscreant is told to go and fetch for this to take place. How humiliating! What follows is an epic leather strapping and scolding from Scarlet as she continues to punish her girl, reminding her nothing in this house is done without her permission! Fans of Bella and Scarlet will love this film, and of course, it will appeal to connoisseurs of good old-fashioned spankings in an authentic cheer uniform.spankingseverejeans spankingwooden paddlemf spankingrecentReal Spankings Classics - Nina's Second Phone Infractionspankingotkspatulaff spanking6 days agoSocial Media Spanking - Part 3In the conclusion to the series, Lexi Holland, who was spanked by a social media warrior for posting too many photos in the web, charges into the office of Maddy Marks, the manager of this company. She threatens to sue their company unless Maddy takes a spanking of her own. Maddy reluctantly agrees and then finds herself over the knee, receiving a very sound spanking while getting a lecture on what is acceptable or not. She even gets some from a wooden spatula, leaving her bottom sore and red and Maddy discovers that it even hurts to sit.spankinguniform spankingerotic spankingff spankingrecentThe Initiation - Part 2Four girls go to one's family vacation house, two seniors and two freshmen. The younger girls are there to be initiated in a Sorority that is know for Lilith action and lots of spanking! Each ends up spanked and paddled and two get penalty Swats when Dad walks in on the action.spankingotkpaddleff spankingrecentMaddy Marks Spanked By Cheyenne JewelMaddy Marks recently spanked Cheyenne Jewel while posing as a young administrator. Now that Cheyenne is onto Maddy, she puts her over her knee for some spanking action. Cheyenne spanks Maddy with her hand, turning her bottom red. Then she bends her over for a round with the paddle. After, both ladies are left to rub their sore bottoms in the office.spankingjeans spankingwooden paddlemf spankingrecentFHS Classics - Kayla Apple In Private School - The Wooden PaddlePulled into the assistant principal's office for hitting another girl in Private School, pretty Kayla Apple is shocked to be told she's getting the paddle. And this is some paddling! 12 eye-watering swats on the seat of her denim jeans bring shrill cries from this tough little miss as she calls off the licks and tries to stay bent over the desk. See the after-effects on her bare bottom in the bathroom!spankingotkhairbrushpyjamasff spankingrecentClare Fonda Classics - A Mothers ConcernCasey Calvert has a friend over and when Veronica acts up while Clare arrives to give Casey her nightly spanking, Clare decides Veronica is in need of a long, hard spanking, with hand and hairbrush. Then Casey gets her turn to get spanked in her drop-seat pajamas. Clare even lets Casey give Veronica some spanks with the hairbrush.spankingasianotkasian spankingff spankingrecentA Bad Wife's New LessonMaina married a man, her senior in college, a few years ago. However, her husband found out that she was having an affair and divorced her. She finds herself getting daily spankings to make up for it.spankingotkstrapff spankingrecentStepsisters Spanked TogetherSarah and her stepsister, Bella, wanted to have a fun afternoon out in London doing some sightseeing. They decide it would be far more fun to sneak onto the train without paying. Little do they know that the London Transport Authority has notified Mommy of both girls' naughty behavior. Upon returning home, they are not honest, pretending that they had a great day and didn't get into any trouble at all. Mommy knows they are lying and tells them about the embarrassing phone call and that they will be soundly punished for the blatant lies and bad behavior. They are each spanked over their panties and then on the bare bottom. Sarah is first taken over the maternal lap, as Bella watches with nervous trepidation. It is doubly humiliating for them as they can see and hear the spankings, and know exactly how the other miscreant feels! However, the punishment only finishes when they are both given 10 hard strokes of the 'Family Strap' bent over the couch with cheeks bared and exposed for the dreaded leather implement. Afterward, their heads bowed in shame, they are told to stand in the corner with their red, sore bottoms on full display.spankingleather beltbelt spankingmf spankingrecentPlease Spank Us Together - Stacked SpankingIt's always nice to share quality time with a friend, whether it be going to the park, the mall, or even just some study time. However, things become inappropriate when two girls start making sexual advances on each other, especially when they're supposed to be studying for the algebra test! You can imagine the scene when a Dad catches a Stepdaughter taking steps toward second base with another girl. A best friend. In this situation, thankfully the Dads of these girls were both there to provide some guidance and some correction through corporal punishment. When the Dads plan to deliver their punishment separately, the girls plead to be punished together, so they can have a friend to lean on while being forced to accept the sting of a hard spanking! First they are punished side by side with each of their Daddy's hands smacking their deviant bottoms. Next, both Daddys peel off their leather belts to apply a stern sting to their butts. The strapping is intense and gets even worse when both of the girls are stacked (placed on top of one another) for a long belting from both of their Daddy's! The punishment isn't over until both of them are sore and sorry, even though they probably wish that they hadn't been caught.More ResultsRecent New ModelsMiraAdded August 06, 2022teens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismOlya DerkachAdded August 06, 2022teens solo, artistic eroticismJazmineAdded August 05, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, deepthroat, bukkake, handjob, cum on face, cum swallowLilith FTVAdded August 05, 2022teens solo, masturbation, artistic eroticismCrystal WatersAdded August 04, 2022spanking, otk, mf spankingNeciaAdded August 01, 2022spanking, strap, mf spankingGina SnowAdded July 29, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, anal, cum in mouth, bukkake, cum on face, cum swallowDelilah BlueAdded July 27, 2022milf, cumshots, handjobLayden LandryAdded July 27, 2022milf, cumshots, handjobAudrey RoyalAdded July 27, 2022teens hardcore, spanking, otk, mf spanking, spanked and fuckedMegan SageAdded July 27, 2022teens hardcore, spanking, otk, leather belt, uniform spanking, belt spanking, mf spanking, spanked and fuckedAthena IIAdded July 25, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, anal, anal toysLoraineAdded July 20, 2022spanking, otk, stockings, strap, mature women spanking, ff spankingLola FTVAdded July 19, 2022teens hardcore, teens solo, anal, anal toys, anal masturbation, masturbation, artistic eroticismRiley StarrAdded July 18, 2022spanking, otk, mf spanking, uniform spankingQuetzalAdded July 18, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, deepthroat, handjob, latina, cum swallowSunny RadfordAdded July 16, 2022teens solo, artistic eroticismLilah FTVAdded July 15, 2022teens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbationDeedeeAdded July 11, 2022teens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, titjobJessie FTVteens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbationOlivia II FTVteens hardcore, anal, teens solo, artistic eroticism, masturbation, anal toys, anal masturbationMonica Singerspanking, leather paddle, strap, black girls spanking, breast slapping, mf spankingNina Porterspanking, leather paddle, strap, black girls spanking, breast slapping, mf spankingEmma Fantazieteens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, handjob, cum swallowAriel Gossimerteens solo, artistic eroticismSofia Garciateens hardcore, blowjob, cumshots, cum in mouth, cum swallowMorganspanking, otk, wedgies, english discipline, ff spankingTamsin Rileyspanking, uniform spanking, english discipline, ff spankingNyxi Leonspanking, uniform spanking, wooden paddle, mf spankingStephanie FTVteens solo, masturbation, artistic eroticismMillaa.k.a. 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