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Rosaleen Young

Classic Spanking Collection

Rosaleen Young was one of the spanking superstar models at the golden times of the Spanking Online network. Still today, watching her videos is pure joy and pleasure. Her skills as an actor, her submissive appearance, her facial reactions and of course her disposition to accept a proper spanking, paddling or caning on her bare bottom whenever her defiant attitudes demands, are unique and inimitable. Below we have put together a list of her videos which we believe are some of her best.

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Rosaleen Young The LifestylerRosaleen is a lifestyle spankee, and really enjoys being spanked and living out those spanking fantasies!Rosaleen YoungspankinginterviewMedicsRosaleen finds that no matter what excuse she gives to 'Matron' it simply will not wash! Slovenly standards can not and will not be tolerated. Shows good OTK action plus correct use of the hairbrush -)Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotksevereIn The Mirror - Corporal Punishment Of A SchoolgirlRosaleen does a little seductive undressing as she rubs her body all over, especially that sore red bottom! Then Rosaleen is reading a book on corporal punishment of schoolgirls, and then put over the knee for a hand spanking for reading Simpsons private book!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkuniformRosaleen CaningRosaleen is mouthing off about not wanting to clean up, and Miss Simpson has just about had it. She grabs the brat, pulls her shorts and panties off, and proceeds to spank her til she is pleading with her hand, before picking up the slipper and using it to bring the now-sorry girl to tears.Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fcaningThe HairbrushCane slipper belt, implements that feature in many a spanking movie. What though about the noble hairbrush ? A weapon not to be feared ? Check it out to make up your own mind.Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkhairbrushuniformRosaleen Young - Frilly PantiesRosaleen Young is wearing her frilly little panties as she climbs on the table on all fours to get a sound and well deserved hand spanking! First over the panties and then of course on the bare ass!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fFree Mouth Soaping PunishmentsDirty Cars - No Laughing MatterSeemed like a big joke for beautiful Rosaleen Young being spanked - things changed immediately though as she was hauled by Miss Parker over the kitchen table for a severe dose of the wooden spoon!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkRosaleen Young - The DancerRosaleen in her dance leotard puts her hands against the wall and one leg out as she gets some hand smacks before she bends over and puts hands on the ground for a little spanking with the strap!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fstrapuniformIdle Rosaleen YoungRosaleen Young is given a long OTK spanking and a dose of Mums wooden cooking spatula, which has poor Rosaleen doing the Spanky Dance all over the kitchen as her Mum holds her over the counter and toasts her young buns.Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkwooden spoonRosaleen Young's Wet Bottom SpankedThe below movie clip although short does shows Victoria using a heavy wooden paddle across Rosaleen's Bottom to very painful effect. To make the pain even more intense the paddle was applied across her wet buttocks.Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fwooden paddleWake Up Call - Lazy BedNothing can be worse that being woken up and then hauled over a knee with the pyjama yanked down for a bare bottom Spanking. Imagine then what it is like to be not only spanked but then to be thrashed with a hairbrush!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkpyjamasNo EscapeRosaleen is outside playing in another's yard, being caught trespassing she is put over the knee and gets a good hand spanking as she tries to apologize but it's too late!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkoutdoor punishmentMore Free Galleries at Uniform SpankingNot Taking ThatRosaleen cries and pleads to no avail as she is caned over her strict female teachers desk. She is finally made to stand with her hands on her hand and her reddened bottom exposed for the next class entering to see what a well-punished girl looks like!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fcaninguniformclassroomCheerleaderOutside in the cold winter air, Rosaleen has to go through a number of Cheerleader dance routines. On hand is Miss Van 'Dyer to encourage Rosaleen along. The size of the paddle means that it matters not if Rosaleen's bottom is bare or not!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fwooden paddleoutdoor punishmentThis Is My RoomStarting over her pajamas and then pulling the pants and knickers down to thrash her bottom, Rosaleen eventually relents to let Nikki have the room and leaves with a tear-stained face and a very sore bottom to boot.Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkThe French MaidRosaleen is caught by her angry boss. She is told she will either be punished or fired. Before the bratty spoiled French Girl knows whats about to hit her, her white flowered panties are around her ankles and her bottom is being beaten by her angered employer.Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fleather paddleTrespassingRosaleen is frolicking about and climbing trees on someone else's property and she will be punished for her trespassing! After catching her she takes Rosaleen inside and gives some smacks on her hand before she bends her over for the real punishment with the strap!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fstrapuniformpalm punishmentRosaleen Young - DisobedienceMaid Rosaleen is suppose to be making coffee for the guests upstairs but is caught eating, so Madam Simpson bends her over the table pulls up her skirt and gives her a good hard hand spanking!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkuniformmaidMore Free Galleries at the SpankingXBlommin EckRosaleen is caught in someone else's boyfriends apartment and that girlfriend is not happy so she takes her over the knee and gives her a good hand thrashing for sleeping with someone else's boyfriend! She also gives her a few strappings before bending her on the bed for a real strapping!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkstrapYes MissSusan is furious and when the young brat Rosaleen Young tries to act tough, the much larger Susan wrestles her over the knee and spanks the little slutty brats bare bottom til she promises to stop sleeping with Susan's guy.Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkstrapGym MistressRosaleen made the fatal mistake of calling the Gym Mistress some dreadful names. Being over heard she was then put through her paces. On failing to complete a rudimentary run the Gym teacher hauled poor Rosaleen over her knee for a very public Spanking!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkoutdoor punishmentBrats - American School - Rosaleen YoungRosaleen Young is enrolled at an American school, and gets into trouble. She is bent over a chair and has first her panties spanked soundly with Principal Susan's hand, and then has them pulled into a wedgie for the spanking with her hand that she wont soon forget.Rosaleen Youngspankingf/funiformRosaleen OTK SpankingRosaleen gets a report that she's been cheeky and name-calling the teachers, and also not wearing uniform socks and shoes! This isn't the first of Rosaleen misbehaving so she gets put over the knee for a good hand thrashing as she's screaming calling the head Mistress names during the spanking!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotksevereCrap Clothes / BratsRosaleen tries hard to get 1 over on her new American tutor. However her arrogant nature soon lands Rosaleen a free trip over the stool! Alas she only has herself to blame, Rosaleen is soon howling as her bottom is soundly thrashed!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/funiformFree Spanking & Caning FilmsUngrateful GirlAn ungrateful attitude from Rosaleen backed up with verbal cheek that infuriated Victoria meant the situation had to brought under control, And quickly! Victoria does not take kindly to talk back from anyone, especially Rosaleen, as you will see!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkpyjamasThe Paddle For Rosaleen YoungOur friends across the water will recognize the heavy and lethal looking paddle held in the hand of the lady who thrashed Rosaleen! Well in this set we see first hand the effects an authentic American paddle can have on the behind of naughty British girl!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fjeans spankingwooden paddlePool BikeRosaleen is exercising and gets on the pool bike, but she's not going fast enough and keeps stopping so she is encouraged as she rides with some hard hand spanks to her bottom!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fstrapThe Thief PunishedRosaleen's tight red knickers are first pulled between her cheeks for a hard spanking & strapping then she is punished on the fully bared bottom. Rosaleen plays the part of very naughty schoolgirl who is in dire need of severe bare bottom discipline!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/funiformPlease Make It Hard And Phone BillRosaleen really wants to wear Elizabeth's favorite dress, but that is not all she wants. For some reason Rosaleen is desperate to have her bottom soundly punished. Always willing to help Elizabeth consents to assist her. Foolishly Rosaleen almost begs for the punishment to be hard!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fotkpaddleFrilly PantiesRosaleen is wearing her frilly little panties as she climbs on the table on all fours to get a hand spanking! First over the panties and then bare ass!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fMore Free Previews at 100 Free Caning GalleriesCamera Girl Photo ShootRosaleen tried her hand in a film studio, which as we know should not have a problem for her. Alas her arrogant nature did get the better of her and her backside paid the price. Contains scenes of a rather unusual wheelbarrow spanking position :)Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fwheelbarrow spankingWillful NatureRosaleen comes in after being out all night, so she is bent over the table and a hand thrashing on her bare ass with her slutty little dress comes up! The spanking goes on by hand and finally the strapping to really teach her a lesson!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fsevereHOT CHEEKS - Rosaleen Young 16Rosaleen Young's room is a mess and she refuses to clean it up. There are junk food everywhere. Ms. Simpson has had enough and takes Rosaleen over her knee for a hard OTK hand spanking, slippering on her bare bottom, and finally a caning. Great Female / Female spanking videos.Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fcaningPeriod Drama 2Rosaleen Young was sleeping and didn't wake up in time, Victoria comes in lays her over in bed and gives her a good hand spanking on her bare bottom, and then gets strapped as she screams in pain!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fstrapPool DrenchingRosaleen returns to the swimming pool, this time under the watchful eye of Miss Van D'yer. You will witness the poor girl get a severe caning given across her wet cold bottom. Lessons had to be learned!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fcaninguniformStable CaningUse of the rod while the girl is doing a handstand is not something we have so much of - until that is now. Severe strokes against Rosaleen's free hanging cheeks make for very painful viewing - Enjoy!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fcaningoutdoor punishmentMore Free Galleries at AAA PreviewsCheerleader Caned - Rosaleen YoungNikki acts like a bully and pulls poor Rosaleen over her knee, lifting her cheer skirt and spanking her panties, before taking them down and then pulling out a Cheer Cane to beat her new teammates bare bottom with. School spirit is painted red in this classic video!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/fcaninguniformcheerleaderCold WaterIt was fun to pour cold water over Belles face while she was sleeping. Or so Rosaleen thought. She did not imagine that it would end up with Belle being furious with poor Rosaleen and throwing her over the bed to give her bare bottom the sound spanking it deserved!Rosaleen Youngspankingf/ferotic spankingRosaleen's Model AlertsDon't forget to bookmark this page. We are updating regularly.
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