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Wheelbarrow Spanking Collection

Spanking in an uncomfortable and vulnerable position

Did you know that there’s a rare spanking position that many models fear when they arrive for a shoot? It’s the wheelbarrow spanking position. You might wonder why is that? Really? Right, it can be an acrobatic challenge, but it does not look particularly scary? It even prevents the spanker from using dreaded implements like long paddles or a cane, as there’s just not enough physical space for the ‘swing’ required to make these implements effective at all?

So why do most girls get nervous instantly and feel uneasy when instructed to undress and put themselves into the wheelbarrow position for a spanking punishment?

The answer is simple. Just imagine the spanker’s POV (point of view) and you will get it. The wheelbarrow position is a highly intimate setup. In classic spanking movies, the exposure of the girl’s private parts usually plays only a subordinate role - if at all. But the wheelbarrow spanking position is a complete game changer. It puts the girl into a very uncomfortable and vulnerable condition. With her bottom up, her legs spread wide, her hands stuck on the floor, almost unable to move or turn her head, she has no protection and no escape from presenting her vagina in full close view to the spanker, as close as it could be. A very intimate, a very embarrassing and for some girls a very humiliating position.

Fortunately there are some amazing models who accept and sometimes even enjoy the wheelbarrow spanking position. You will find them notably at the Famous SG Network from John Osborne and Sarah Gregory (said to be the 'inventors' of this position) and on the CPE Sites.

Here you go, check the previews below.
Added Oct 15Sunny Days Spanking PositionsPlease welcome Sunny Days in her amazing debut with us here at AAA. As we often do, the best way to introduce a newcomer to the site is by our Popular 'Positions' series... it's a no-nonsense way of seeing a lady spanked in a variety of our favorite spanking positions.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fotkleather paddlestockingsstrapblack girls spankingSarah GregorySunny DaysDorothy Diapered And SpankedLittle Dorothy Burnett is being looked after by her babysitter, Alex Reynolds. She's been diapered and dressed in her footie pajamas for bed, but she doesn't want to go to rest! Alex caves in and puts Dorothy over her knee and spanks her over her pajamas and diaper.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fotkpyjamasdiapersspanked and diaperedageplayabdlAlex ReynoldsDorothy BurnettStevie's Limit Test Pt 3: Rubber Strap (wheelbarrow Position) & Hairbrushing To TearsIn Stevies Limit Test part 3, Stevie is already at the brink of facing a severe mouth soaping by using her safeword, but she decides to try to hold out and is put in the dreaded WHEELBARROW position to be spanked on her already sore bare bottom with the rubber strap and hairbrush.wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fhairbrushsevereStevie RoseKyle JohnsonSarah: Exposed Wet & ButtpluggedAdd some implements to grab Sarah's attention, such as a leather paddle and hairbrush, then there is the slow deliberate plugging. When it is inserted, her bottom can feel the cold metal as she has no choice but to hold it as she is spanked further.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fhairbrushanal punishmentanal toysSarah GregoryBallerina Wheelbarrow Spanking - Spread For DisciplineAroused at his touch, she moans as his big hand punish her neediest places. Relishing the vibrations of the impact, she is blissful and wanting more as she is stripped out of her leotard, fully exposed for his punishing hands. She begs for more hoping he will allow her the release she craves…wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fArielle LaneIntroducing Melody NoreJohn has made no secret of the fact that he loves spanking redhead girls in the past, maybe it is something about their pale skin and they way their bottoms mark up so beautifully? Most redheads he has met have had an amazing tolerance of pain too, he has found!wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fotkjeans spankingMelody NoreMore Free Galleries at the SpankingXCasey Want More Candy - Halloween SpanktacularCasey is caught getting into the candy, begging for and stealing all the candy like a naughty girl. In cute little Halloween panties, she is spread over his lap in the wheelbarrow position for a very exposed erotic spanking. His hand have full access to the insides of her thighs and needy cunt.wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fpaddleCasey CalvertCasey Calvert - Wheelbarrow Spanking And CaningFour lovely ladies get caught smoking. The teacher, Casey Calvert, spanks them, paddles them in wet panties, wheelbarrows them and canes the guilty girl. But he girls record the whole punishment and force Casey to take a long paddling with a segment shot looking right up her skirt!wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/funiformApricot PittsCasey CalvertJuliette MarchNorah NovaEve EllwoodAlex Reynolds' Wheelbarrow SpankingWe would like to thank our good friends, Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy (co-owners of Northern Spanking), for agreeing to make this special wheelbarrow spanking film. This is a fun and loving spanking, with the added spice that this wheelbarrow position brings...wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fAlex ReynoldsBad Bunny Mackenzie Reed - Spanked And WheelbarrowedBeautiful and sexy Mackenzie Reed is gorgeous in her little bunny costume and the lovely leather-clad kinkster Christy Cutie put on quite a show of girl on girl spanking. Mackenzie is spanked over the couch with her little bottom out and then wheelbarrowed.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fbelt spankingerotic spankingChristy CutieMackenzie ReedSpanking PositionsWhat kind of spanking positions do you like? Two new models - Yuka and Karin - demonstrate various spanking positions this time.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fdiaper positionasianYukaKarinSevere caning and palm punishments for cute teen in pigtailsSevere caning and palm punishments for cute teen in pigtailswheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fcaningpalm punishmentMore Free Galleries at Spanked & DiaperedSpread Wheelbarrow Spanked To Orgasm - Casey Calvert Coach's Favorite - 3Casey luxury rates as he rubs her oiled bottom and thighs, his fingers trailing between her legs. She begins to moan with pleasure, his big hand slaps down firmly on her bottom. She grinds, desperate to come. Given permission to come, she explodes with pleasure.wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/ferotic spankingCasey CalvertSkylar Submits To Stevie - Images PreviewSkylar is placed on all fours on the bed, with her legs spread wide as she is paddled without mercy. Watch her bottom turn a shameful red as Skylar struggles to complete this final position. The Rose sisters are legends in our genre and this unique film helps showcase them perfectly!wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fotkpaddleStevie RoseSkylar RoseLyra Spanked By RileyThe latest film from our popular 'Spanking Positions' series features Lyra receiving a variety of spankings from Riley. This is Riley's first time as the spanker and she is a natural switch. First, Lyra is spanked and wedgied in a traditional OTK position, followed by the sexy wheelbarrow position.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fwedgiesJas JayBirdLyraParty Models Miss The Shoot - One - WheelbarrowedJamie is furious. All three girls are wheelbarrowed for long, hard spankings on their skirts, panties and bare bottoms. Of course, while the girls' naked bottoms are right there in her face, Jamie takes time to play with all of their naughty pasts spread before her...wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fgroup punishmentClare FondaApricot PittsAshley LaneLuci LovettSpread Nude Orgasm - Extra Attention For Arielle LaneTaking her discipline like a good girl, Arielle earns the rewarding touch she craves. His bug hands thumping down on her soaked cunt, sending shivers through her. The hitachi begins to hum on her throbbing cunt. Pulsing and moaning to a thundering climax.wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fArielle LaneVeronica's Sexy Wheelbarrow SpankingThis is a very special film featuring two stunning girls from Las Vegas. It is also a 'double first' for both girls as Veronica Weston, a lifestyle spanko, had never been placed in the wheelbarrow position and spanked... and certainly not by a gorgeous lady.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fpaddleViolet OctoberVeronicaMore Free Galleries at Spanking24Naughty Violet's Wheelbarrow SpankingThis is an incredibly hot, erotic spanking film with a double first for both ladies... having never performed this position before. Violet Haze is the sort of kinky young madam that will try anything and was game to discover just how vulnerable she could feel.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fleather paddlestockingserotic spankingSoriaViolet HazeNude Wheelbarrow Spanks And Thanks - Ivy SherwoodOrdered off his lap, Ivy Sherwood is re-positioned face down, straddling his lap in wheelbarrow position. A delectable position to swat her juicy cheeks and tease her pretty bare pussy. She promises to be a good girl, crawling to her knees to unbuckle his belt.wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fblack girls spankingIvy SherwoodGood Girls Get To Cum - Pleasure Swats 3 - Erotic Forced OrgasmStevie is stripped out of her panties, spread, oiled and exposed over his lap. Luxuriating under his touch, his fingers on her cunt, primed for what's next. The powerful vibrator is positioned at her clit, pulsing, teasing as he continues to spank her.wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/ferotic spankingStevie RoseSuperstitious SpankerAnother debut, this time for Stevie Rose who is well known to viewers of spanking erotica in America. She was spanked her on her bare bottom including a leather strapping across her cheeks... But this was far from the full punishment...wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fotkStevie RoseA Sexy Sinful SpankingThis is a deliberately intimate and very sexy spanking between two hot young ladies who clearly enjoyed making this unique film. You will see Veronica tease Sage, caress her slowly and intimately with a varied hand spanking in the naughty and revealing wheelbarrow position.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fVeronicaSage PillarAngelica Vee: Positions - Images PreviewWe chose 3 classic positions to showcase the amazing talent of Angelica Vee. Position One: Classic OTK, a naked Angelica is spanked over Sarah's lap... Position Two: Bent over receiving a leather strap. Position Three: The Wheelbarrow.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fstrapSarah GregoryAngelica VeeFree Mouth Soaping PunishmentsRaven's Wheelbarrow SpankingSarah's hand and the wooden brush turn Raven's amazing bubble butt a more shameful hue of crimson as the poor girl whimpers and snivels throughout this spanking! Fans of the wheelbarrow position will love the multiple angles and detailed close-ups of Sarah's view and Raven's facial reactions!wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fhairbrushbath brushSarah GregoryRaven MackenzieKiki Cali's Spanking Positions - Images PreviewPetite Kiki Cali gets spanked in 3 great positions: OTK, Diaper and The Wheelbarrow. Her bottom is suitably reddened for the Diaper Position. Legs up, her bare, exposed bottom is hand spanked and paddled, including the tops of her thighs!wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fotkleather paddlediaper positionageplayabdlKiki CaliKat WheelbarrowedA very strict house mom finds a vibrator in Kat's college dorm room. In this clips we see Kat straddle Juliette March with her bottom in her face for a good spanking.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fJuliette MarchKatAnal Temperature Tells The StoryStern decides that the best thing to do will be to take her temperature anally. When this proves to be normal she informs Cherry that she will be punished and though the punishment her temperature will be taken to see, if there are any adverse effects.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fpaddlerectal thermometerCherryAmber's Wheelbarrow SpankingTake this latest first time wheelbarrow spanking for someone who we have admired for a very long time. Namely, Amber Dawn, possessing one of the most spankable booties to ever have graced our website. Even Amber felt a little embarrassed and exposed, not something she was used to.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/ftattoosSarah GregoryAmber DawnCasey Want More Candy - HQ ImagesCasey is caught getting into the candy, begging for and stealing all the candy like a naughty girl. In cute little Halloween panties, she is spread over his lap in the wheelbarrow position for a very exposed erotic spanking. His hand have full access to the insides of her thighs and needy cunt.wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fpaddleCasey CalvertMore Free Galleries at Uniform SpankingChrissy Marie - The Definition Of Naughty - Part 1 + 2Coming home to find Chrissy Marie in a sheer white crop top and skin tight jeans, she is pulled over his lap for a well deserved spanking. His big and alternates from cheek to cheek, smacking loudly on her skin tight denim. Soon her pants are pulled down to give him full access for punishment.wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fotkleather paddlejeans spankingChrissy MarieThe Coach's Favorite - Spread, Oiled, Paddled - Casey CalvertThe coaches big wood paddle looks enormous across Casey's tight little bubble butt. 10 stern swats, speckled bruises appear on her exposed cheeks before they are pulled down. Spread across his lap he rubs her cheeks with oil. She loves being spread and vulnerable across his lap, hoping for more.wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/ferotic spankingCasey CalvertArielle's Wheelbarrow SpankingFae wants Arielle to feel ashamed (not hard in this revealing and embarrassing wheelbarrow position), and for her bottom to be as red and shameful as Fae's has been on many an occasion recently. This is a great scolding and spanking video, in one of Fae's first-ever performances as a spanking top.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fArielle LaneFaeParty Models Miss The Shoot - Two - WheelbarrowedAshley Lane, Apricot Pitts, and Luci Lovett are LA models who stayed out all night and missed a shoot costing their boss, Jamie Foster, about $3000. Jamie is furious. Jamie also likes naughty girls and knows what to do to them.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fstockingsgroup punishmentClare FondaApricot PittsAshley LaneLuci LovettWheelbarrow Spanking FestivalWe have 3 short films which kicks off a special 'Festival of Kink' here at Triple A Spanking. All 3 of these girls may not be shy and certainly not afraid to show off their most private parts to us, the eye bulging viewers...wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fStevie Rose - Oiled Wheelbarrow PaddlingStevie's wobbling cheeks glisten and bounce under his hand. He returns with a thin wooden paddle, bringing immediate cries. Alternating cheeks, the paddle splats down on her succulent flesh. Her cheeks on fire as the need builds between her legs. She will earn her release with a very sore bottom.wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleStevie RoseMore Free Previews at 100 Free Caning GalleriesAngelica Vee Spanking PositionsWe chose 3 classic positions to showcase Angelica Vee's amazing talent. Position One: Classic OTK, a naked Angelica is spanked over Sarah's lap... watch her bottom turning red before your eyes. Position Two: Bent over receiving a leather strap. Position Three: The Wheelbarrow!wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fotkstrapAngelica VeeCamera Girl Photo ShootRosaleen tried her hand in a film studio, which as we know should not have a problem for her. Alas her arrogant nature did get the better of her and her backside paid the price. Contains scenes of a rather unusual wheelbarrow spanking position :)wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fRosaleen YoungKirstenDorothy Diapered & SpankedDorothy whimpers and whines, but doesn't really seem to mind too much, until Alex undoes the flap on her pajamas to spank her directly on her fluffy, white diaper. Dorothy is such a little girl, and even with that padding she feels the spanking! She wriggles and squeals, but Alex isn't finished yet.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fotkpyjamasdiapersspanked and diaperedageplayabdlAlex ReynoldsDorothy BurnettKatie's Wheelbarrow Spanking DebutKatie Brown had let down her cheer squad once too often and after her coach had spanked her for the umpteenth time, he told her to go see the owner who also wanted her to get the initials 'WB' embroidered into her uniform. She and the other girls knew this infamous moniker meant only one thing...wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fcheerleaderKatie BrownDouble Spanking In LeggingsSequel to 'Mother's Concern'. The sadistic girlfriend continues to spank the daughter and her mother in their leggings – spanking them in the wheelbarrow position and on their knees on the couch.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fasianYurinaMaikoKotomiKiki Cali Spanking PositionsWe are proud to bring you Kiki Cali in the first spanking film she made with us. Petite Kiki gets spanked in 3 great positions, OTK, Diaper Position & Wheelbarrow. See Kiki with her cute pink hair get a traditional OTK spanking, as she has her panties removed for a further no-nonsense hand spanking.wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fotkdiaper positionpaddleKiki CaliMore Free Galleries at AAA PreviewsSkylar Submits To StevieAmazing Spanking Video with Skylar Rose and Stevie Rose, including an all-revealing wheelbarrow position scene, and a proper drubbing on Skylar's are bottom with a leather paddle.wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fotkpaddleStevie RoseSkylar RoseBritney Light Spanking PositionsBritney Light is spanked in 3 super erotic spanking positions by Sarah, who takes her time caressing, massaging, and turning Britney's cheeks a colorful glowing red by the end. Sarah also does not forget that Britney's exposed pussy needs some attention too, as you will see!wheelbarrow spankingspankingf/fdiaper positionpussy spankingSarah GregoryBritney LightThe Hottest, Sexiest Spanking Ever Shot At Firm Hand: Dani Daniels RulesThe hottest spanking scene we've ever shot! The talented, beautiful Dani Daniels strips from the waist down to straddle Richard Anderson for a sound spanking. Her buttocks bounce furiously, with priceless facial reactions. HOT!wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/fotkDani DanielsStevie Spread For Pleasure- Oiled Erotic Wheelbarrow Spank And PetTaking a seat on the bed, Stevie eagerly straddles him with her bottom presented deliciously. Wheelbarrow position gives him full access to her succulent bottom and needy cunt. Stevie moans with pleasure under his luxurious touch. Removing her dress, she is splayed across his lap.wheelbarrow spankingspankingm/ferotic spankingStevie RoseDon't forget to bookmark this page. We are updating regularly.
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