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Black girls spanking and caning

Welcome to the world of corporal punishments for black girls. What are you looking for? Small firm black teenage bottoms? Mature full black buttocks? Or big fat black mama asses probably? We have it all. This page is an ever-growing collection of black ladies who received a spanking, caning, whipping, mouth soaping and other forms of corporal punishments on camera!
Jan 23Northern SpankingIt's For Your Own SafetyLita Baby has done something incredibly dangerous and it's time to teach her a lesson. Her bottom is now going to pay the price for her irresponsible behavior. Let's hope she's a fast learner and she won't have to go through this procedure too soon girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkhairbrushpyjamasSpanked CheeksLola Marie - The AgreementLola-Marie finds herself over his knee with her panties down for a humiliating and painful bare bottom spanking. Worse is to follow when she is punished with assorted straps and paddles that eventually have the desired effect with her promising to do the household girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkstrapCheerleader SpankingsFor The Greater GoodSunny's pert bottom is spanked hard by the coach and of course, a spanking must be carried out over a bare bottom to have the required effect of chastising a miscreant. Next, Sunny is placed over the couch, her bottom stuck out, for the wooden girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkuniform spankingcheerleaderwooden paddleSpanked And DiaperedNot How A Big Girl Acts - HQ Photos PreviewThrowing fits and complaining about chores are not how a big girl acts in this household, so Alex has just the way to teach her naughty little one a lesson. Cleo goes over her lap for a hard spanking on her cute little girl panties, and then on her bare bottom. Then it's time for diaper girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkdiapersspanked and diaperedageplayabdlSpanked CheeksMissing ItemsMaid Lola-Marie has been stealing items from guest's rooms hoping that they won't notice until after they have checked out. However one guest complains to the manageress and Lola-Marie is given the choice of being reported to the authorities or being punished by not only the manageress but the customer as girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/ff/fotkhairbrushuniform spankingmaidMarked Butts Domestic DisciplineSocial MiscommunicationSome confusion takes place after Rose's pants are seductively lowered, and the clueless disciplinarian immediately starts blistering her bottom with his hand as hard as he can. The confused and startled girl yelps and squirms as her panties are quickly pulled down as well, leaving her girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkFree Mouth Soaping PunishmentsMomma SpankingsSpanked And Mouthsoaped By StepmotherStepmommy has permission to discipline Jas the old fashioned way and that is precisely what she plans on doing. Within no time at all, she takes Jas right over her lap for a hard dose of her hard unforgiving hand and the mean stinging girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkhairbrushpyjamasmouth soapingGirls Boarding SchoolA Good PositionReminding her that he's seen girls boobs hundreds of times, he orders her to bend forward, with her hands on her knees. Starting off with the leather paddle, he applies it to her jeans covered bottom. Fifteen strokes later and he changes to using the wooden girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fjeans spankingwooden paddleAAA SpankingSmells Like PunishmentCleo Divine is starting to feel embarrassed but is told to take the wooden paddle out of the bedside drawer and get back over mommy's lap for a further hard, painful spanking punishment. This full force paddling is followed by an embarrassing girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkwooden paddlediapersspanked and diaperedageplayabdlClare Fonda 5 Sites PassStevie Initiates Tiana IrieTiana Irie is a new sorority member looking for Veronica to initiate her into the sorority. Stevie Rose tells her that she is Veronica and then proceeds to haze Tiana with a hand spanking, then have her bend over from strokes with a large leather girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkstrapwooden paddleSpanked in UniformSpanking in PrisonPrison Spanking Video Previews for: Toilet Duty, Part 2. Strapped for Knicker Smuggling. Cheyenne and Julie, Part 2. The complete Bars & Stripes Collection at Spanked in girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkstrapriding cropuniform spankingprison spankingAAA SpankingFirst Class OffenderJas needs to learn a sharp lesson as firing her had been an option but she is the darling of the cabin crew and after the evidence is presented she accepts her wrongdoing. She is to be given a spanking and leather strapping like she would have received at girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkstrapuniform spankingMore Free Previews at 100 Free Caning GalleriesCheerleader SpankingsSpanked For Divided LoyaltiesLily Swan takes errant young lady Riley across her lap, lecturing her while given a spanking over her tight panties. However, she knows the best lesson is learned on the bare and pulls down those tight panties and starts to spank Riley's quivering buttocks even girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkuniform spankingcheerleaderMomma SpankingsCleo's Double DisciplineCleo has been a complete embarrassment at the family at the reunion which her aunt has hosted. After being scolded, she is taken over Mommy's lap for a hard spanking first over her tight leggings, and to mom's surprise right to the bare bottom as there are no girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkhairbrushSpanked And DiaperedDiaper Discipline DeadlineCupcake is horribly embarrassed by the turn of events but she has to admit that she's feeling motivated to get her work done so she can get out of this humiliating, babyish diaper. It seems diaper discipline works for this young lady!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkdiapersspanked and diaperedageplayabdlClare Fonda 5 Sites PassYasmine deLeon SpankingYasmin deLeon is a super sexy lady with a curvy bottom who was spanked often by her mom growing up. She shares some of those experiences and one is re-enacted with Lana Miller as mom and Chanell Heart playing her friend who was at her house during one girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fCheerleader SpankingsConflict Causes PunishmentThe girls snivel and feel so ashamed that they are being punished like this. That bathbrush really hurts! He returns downstairs, the girls are left with their sore bare bottoms throbbing from that nasty girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkbath brushNorthern SpankingThe EnforcerExaggerating her authority, she tells Nuna that she will definitely get a caning from the Head Teacher, Mr. Kennedy, unless she accepts a spanking from Alex. First, she just uses her hand, and she mixes in a bit of exploring and girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/ff/fcaningotkhairbrushMore Free Galleries at Uniform SpankingPandora's Dreams of SpankingSleepyheadLola Marie wants a cosy lie-in, but Thomas has other ideas. He catches her sleeping late and puts her over his knee for a hand spanking. But when she still won't wake up, the smacks get girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkenglish disciplineNorthern SpankingIntroducing Lita Baby - Photos Bonus PreviewWe loved working with Lita: she's so sweet and so adorable. She has a beautiful, expressive face and is oh so spankable. We hope to shoot with her as much as we can. We'll have a video with her out for you soon, but for now, have a look at these first photos of Lita as she gets spanked and girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fwooden paddleSarah Gregory SpankingTiana Spanked And StrappedTiana had one job around the house, to help clean up in the kitchen. her boyfriend works all day and he also does the cooking. She says she is busy but that is not good enough. She knows how things are handled and that is with a good old fashioned girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkstrapSpanking 101 VideosFour Girls, Thirty-Two Swats, Four SpankingsNaughty schoolgirls Ava Nyx, Cleo Divine, Nuna Starks, and Key Winds are in serious trouble with Principal Tubaman and their bottoms are going to pay dearly. They bend over side-by-side as he blisters their miscreant behinds with a plywood Spencer girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fgroup punishmentjeans spankingwooden paddleSpanked SchoolgirlOut Of BoundsFinding herself in Mr Atkins study again, Danielle is lectured on once AGAIN being caught alone with the boys from St. Benedicts after hours, and is sentenced to a firm handspanking followed by a bare bottom caning to help remind her to have better girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fenglish disciplineNorthern SpankingWhat Goes On Tour Stays On TourBri was using a fake ID to attempt to get into a gig. Much to Paul's embarrassment he was summoned to collect Bri by security. Back at the hotel, a pajama'd Bri is about to receive a bedtime spanking for her duplicity and disobedience! No, Bri, it's not chill!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkleather beltbelt spankingpyjamasMore Free Galleries at AAA PreviewsNorthern SpankingActing Out At SchoolSchoolgirl Xena is having an uncomfortable discussion wit her guardian about her attitude towards the expensive private school he pays for her to attend. An assurance is sought as to her behavior in the upcoming semester. With reinforcement in the form of a wooden hairbrush applied to Xena's bottom!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fhairbrushuniform spankingAAA SpankingLola Marie - Stripped, Shamed & CanedThis caning is going to be with Lola Marie completely naked and with her feet tied to the cross, her legs parted, buttocks and privates exposed. One can only imagine the humiliation and shame she feels as she undresses in silence, knowing what is to girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fcaninguniform spankingsevereSpanked And DiaperedCupcake's Little AccidentAfter a thorough spanking, much to her deep humiliation, Cupcake must lay back and open her legs to be cleaned up and powdered before being taped into a sweet looking and colorful diaper. She's crinkly and smells like a baby and very, very embarrassed, but at least she'll stay girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkdiapersspanked and diaperedageplayabdlEnglish SpankersConvicted, Sentenced and CanedFour young delinquents have been sentenced to a total of 108 hard strokes with the cane, this is to be administered cold on their bare bottoms. This time it's the turn of Isabel Dean. She is a young lady who thinks she can take the cane but she did not like this cold caning as you will girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fgroup punishmentenglish disciplineNorthern SpankingWorried SickDorothy was due back from school whole minutes ago and over-protective dad is worried sick. He is on the phone to the police when Dorothy finally arrives home with her friend Daizy in tow. They stopped to get snacks and missed the school girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkhairbrushuniform spankingPandora's Dreams of SpankingDreams Of Spanking Classics - Scholarship GirlNormally Lola Marie is clever or lucky enough to not get caught breaking the rules, but this time she's really done it. Lola finds herself standing in front of the schoolmistress Miss Blake, facing the ultimate sanction - corporal girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fstrapuniform spankingenglish disciplineFree Spanking & Caning FilmsAAA SpankingNuna's Foul Mouth PunishmentWitness what happens to a foul mouthed and very disrespectful step daughter, Nuna Starks, when her daddy decides that she needs a thorough punishment that includes a long sustained OTK spanking with his hand, a leather paddle and a hairbrush. This caning leaves visible welts on her precious behind!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fcaningotkhairbrushcryingtearsmouth soapingAAA SpankingBlaire's Long Day ContinuesBlaire's white crisp panties are pulled down and she is spanked over the desk and then given a leather strapping that stings across her swollen cheeks. Blaire is also given a tryout with the cap, which she finds girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fstrapuniform spankingclassroomSarah Gregory SpankingSpanked And Caned At WorkCupcake Sinclair has shown up for her first day on the new job wearing a cute little dress. Mr Lake is far from impressed. This is not the kind of attire that his employees represent his company in. She is spanked hard and then given a series of hard cane girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fcaningSpanked And DiaperedLittle Cleo's Diapered SpankingShe asks Cleo if she is wet, and Cleo denies it. But when Mommy checks, Cleo's diaper is soaking wet. It's so soaked that we can clearly see it! So, once she's all freshly diapered up, Mommy Alex makes Cleo kneel up on all fours and stick her padded little butt out for a girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fdiapersspanked and diaperedageplayabdlSpanking SarahDanielle Hunt Spanked & Mouth SoapedSchoolgirl Danielle has a dirty mouth and Sarah knows how to clean it in a most unpleasant way. With a bar of soap in her mouth Danielle bends over the table for a spanking with the dreaded girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fhairbrushuniform spankingmouth soapingenglish disciplineNorthern SpankingNil By MouthHaving pulled strings to get his niece a nursing assistant position in the hospital where he is a consultant, Dr Kennedy feels rather let down when two incidents of abject unsuitability to the caring profession are brought to his attention. Whatever her future in medicine, Sunnie's immediate future holds a smacked bottom and a caning!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fcaningotkuniform spankingMore Free Galleries at Spanking24Northern SpankingThat Dumb Hairbrush - HQ PhotosIn her first film for us, Tiana Irae is a very grumpy and disinterested schoolgirl which Alex, in her role as private tutor, is trying to motivate to improve her school grades, particularly in math. See for yourself, if a thorough bare bottom spanking will help her!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fhairbrushuniform spankingClare Fonda 5 Sites PassExclusive Education Part 2In the second part of EE15, Clare Fonda talks about the time she spanked one of her roommates (played by Lana Luxor). We have re-enacted a full on spanking, of course, over those yoga pants that the roommie borrowed without asking. And then on the bare girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkPandora's Dreams of SpankingProvocative HouseworkLola scrubbing the oven with her gorgeous bum on display proves too much for Pandora to resist, and she delivers exactly the playful, sexy domestic spanking that Lola's been hinting at. This lesbian spanking video combines light-hearted chatter with some hard hand smacks on Lola's girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/flesbianenglish disciplineCheerleader SpankingsSore Bottom For RileyAunt Samantha always spanks on the bare bottom, as poor Riley soon discovers to her obvious embarrassment. The spanking and scolding are far from over as a mean-looking heavy leather paddle is then used across her niece's sore girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkleather paddleuniform spankingcheerleaderAAA SpankingNuna's Foul Mouth PunishmentNo amount of remorse will stop him from carrying out the rest of her punishment, however... and Nuna knows that. This caning leaves visible welts on her precious behind! It is one punishment Nuna will not forget in a hurry!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fcaningotkleather paddlemouth soapingNorthern SpankingIrresponsible BehaviorAlex is horrified to discover that the girls spent the previous evening touring the local bars and clubs! Hangovers notwithstanding, Alex decides that her little sister, and her friend, need a good spanking to teach them about girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkleather paddleMore Free Galleries at the SpankingXGirls Boarding SchoolSmoking causes painHe uses the back of a hairbrush on her knickered bottom, the strokes are fast. He's hitting her so hard the hairbrush comes to grief. She is lying face down on the bed and is told to keep that position while he goes in search of another girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkhairbrushAAA SpankingBlaire's Long School DayPoor Blaire's plans to sneak off early are in disarray. Lovers of humiliation and female/female spanking discipline with the added embarrassment of a rectal temp-taking will love this featuring a 1st time pairing of Miss Elizabeth and Blaire girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/funiform spankingnurserectal thermometerhumiliationPandora's Dreams of SpankingWho Broke It?We've got a real treat for you this week, as Pharaoh takes not one but three young ladies firmly in hand. They've caused some mischief on a family holiday, and he can't just let that kind of disobedience slide. The three girls are each spanked in turn, bent over the hotel girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fleather paddlegroup punishmentenglish disciplineOTK SpankThe Slipper For These NursesHe takes each naked and humiliated girl over his knee one by one, and he blisters them with the slipper until he feels they are sorry for what they tried to do to him while he was sick and sleeping at their girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkenglish disciplineNorthern SpankingVolume ControlDespite the school girl's attempts to talk her way out of punishment or justify her disruptive behavior, Bri finds herself over his knee, getting her panties taken down for a spanking before being bent over the bed for a thorough girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fcaningotkCheerleader SpankingsSpanked For Slutty SelfiesThe loud thwacks of the brush can be heard more than a block away as poor Raven takes an almighty severe butt bruising thrashing with that stinging brush! She is left to console herself before told to get ready for her evening meal and an early girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkhairbrushuniform spankingcheerleaderMore Free Galleries at Spanked & DiaperedNorthern SpankingDance Class DisciplineCleo is late for her dance class one too many times. A smacked bottom over her leotard is definitely not enough of a lesson, so Miss Reynolds has the girl take it down so that she can apply her hairbrush to Cleo's naughty bottom!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fhairbrushEnglish SpankersThe Final PunishmentAll the girls have now taken a terrible caning. Most of them are in tears now and they are just pleased that the punishment is over. But, it is not! Their teacher tells them that now each of them will take a severe palm punishment. This is met with cries of despair and more tears!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fpalm punishmentenglish disciplineDon't forget to bookmark this page. We are updating regularly.
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