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Black girls spanking and caning

Welcome to the world of corporal punishments for black girls. What are you looking for? Small firm black teenage bottoms? Mature full black buttocks? Or big fat black mama asses probably? We have it all. This page is an ever-growing collection of black ladies who received a spanking, caning, whipping, mouth soaping and other forms of corporal punishments on camera!
Added Oct 15Sunny Days Spanking PositionsPlease welcome Sunny Days in her amazing debut with us here at AAA. As we often do, the best way to introduce a newcomer to the site is by our Popular 'Positions' series... it's a no-nonsense way of seeing a lady spanked in a variety of our favorite spanking positions.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkleather paddlestockingsstrapwheelbarrow spankingGame Night Series: The Pain Game: Rose's Bad Luck - Part 2In Part 2 of The Pain Game with Rose, she uses her get out of a consequence free card to remove the Pantie Paddling she drew, so it goes from over her dress straight to her bare bottom with the hairbrush and a bare bottom caning to finish the game!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkhairbrushWet Pants Punishment - HQ Photos PreviewArella is embarrassed enough to begin with, but things only get worse for her when Alex punishes her for her babyish behavior by turning her across her lap for a spanking on her wet bottom, and then stripping her out of her wet clothes to punish her on the bare. Poor Arella!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkdiapershumiliationspanked and diaperedageplayabdlpissingpeeSore Bottom For RileyAunt Samantha always spanks on the bare bottom, as poor Riley soon discovers to her obvious embarrassment. The spanking and scolding are far from over as a mean-looking heavy leather paddle is then used across her niece's sore bottom.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkleather paddleuniformcheerleaderIris' Outfits Spankings- Part 6Beautiful Iris Sun takes multiple spankings and paddling in a number of tight and skimpy outfits, including totally nude. In total, she gets her firm buttocks spanked and paddled 16 (!) times.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkpaddleIris Sun - Nonstop OTK Jeans SpankingBeautiful Iris Sun takes a long, hard OTK spanking in her skintight jeans. This is a pure spanking clip. No awkward storyline, no long conversations. Just pure spanking action. A precise corporal punishment, just as Iris appears to deserve for some reason.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkjeans spankingFree Spanking & Caning FilmsChanell Heart SpankingChanell Heart is a beauty who was spanked often by her mom while growing up. Lana Miller plays her mom in this exciting re-enactment. Chanell gives a very candid and colorful interview about her real life spankings.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkDiaper Discipline DeadlineCupcake is horribly embarrassed by the turn of events but she has to admit that she's feeling motivated to get her work done so she can get out of this humiliating, babyish diaper. It seems diaper discipline works for this young lady!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkdiapersspanked and diaperedageplayabdlA Summer Of SpankingsHaving been sent home from summer camp for being disruptive, Daizy's parents have recruited Alex to babysit their wayward daughter, for the whole summer long! Daizy is no better behaved at home and Alex must make frequent use of the special dispensation given her to attempt to keep Daizy in line.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkslipperCleo's Double DisciplineCleo has been a complete embarrassment at the family at the reunion which her aunt has hosted. After being scolded, she is taken over Mommy's lap for a hard spanking first over her tight leggings, and to mom's surprise right to the bare bottom as there are no panties.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkhairbrushCleo Spanked At SchoolPrincipal Samantha explains that the school of course uses corporal punishment so Cleo will be spanked in front of her father. How humiliating. She is made to bend over and look at her father while the principal spanks her. She is then given 10 swats with the wooden paddle.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/ff/funiformwooden paddleDiva Spanking Part OneClare Fonda is a talent manager in a very low budget business. But that does not stop her top client Lana Luxor from acting the part of the major diva. Lana gets cheap gigs booked from Clare to sing, but she really wants to be a rapper. And she wants to get paid a lot.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkhairbrushMore Free Galleries at Spanking24Lola Marie - Convicted, Sentenced And CanedFour young delinquents have been sentenced to a total of 108 hard strokes of the cane. This time it's the return of Lola Marie and she thinks that she is a real tough cookie. Can she take the cold caning delivered full force by Miss Sarah Stern?black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fcaningThe Double Trouble VideoThe girls were suitably embarrassed when confronted and they quickly submitted to his unique form of harsh and humiliating discipline when they knew he had their personal items too. They both took a caning and watched each other take a hard wooden paddling.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fcaningwooden paddleoutdoor punishmentGod Bless The NOSA public health crisis isn't enough to keep newly qualified Nurse Moon from mooning at her patients. Before long the naughty nurse is bent over Matron's lap, with her figure-hugging white dress up around her waist. If nothing else, maybe she can be humiliated into good behavior...black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkstrapuniformnurseJayda Blayze - A Soapy Bathtime SpankingJayda Blayze makes her stunning debut at AAA in an amazing domestic discipline spanking film. Jayda's rude mouth, sassy attitude and the fact that she has been blowing the boys with that slutty mouth means she immediately receives a mouth soaping she won't soon forget.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fmouth soapinghumiliationNuna's Foul Mouth PunishmentWitness what happens to a foul mouthed and very disrespectful step daughter, Nuna Starks, when her daddy decides that she needs a thorough punishment that includes a long sustained OTK spanking with his hand, a leather paddle and a hairbrush. This caning leaves visible welts on her precious behind!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fcaningotkhairbrushcryingtearsmouth soapingThe Inappropriate Intern - Images PreviewCleo takes the mean spanking, feeling the burning hand of her boss. She is expertly strapped, scolded, and reminded of how an intern at his place of business should behave. She is sent home to compose herself, dress correctly... and return to finish her work for that day.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fstrapFree Mouth Soaping PunishmentsCurfew CaningCollege girl Cupcake returns, very late, from a night out to be met with a furious reception for breaking her curfew. She has been warned of the consequences of doing so for a second time: a severe punishment.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fcaningotkThe Brat Next DoorLola is placed over the bench outdoor, with her round bottom fully exposed as he uses the heavy black belt that he knew would sting a lot to make her punishment much more memorable. This will teach her to be so brazen in the future.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkleather beltbelt spankingoutdoor punishmentSisters Before MistersIt's far from over, Mackenzie wants her to feel truly sorry and produces a heavy wooden hairbrush that is used with much greater force than Nuna expected. She gasps and cries out in pain as the wooden implement whacks her bouncing cheeks time and time again.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkhairbrushThe Slipper For These NursesHe takes each naked and humiliated girl over his knee one by one, and he blisters them with the slipper until he feels they are sorry for what they tried to do to him while he was sick and sleeping at their facility.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkA Very Tearful DetentionThis is deeply personal and so humiliating that it brings tears to both girls! It is a tearful detention punishment that these young ladies will not forget, which is the whole point as this is their final chance to remain in school!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fcaningotkCheating School GirlsDanielle and Janna are back in Miss Katies office, where she has received their exam results. They are exactly the same, meaning one of the girls cheated. Neither will confess, so she sentences them BOTH to a sound bare bottom slippering over her knee. Danielle is first, followed by Janna.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkslipperuniformMore Free Galleries at Uniform SpankingExclusive Education 10 - Detention Part 2Yasmine deLeon, Chanell Heart and Ashley Luvbug all skipped detention and now they find themselves at the home of Principal Lana Miller on a Saturday. Lana spanks Chanell because she believes she was the instigator. When she finds out it might have been Yasmine, she allows Chanell to spank Yasmine.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkuniformThe Party WhipTake a delightfully camp romp through Parliament in this F/F spanking scene starring Pandora Blake, Lana Moon and a heavy leather flogger. Who knew that when they said 'three-line whip' they meant it literally?black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fwhippingLate for schoolLazy schoolgirl Danielle Hunt will not get herself out of bed and her Uncle is not best pleased. Some old fashioned discipline is called for and she goes over his knee for a spanking on her short pyjamas and then on her bare bottom.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkleather paddleBlaire's Long Day ContinuesBlaire's white crisp panties are pulled down and she is spanked over the desk and then given a leather strapping that stings across her swollen cheeks. Blaire is also given a tryout with the cap, which she finds humiliating...black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fstrapuniformclassroomDisobedient Tiana DisciplinedMiss Bernadette has had it with Tiana's rebellious and disobedient behavior in class. Tiana is bent over the table for a hard hand spanking from both her teacher and Principal on her bare bottom. Her punishment then continues with the leather school strap.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/ff/fstrapuniformThe EnforcerExaggerating her authority, she tells Nuna that she will definitely get a caning from the Head Teacher, Mr. Kennedy, unless she accepts a spanking from Alex. First, she just uses her hand, and she mixes in a bit of exploring and touching.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/ff/fcaningotkhairbrushMore Free Previews at 100 Free Caning GalleriesPaddled for paymentShe is earning some extra money to pay for nights out with her friends and to buy fancy clothes. He is not pleased and takes over with some payback of his own. He finds one of Lola's spanking toys and despite his lack of experience he sets about giving her bare bottom one hell of a hard paddling.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fpaddleThe Final PunishmentAll the girls have now taken a terrible caning. Most of them are in tears now and they are just pleased that the punishment is over. But, it is not! Their teacher tells them that now each of them will take a severe palm punishment. This is met with cries of despair and more tears!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fpalm punishmentStrictmoor Academy Year Three Scene Seven The HairbrushAs the girls were all lined up sniveling, crying and with tear stained cheeks on display... they were told that a further punishment would be carried out. Usually the disciplinary punishments concluded with the canings we have witnessed previously, but not this year!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkhairbrushgroup punishmentcryingtearsDomestic Discipline: The Credit CardAre you excited to see what a real punishment looks like? Pharaoh administers a blisteringly hard hand spanking to his wife Sha Luciana in this true domestic discipline film starring a real-life couple.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkA Hand In Her PunishmentKennedy carries a tawse on his shoulder under his jacket when teaching, and he takes it out to put it to good use. He makes Cupcake face the wall and lift her skirt, then applies the tawse to her bottom immediately, without any warm up.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fpalm punishmenttawseIntroducing Lana MoonPandora Blake introduces her friend Lana Moon to the world of spanking - and the stingy feel of the wooden ruler. Discover Lana's kinky desires as she prepares for her first spanking film shoot.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkuniformwooden rulererotic spankingMore Free Galleries at AAA PreviewsWho Broke It?We've got a real treat for you this week, as Pharaoh takes not one but three young ladies firmly in hand. They've caused some mischief on a family holiday, and he can't just let that kind of disobedience slide. The three girls are each spanked in turn, bent over the hotel bed.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fleather paddlegroup punishmentA Good PositionReminding her that he's seen girls boobs hundreds of times, he orders her to bend forward, with her hands on her knees. Starting off with the leather paddle, he applies it to her jeans covered bottom. Fifteen strokes later and he changes to using the wooden paddle.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fjeans spankingwooden paddleIrresponsible BehaviorAlex is horrified to discover that the girls spent the previous evening touring the local bars and clubs! Hangovers notwithstanding, Alex decides that her little sister, and her friend, need a good spanking to teach them about responsibility.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkleather paddleReal Spankings - Exclusive Updates - Part 1No description available yet. Enter gallery for preview and more details about this production.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/ff/fasianLola & The BuildersLola has had some building work carried out on her house but does not have the money to pay the guys. She makes them an offer of having sex with her but they are not too interested, they do however take her up on the offer of spanking her with her leather paddle.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fpaddleDanielle Hunt Spanked & Mouth SoapedSchoolgirl Danielle has a dirty mouth and Sarah knows how to clean it in a most unpleasant way. With a bar of soap in her mouth Danielle bends over the table for a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fhairbrushuniformmouth soapingMore Free Galleries at the SpankingXTea & SpankingThis time Alex has had enough and determines to curb her friends gossiping habits once and for all. Without further ado, Alex turns Cupcake across her lap and administers a sound spanking with her hand and a solid wooden clothes brush.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkhairbrushA Lesson In DisciplineCoach Lake uses her as an example and takes her over his lap for a spanking, something she has been familiar with in the past. It's unpleasant for her and a quick lesson to learn, feeling embarrassed as her panties are pulled down and her bouncing bare booty spanked harder with his hand.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fotkhairbrushuniformcheerleaderCards Of Pain 10Brazilian beauty Luna Corazon visited our studio to test her endurance in our Cards of Pain game. She did not expect it to be so harsh. In this episode the feared switch card was revealed again. It was the first time for Lady Tatjana to be the victim of this special (un)lucky card.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fbdsmseverecryingtearswhippingpussy whippingConvicted, Sentenced and CanedFour young delinquents have been sentenced to a total of 108 hard strokes with the cane, this is to be administered cold on their bare bottoms. This time it's the turn of Isabel Dean. She is a young lady who thinks she can take the cane but she did not like this cold caning as you will see.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fgroup punishmentMisty Stone Spanks Daizy for CopyingPorn superstar Misty Stone plays a sorority girl who decides to punish classmate Daizy Cooper, who desperately needs to copy off Misty's homework. This is a firm but extremely sensual spanking, that includes a multitude of sexy positions, different implements in addition to Misty's hand and even somblack girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fotkpaddleIntroducing Lita Baby - Photos Bonus PreviewWe loved working with Lita: she's so sweet and so adorable. She has a beautiful, expressive face and is oh so spankable. We hope to shoot with her as much as we can. We'll have a video with her out for you soon, but for now, have a look at these first photos of Lita as she gets spanked and paddled.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fwooden paddleMore Free Galleries at Spanked GirlsBedtime PunishmentLola Marie knew she had a bedtime punishment coming and decided to hide the promised 3 tailed strap she was getting. You will watch her receive dozens of strokes of the mean leather implement with some solid use of 2 types of hairbrush that kept this very naughty girl in check!black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingm/fhairbrushstrapYasmine deLeon SpankingYasmin deLeon is a super sexy lady with a curvy bottom who was spanked often by her mom growing up. She shares some of those experiences and one is re-enacted with Lana Miller as mom and Chanell Heart playing her friend who was at her house during one spanking.black girls spankingblack girls punishmentsspankingf/fDon't forget to bookmark this page. We are updating regularly.
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