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Rectal Thermometry before Spanking - Experience Report from Lana (Age 19) Stockholm/Sweden

"I don’t like my stepmom. He name is Agda. She’s an ugly witch in her late 60s and she is so old-fashioned when it comes to education. There’s one thing I particularly hate. It’s the weekly preventive health maintenance procedure. Every Saturday exactly 10am I have to do gym exercise in the living room, right in front of her. For some reason that I never understood I have to do this half-naked, wearing nothing but my panties. I hate it so much!

But the worst thing is what comes next. Taking my temperature the old fashioned way: in my bottom! That stupid bitch! She has no idea how embarrassed and humiliated I always feel. Can you believe she is doing this even in presence of other people, once even in front of my classmates!! My stepmom explained to them that this is her way to express how much she loves me and cares for me.

Imagine my classmates' laughing fit when they saw me there on the sofa, my bare bottom exposed, legs up in the air and a thermometer sticking in my ass. They even took pictures with their cellphones and just couldn’t stop laughing. I am 19 years old. And I am still treated like a baby. I hate my stepmom! And guess what, whenever I complain about her, all I get in return is a bare bottom spanking, either from her, or from Daddy, or from both of them."
She Never LearnsPlease welcome Del Hunter, another new gir- as promised, this month we are showcasing new talent guaranteed each and every week at Triple A Spanking. This was filmed some time ago, but sometimes, the best things come to those who wait!rectal thermometerspankingm/fhairbrushDel HunterRachel Adams Spanked and DiaperedRachel has been having accidents and mommy is not happy. After a full medical exam including a rectal temperature taking, it is confirmed that Rachel is not sick and that she has a behavioral issue. Dr. Gregory knows just the treatment.rectal thermometerspankingf/fotknursediapershumiliationspanked and diaperedageplayabdlSarah GregoryMiss ElizabethRachel AdamsWayward Girls Need DisciplineThis video - the 500th at AAA Spanking - features 4 wayward schoolgirls and 2 of our female tops in an academy style discipline feature-length movie. It covers many aspects of discipline such as scolding, humiliation and other demeaning punishments to get through to the girls who have misbehaved.rectal thermometerspankingf/fleather paddlestrapgroup punishmentTen AmoretteZoe PageMiss BernadetteFaeCara DayDacey HarlotVisit from the NurseThey must be desperate to take this humiliating rectal temperature taking, as the thermometers enter their puckered holes both girls regret taking it this far. Nurse Samantha scolds the girls and spanks them on their bare exposed bottoms in turn.rectal thermometerspankingf/fleather paddlepyjamasnurseViolet OctoberVeronicaBlaire's Long School DayPoor Blaire's plans to sneak off early are in disarray. Lovers of humiliation and female/female spanking discipline with the added embarrassment of a rectal temp-taking will love this featuring a 1st time pairing of Miss Elizabeth and Blaire Monet.rectal thermometerspankingf/funiformblack girls spankingnursehumiliationMiss ElizabethBlaire MonetGirls Who Lie Get PunishedRiley explains that she has a bad tummy and is not feeling well. Nurse Samantha listens before insisting that a quick rectal temperature check-up will soon get to the matter of the problem! Once the temperature is recorded, using the embarrassing old fashioned method, the nurse can find no fever.rectal thermometerspankingf/fotkleather paddleuniformblack girls spankingSamantha BJas JayBirdMore Free Galleries at AAA PreviewsAndy Moon Is Faking ItHaving failed to finish her homework in time, Andy decides to fake an illness to avoid going to school. Alex is not so easily fooled and produces a thermometer to prove or disprove a fever. Having comprehensively disproved it, Andy is in for a spanking.rectal thermometerspankingf/fotkpyjamasAlex ReynoldsAndy MoonMiss Zoe Punishes AvaAva says she is sick and not feeling well. Zoe pulls down Ava's pajamas so she can take her temperature, rectally! How humiliating for Ava. As expected, Ava is not sick at all., so she is given a spanking on her bare exposed bottom. This is what happens to naughty girls who fake being sick.rectal thermometerspankingf/fotkuniformpyjamasclassroomear pullingZoe PageAva NyxShe never learnsShe is that type of girl... never learns at all! In this house, naughty girls who fake ilnnesses are checked with a thermometer first... She hates this but hopes that by being under the covers she is warmer and can try to fake an illness, but her temperature is normal, of course.rectal thermometerspankingm/fhairbrushpyjamasDel HunterApricot's Asylum PunishmentApricot is to be punished and nurse can do whatever she pleases to this helpless girl. She struggles but she is restrained and can't go anywhere. She is strapped and caned until she can't take anymore. After all, sluts belong in places like this.rectal thermometerspankingf/fcaningnurseApricot PittsMiss BernadetteLily's Humiliating Punishment - Images PreviewThe lying daughter is left to contemplate her foolish actions... and she is still going to school that day with a very sore reminder that 'Mom knows best!' This film features Lily's first-ever, and possibly only, rectal thermometer temperature taking scene!rectal thermometerspankingf/fotkhairbrushpyjamashumiliationLily SwanSamantha BAva's School PunishmentAva is pretending to be sick in school. In a humiliating way to check if she is really sick, Nurse takes her temperature the old fashioned way: in her bottom. When it is confirmed that Ava is healthy, she is first strapped by Nurse with the school strap, then she is paddled by the principal.rectal thermometerspankingm/ff/fstrapwooden paddleMiss BernadetteAva NyxPaul RogersMore Free Galleries at Spanked & DiaperedSarah Learns The Hard WayNurse knows just what kind of game Sarah is playing and is prepared to deal with her the way a naughty girl should be dealt with. Sarah learns the hard way why faking sick to get out of her chores is not a wise choice. For sure Sarah won't be faking sick to get out of doing her chores anymore.rectal thermometerspankingf/fstrapnurseface slappingSarah GregoryMiss BernadetteMandie's Big MistakeShe concocted a fake illness when told to hurry up and get ready. A quick leather strapping and spanking in many varied, humiliating and painful poses brought Mandie to tears as she was told she was coming out with them - like it or not!rectal thermometerspankingm/fstrapseverecryingtearsMandi RaeVisit From The NurseThis film has many fantastic facial reactions and close up rear view action so some scenes are played out in full showing both scenes for your viewing satisfaction. The girls are also given the leather paddle as well as a spanking to teach them a lesson in honesty.rectal thermometerspankingf/fleather paddlepyjamasnurseViolet OctoberVeronicaReyna's Asylum PunishmentReyna is strapped bent over on all fours as the leather tans her wicked behind. Then the cane is used on her bottom, whilst she is still in the 'all-fours' position until nurse Bernadette decides that the backs of Reyna's thighs need some treatment too.rectal thermometerspankingf/fcaningdiaper positionstrapnursepaddlehumiliationthighs caningbreast slappingMiss BernadetteReyna St. ClairCasey Feels The HeatStrict mom Alex Reynolds had to pick her daughter, Casey Calvert, up from school because she claimed that she was sick. The thermometer shows that Casey is perfectly healthy, which means that she's in for a spanking, which is delivered while she keeps the thermometer in her bottom.rectal thermometerspankingf/fotkpyjamasAlex ReynoldsCasey CalvertLily's Humiliating PunishmentCaught in her own web of lies Lily reluctantly presents her bottom for inspection and having the thermometer inserted rectally. This proves to Mom that she is faking ill and she grabs the nearby hairbrush next to Lily's bed insisting her daughter be punished for lying to her.rectal thermometerspankingf/fotkhairbrushpyjamasLily SwanSamantha BFree Spanking & Caning FilmsA Humiliating IntakeWelcome to the home for bad girls where the absolute worst of the worst are sent. The girls are then given a lesson about the sort of discipline that is carried out at this home. When they misbehave here, they are given spankings.rectal thermometerspankingf/fleather paddlestrapArielle LaneMiss BernadetteCara DayJayda's Thermometer PunishmentIn this special custom spanking and rectal thermometer film, Jayda Blayze plays the naughty lying daughter of Miss Katherine Worthington. At the end of this punishment video, Jayda is left with her swollen, sore bottom in the air with a thermometer sticking unceremoniously out of it.rectal thermometerspankingf/fotkhairbrushstockingsJayda BlayzeKatherine WorthingtonKiki's Humiliating School PunishmentNurse Bernadette's hard hand spanks Kiki on her bare, quivering bottom before giving her 25 mean strokes with the medical department's leather strap. Next, Headmaster straps Kiki before giving her 25 cane strokes. The poor wretch is sent back to class with a very sore, burning welted bottom.rectal thermometerspankingm/ff/fcaningstrapKiki CaliMiss BernadetteChrissy Marie Playing Sick - Anal InspectionChrissy Marie plays hooky from school pretending to be sick often. She clenches as his thick finger slides into her naughty bottom, soon to be replaced with a rectal thermometer. Chrissy whimpers, knowing that her deception will soon be found out and she will be punished.rectal thermometerspankingm/fhumiliationChrissy MarieHalfway House Hoe's Punishment 2Clare Fonda (aka Jamie Foster) is back at the Halfway Hostel for Fallen Women seemingly not learning her lesson from her last detainment at this austere institution. Unfortunately for this skanky hoe, Miss Bernadette remembers her all too well and decides to pay her a visit for her re-induction.rectal thermometerspankingf/fbdsmleather paddlenursebreast slappingClare FondaMiss BernadetteBad Russan NurseAnother real life episode from Rough Man Spank, the infamous hidden spanking club in Russia. A young Russian girl did not fulfill her duties in her job as a nurse. She is now facing the consequences, including an embarrassing medical examination and and bare bottom spanking with the leather belt.rectal thermometerspankingm/fleather beltbelt spankingnursemedical examinationMore Free Galleries at Uniform SpankingAnal Temperature Tells The StoryStern decides that the best thing to do will be to take her temperature anally. When this proves to be normal she informs Cherry that she will be punished and though the punishment her temperature will be taken to see, if there are any adverse effects.rectal thermometerspankingf/fpaddlewheelbarrow spankingCherryCasey And Ashley's IntakeCasey and Ashley are the newest intakes to the halfway house and Nurse Bernadette is in charge of them. They are first stripped and have a breast exam. Next, they are given a taste of the style of discipline when they misbehave.rectal thermometerspankingf/fotkleather paddlestraphumiliationhair pullingAshley LaneCasey CalvertMiss BernadetteCalling Her BluffThe spankings continue as her bottom reddens in shame and to properly teach this little faker a lesson, mommy uses the hairbrush found beside the bed. Ava wriggles, writhes and cries out in pain, but mommy continues to punish her girl, putting her into a firm leg lock to keep her in place.rectal thermometerspankingf/fotkhairbrushpyjamasMiss BernadetteAva NyxViolet's Humiliating Office PunishmentThe hand spanking was long and hard and Violet October's pale bottom soon turned a shameful hue of crimson but this was also a horrible bare bottom spanking with a mean leather paddle which Violet was sure other members of staff could hear.rectal thermometerspankingf/fotkleather paddleViolet OctoberSamantha BYour Temperature Tells The Truth - Images PreviewCheery complains of having a high temperature, so Dr. Stern decides that the best thing to do will be to take her temperature anally. When this proves to be normal she informs Cherry that she will be punished. Cherry is not happy but she does have to agree an a hard paddling starts.rectal thermometerspankingf/fpaddleCherryLittle Faking Liars Get SpankedThe nurse places Kiki up on all fours with her bare bottom exposed for the temperature taking. Her suspicions are confirmed, no fever! Kiki is now in further trouble. She will be back at practice and cheering in the game later that evening but not before she receives a further hard hand spanking!rectal thermometerspankingf/fstrapuniformnursecheerleaderMiss ElizabethKiki CaliMore Free Galleries at the SpankingXCousins Spanked TogetherAudrey and Sarah are marched up to her bedroom and each taken over the knee one at a time for a hard spanking. After, Sarah asked to go home and says she is not feeling well. Little does Sarah know that now she is to have her temperature taken in a very humiliating way, in her bottom.rectal thermometerspankingf/fotkSarah GregoryAudreyThe Cold Caning Experiment Part 2Once again she has to be examined by the good doctor before taking a position on the caning bench. The second cold caning is given, her tears flow but I continue till the end. Then she has to endure my own extra experiment, the application of the tawse to both her hands.rectal thermometerspankingf/fcaningEryn RoseDon't forget to bookmark this page. We are updating regularly.
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