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Girls spanked on Jeans

Welcome to our video collection of naughty girls who get spanked, paddled and caned on their skintight jeans. Don't forget to bookmark this page. We are adding new galleries and video links regularly.
Jan 26Firm Hand SpankingSchool Paddling Recreated With Belinda Lawson Series - First On JeansDiscipline Matters has brought some heat to Belinda Lawson's bottom with various implements. Now she introduces a classic school paddling on tight denim jeans. Everyone knows Belinda can take her swats, so in future episodes she takes the board on panties, and finally totally bare bottom.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleJan 26Momma SpankingsBullying Has ConsequencesNo description available yet. Enter gallery for preview and more details about this production.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushJan 23Pandora's Dreams of SpankingPandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy - HQ Photos PreviewIn this long-play video at Dreams of Spanking, Pandora confesses one of her edgiest fantasies: a dark domestic belt whipping that involves age play, struggling and resistance, and a severe punishment of over 100 very hard strokes with a heavy leather belt.jeans spankingspankingm/fleather beltbelt spankingsevereJan 23Clare Fonda 5 Sites PassSailor Luna Spanked For StealingWhen Sailor Luna gets caught rifling through the wallet belonging to Double Dan, she quickly finds herself of the lap of the big guy, receiving a very painful hand spanking that teaches her a valuable lesson and turns her bottom bright red. She will be sitting gingerly for quite some time.jeans spankingspankingm/fotkJan 23Firm Hand SpankingStacy Stockton Visits The Principal's Office To Bend Over For A PaddlingPretty blue-eyed senior Stacy Stockton is caught ditching school. Principal Harris offers a 5-day suspension or 10 swats of the paddle. Her clothes earn an extra two burning swats on her thinly protected butt! Hot slow-mo replays and impact freeze-frames!jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleAssume The Position Studios100 Paddle Swats Stress Relief SpankingWhen the stress of everyday life builds up a good mind clearing endorphin rush at the hands of a skilled and trusted friend is just the ticket. Stevie is positioned with her bottom thrust up over a pillow in a pair of tiny Jean shorts. I thick wood paddle slaps down crisply from cheek to cheek.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleMore Free Galleries at Uniform SpankingAssume The Position StudiosSchool Swats - Alex and Maddy at the Principal's OfficeMultiple tardies require a memorable priority adjustment for these two naughty schoolgirls. Given a choice between suspension and corporal punishment, they grudgingly choose a paddling. One of the time they bend over with their hands on the wall for the principal's big wooden paddle.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddlespandex pantsSpanking 101 VideosSarah's Jeans SpecialMy beautiful BabyGirl Sarah Gregory bought these skintight jeans and it just HAD to be done! So, in short order, she is spanked soundly, paddled with a mean leather paddle, then bent over for a paddling with a wooden paddle.jeans spankingspankingm/fotkleather paddlestrapUniversal Spanking & PunishmentsThe Burning Desire For A Spanked Behind - Part 1Step-Dad authorized Uncle Johnny to use corporal punishment on Sunny if needed. He decided it was time to deliver some discipline and begins to smack her behind in a position where he held her head between his legs. The spanking was dished out with fiery intensity and various implements on the bed.jeans spankingspankingm/fSpanking DigitalThe Paddle For Rosaleen YoungOur friends across the water will recognize the heavy and lethal looking paddle held in the hand of the lady who thrashed Rosaleen! Well in this set we see first hand the effects an authentic American paddle can have on the behind of naughty British girl!jeans spankingspankingf/fwooden paddleenglish disciplineReal SpankingsReal Spankings - Exclusive Updates - Part 20No description available yet. Enter gallery for preview and more details about this production.jeans spankingspankingm/ff/fleather paddlewooden paddlebath brushAsian Hand SpankingSpanking PhotoshootA model is doing a photoshoot, but the photographer starts to get frustrated. She starts to smack the model on the butt after every mistake, but the model doesn't seem to mind it...jeans spankingspankingf/fasianFree Spanking & Caning FilmsAssume The Position StudiosThat 70's Spanking- Missed Curfew Paddling - 18 Yr Old Stevie Rose Bare Bottom PaddlingA painful decision to ignore her curfew lands poor Stevie in hot water. Bent over the bed for painful discipline with the big paddle till her bottom is throbbing. Crying out as each swat catches her pretty round bottom and the exposed flesh of her sit spots.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleClare Fonda 5 Sites PassSpanked Sweeties - Spanking Kyra FoxThis is a follow-up to the Maddy Marks sweeties that was a role play, so no interview in this one. Maddy got spanked by her mom for something Kyra Fox put her up to, so now she gets revenge by spanking her real-life friend with hand and a leather paddle. A very sound spanking!jeans spankingspankingf/fotkleather paddleSpanked Cutie PremiumMisbehaving girl caned on her naked buttocks in the back yard - bruised and swollen cheeksMisbehaving girl caned on her naked buttocks in the back yard - bruised and swollen cheeksjeans spankingspankingf/fcaningoutdoor punishmentClare Fonda 5 Sites PassCora Spanked For Making NoiseShe teaches Cora not to make noise late at night, but putting her over her knee of a long, painful spanking with her hand and a large leather paddle, turning Cora's bottom bright red.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkpaddleClare Fonda 5 Sites PassVeronica Spanks Nikki TurnerNikki Turner is in trouble for spanking fellow call girl Ashley Lane, and Veronica Ricci is going to see she pays for marking Ashley by giving Nikki her own red bottom. Veronica spanks her hard with hand & hairbrush till Nikka can't sit down.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushFirm Hand SpankingTen Swats With A Wooden Paddle In The Principal's Office For Katya NostroviaDenim jeans stretched tight across her curvy bottom, Katya Nostrovia places her hands on the wall in The Principal's Office and pushes her hips back, ready for 10 swats with Mr Friday's stinging wooden paddle.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleFree Mouth Soaping PunishmentsNorthern SpankingSo This Is Discipline, Huh?Alex has had enough of this little freeloader and informs her that unless she gets off her lazy butt and starts looking for a job, Alex will send her back to their parents. That's right, she would find herself on the receiving end of a spanking.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkFirm Hand SpankingThe Principal's Office is back with a paddling to remember for Delta HowserA blistering ten swats with a wooden paddle across her jutting jean-clad bottom is a small price to pay for Delta Howser not getting kicked out of school. The sharp crack of wood on a girl's backside echoes round The Principal's Office as John Friday lays on his board of correction.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleAAA SpankingRachel's Poor ReportRachel has never taken to her new stepmother and is rude, arrogant, and dismissive of her until she pushes her too far. She is pulled across the maternal lap and spanked hard over her jeans but that is just the start of Rachel's embarrassing punishment.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushAsian Hand SpankingSeize the Moment - Part 1Eriko and Yurina have been sharing an apartment. Eriko has been hoping to get the chance to spank Yurina, and she might have found the opportunity.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkFirm Hand Spanking16 Strokes Of The Cane Will Get Kaylee Robinson To Shape Up - Or Will It?Bent over touching her toes, Kaylee Robinson regrets her decision to tell Room-mate from Hell Alison Miller that she deserves to be punished! When Alison produces a bendy rattan punishment cane and insists that Kaylee drops her jeans and thong, it gets serious.jeans spankingspankingf/fcaningAAA SpankingReckless & FecklessThis is a stunning domestic discipline debut for Mandie Rae as the financially inept wife of husband Robert. She had been hiding risky trades in stocks and shares with their home finances until they weren't enough to cover her mounting losses.jeans spankingspankingm/fstrapMore Free Galleries at Spanking24Momma SpankingsSarah Spanked Babysitter SpankedIt's Sarah's turn for a dose of the hand and hairbrush on her naughty little bottom until she is crying real tears. Mommy won't put up with this brattiness from her sweet little girl. Sarah is hugged and sent to bed with a very sore bottom.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushClare Fonda 5 Sites PassMadison and Kay Both Get SpankedKay and Madison both appear in this special long episode 300, both getting hard spankings at the same time, calling each other and talking on the phone while they both explain that while they are no longer roommates, they both still get spanked for having rent issues these past ten years.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkpaddleFirm Hand SpankingFHS Classics - Michaela Mcgowen In Her Blue Jeans Feels The StrapThere are some pleasures that are truly special, and the sight of Michaela McGowen's tight jeans and white cotton panties being peeled down for a strapping is one of them! She endures a butt-bouncing licking to remember from Earl Grey as he takes issue with her work as a promotions executive.jeans spankingspankingm/fstrapAssume The Position StudiosSwipe Right Spank Slut - Stripped To Her Thong OtkTopless across his lap, he paddles the seat of her shorts before pulling them off, leaving her in only her thong. Her pert little bottom is warm under his hand, crashing down hard and fast. Her cheeks jiggle, her pretty face a picture of erotic surrender as she gets what she craves most.jeans spankingspankingm/fotkwooden paddleGirls Boarding SchoolA messy bedroomAt some point even the most patient Headmaster just boils over, taking more serious and more effective measures. Vanessa experiencing Headmaster Tom's indignation firsthand in this movie, a severe spanking with the belt, with grave consequences for her buttocks.jeans spankingspankingm/fleather beltbelt spankingsevereClare Fonda 5 Sites PassCreepy Doll SpankingIt is a little bit funny, a little bit scary and very painful. New girl Nikki Sweet becomes the new roommate to Clare Fonda, who has creepy dolls on her wall. When Nikki insults the dolls, crazy Clare puts Nikki over her knee for a spanking that turns that sexy bottom bright red.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushMore Free Galleries at AAA PreviewsFirm Hand SpankingSenior Kylee Anders Is Sent To The Principal's Office For The Board Of Education'I totally dread the paddle,' admits beautiful Kylee Anders after shooting The Principal's Office. 'It made me cry on camera!' Caught giving test answers to other students, she gets 12 swats from Principal Stockton on tight denim shorts burning her pert behind just four days before graduation.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleSpanking 101 VideosFour Girls, Thirty-Two Swats, Four SpankingsNaughty schoolgirls Ava Nyx, Cleo Divine, Nuna Starks, and Key Winds are in serious trouble with Principal Tubaman and their bottoms are going to pay dearly. They bend over side-by-side as he blisters their miscreant behinds with a plywood Spencer Paddle.jeans spankingspankingm/fblack girls spankinggroup punishmentwooden paddleMomma SpankingsOpal Spanked Diapered And Mouth SoapedOpal is taken over the maternal lap for a spanking. She is spanked over her tight jeans, then over her panties and finally on the bare bottom. Next, Opal is taken up the stairs for the next parts of her punishment. Mommy humiliates Opal by putting her into a diaper, followed by a mouth soaping.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkleather paddlediapersmouth soapingspanked and diaperedageplayabdlFirm Hand SpankingFHS Classics - Final Penalty For Stacy Stockton's Spending SpreeIt's the paddle for blue-eyed beauty Stacy Stockton, the ultimate penalty in a Domestic Discipline finale. Stacy buys clothes instead of paying off her credit card and offers to take a paddling from husband Jonny. Will a dozen stinging swats make a difference?jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleAAA SpankingOld Fashioned Historic SpankingAva is spanked over her revealing, shorts which offer little resistance to the hard hand of her tutor, and she faces the embarrassment of having to pull them down. Ava wriggles and squirms as her bottom quickly reddens until her cheeks are given a thorough hand spanking on the bare.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushAsian Hand SpankingDirty Auntie Part IMaria's pretty ass is driving her aunt Hiroko crazy. When Maria comes home drunk one night, Hiroko takes the chance to give that young bottom a sound thrashing!jeans spankingspankingf/fotkasianMore Free Galleries at the SpankingXSpanking 101 VideosKiki's Outfits Spankings - Part 1+2Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party. Cute-as-a-button Kiki Cali gets her pert bottom spanked 8 times, and just in case she isn't sore enough, she also gets paddled another 8 times! Add to that some embarrassing corner time, and a great time is had by all. Well. maybe not by Kiki...jeans spankingspankingm/fotkwooden paddleFirm Hand SpankingSimple Choice: Lose Your Job Or Have Your Ass Spanked With A Wooden Hairbrush!Bootylicious Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens have a simple choice after they decide that spa owner Earl Grey is not busting their asses any more in Spa Rules. They admitted fraud but spankings are over - except if they don't accept the discipline, they lose their jobs!jeans spankingspankingm/fotkhairbrushClare Fonda 5 Sites PassKimberly Brix SpankingKimberly Brix is a young cutie with a curvy bottom who was spanked by her mom (played by Clare) a few times while growing up. Kimberly gives a very candid interview with some sizzling re-enactments that left her bottom 'hurting to sit down' as she explains in her post shoot interview.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkClare Fonda 5 Sites PassMadison Spanks Stevie OutsideMadison has some leverage against the woman who recently spanked her. So right there in the backyard, not far from the pool, Madison puts Stevie over her knee for a very sound spanking and paddling and Stevie has the added embarrassment of the neighbors hearing her punishment.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkwooden paddleoutdoor punishmentSarah Gregory SpankingBabysitter PunishedWitness Chrissy's pert, tight bare bottom turning red from the hard hand of her employer as she is spanked like a naughty girl over Anna's lap. This film also features spankings over jeans, cotton panties, with lots of leg kicking from the beautiful Chrissy Marie.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkslipperClare Fonda 5 Sites PassSpanking Adriana EvansAdriana Evans was not really spanked growing up, but in her riveting interview, she talks about how she got into the fetish and spanking scene and about one time she was disciplined - and we make this discipline a sound spanking from her mom (played by Clare Fonda) in our re-enactment.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkbath brushMore Free Galleries at Spanked & DiaperedAssume The Position StudiosSpankers Dream - Stevie Paddled In JeansStevie is the perfect spankers dream. Petit, curvy, round, juicy bottom just begging for some firm attention. Her pretty curves are showcased in very tight jeans, bent over the bed, presented for a good hard paddling. Her cries are music to your ears as the big paddle cracks across the tight denim.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleClare Fonda 5 Sites PassSpanking At The PoolWolfie is the pool cleaner who is being hassled by spoiled rich girl Apricot Pitts. You might think Apricot is the one who deserves a spanking, but it is Wolfie who gets a long, painful spanking right outside by the pool, where the neighbors can all hear her embarrassing punishment.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkbath brushoutdoor punishmentReal SpankingsReal Spankings - Exclusive Updates - Part 21No description available yet. Enter gallery for preview and more details about this production.jeans spankingspankingm/ff/fotkstrapsevereAAA SpankingBrewing Up TroubleHe gave her a spanking that made her bare bottom sore and she knew she had to take this hard spanking for her obvious deception and lack of respect toward her trusting landlord!jeans spankingspankingm/fotktattoosClare Fonda 5 Sites PassSpanking Esperanza Del HornoEsperanza Del Horno is a cute young adult star with a nice curvy bottom who is interviewed about her spanking experiences. She was only spanked once growing up, but was often told stories about school spankings her grandma received and we re-enact one of those with Clare Fonda as the teacher.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkFirm Hand SpankingAn Indiscreet Media Interview Costs Amelia 12 Whacks With A Wooden PaddleJeans-clad bottom pushed out, Amelia Rutherford reluctantly bends over Mr Johnson's desk to be punished for an indiscreet interview with the US media. An American school paddle is an appropriate implement to spank Amelia's jutting bottom, as he delivers 12 eye-watering swats on tight denim.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleMore Free Previews at 100 Free Caning GalleriesSpanking 101 Videos101 Spanking - Stevie Rose OTKSexy cowgirl Stevie Rose gets an ass-scalding spanking from hard-handed Paul Tubaman. Pure fast and continuous spanking action across Stevie's tight jeans shorts that provide only little protection against the stinging pain.jeans spankingspankingm/fotkSpanked At HomeJust A ReminderAmy is packed and ready to return home to the UK - her time spent living in the home of Maggy and Alex is now over. Alex wants to make sure she has learned how to be a good girl, so he puts her over his knee for a last hand spanking.jeans spankingspankingm/fotkDon't forget to bookmark this page. We are updating regularly.
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