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Girls spanked on Jeans

Welcome to our video collection of naughty girls who get spanked, paddled and caned on their skintight jeans. Don't forget to bookmark this page. We are adding new galleries and video links regularly.
Jun 22Clare Fonda 5 Sites PassLexi Spanked For GraffitiSnow Mercy marches Lexi Holland into her office by her ear, where she lectures Lexi and then gives her a sound spanking over her knee, first with her hand, then using a painful wooden ruler. Her bottom turns red and it hurts her so much that Lexi has trouble sitting for days after this spanking.jeans spankingspankingotkwooden rulerear pullingff spankingAAA SpankingAnother 24 For AmyAmy Fox agrees to take another 24 stroke cold caning over the spanking bench with a never before used thick rattan Malaysian cane. This is not a judicial caning but the strokes given to her are as hard as if this were an actual punishment.jeans spankingspankingcaningseveremf spankingReal SpankingsReal Spankings Classics - Nina's Second Phone Infractionjeans spankingspankingseverewooden paddlemf spankingSarah Gregory SpankingCheating Daughter In Law SpankedAfter a stern talk, Samantha will show Gena just how disciplinary matters are dealt with. How embarrassing to be taken over the lap like a naughty little girl. Gena is spanked over the knee and squirms and kicks. Her bottom turns a deep shade of crimson but that is not the end of the spanking.jeans spankingspankingotkleather paddleff spankingPunished BratsPunished Brats Classics - Lorraine SpecialLorraine wasn't expecting her mom to be home early. And Veronica certainly wasn't expecting her daughter to be home during the school day! Lorraine is full of promises to behave better from now on, but this doesn't protect her from a well deserved spanking punishment.jeans spankingspankingotkuniform spankingff spankingFirm Hand SpankingFHS Classics - Nicole Page - Sorority PaddlingPouty, doe-eyed Nicole Page is in trouble when her sorority sister confronts her about an illicit affair with her science professor. This moody little minx is going to feel the burn of the board across her denim-clad cheeks: severe swats which make her jump!jeans spankingspankingwooden paddleff spankingMore Free Galleries at Spanked GirlsClare Fonda 5 Sites PassSpanking Kim ChiKim Chi was spanked by her mom (played by Snow Mercy) growing up. We re-enact one of her spankings she got for wearing her mom's high heels without asking and then flashing some very poor attitude. Snow Mercy plays her mom. Fed up, Mom bends Kim over in the kitchen, using the dreaded wooden spoon.jeans spankingspankingwooden spoonasianasian spankingff spankingClare Fonda 5 Sites PassSpanking Esperanza Del HornoEsperanza Del Horno is a cute young adult star with a nice curvy bottom who is interviewed about her spanking experiences. She was only spanked once growing up, but was often told stories about school spankings her grandma received and we re-enact one of those with Clare Fonda as the teacher.jeans spankingspankingotkff spankingGirls Boarding SchoolSentenced to be canedHe gives her six strokes of the cane on her jeans covered bottom. 'Trousers down!' he barks at her, 'and get back in position'. The cane strikes her knickered bottom several times. When he pulls her knickers down, she protests, but is told to shut up.jeans spankingspankingcaningseveremf spankingClare Fonda 5 Sites PassSpanking Delilah DayDelilah Day is a beautiful, sexy porn star who is incredibly intelligent and thoughtful. Clare Fonda records an insightful interview with her, in which Delilah talks about spanking (she only got one spanking growing up but enjoys it now in her sex life). Clare does a role-play spanking as her mom.jeans spankingspankingotkff spankingMomma SpankingsBullying Has ConsequencesAlex has been bullying her friends at school and mom is not going to tolerate that kind of behavior. She takes her naughty girl over the lap for a hard hand spanking followed by the hairbrush. Alex kicks and squirms in pain but Mommy is prepared to teach her girl a lesson.jeans spankingspankingotkhairbrushff spankingClare Fonda 5 Sites PassNaughty Nanny Day TwoArielle Lane gets in trouble yet again from her nanny Star. When Star begins spanking her, Arielle reaches under her bed for something. Arielle gives Star a long spanking over her knee. She then shows Star all about her ideas of making out using her own special vibratorjeans spankingspankingotklesbianff spankingMore Free Galleries at AAA PreviewsAAA SpankingStevie Spanked For SmokingStevie knows what is coming, as the hand spankings over her tight jeans begin along with more withering put downs... it isn't long before she protests as her panties are pulled down for a proper over the knee, bare bottom hand spanking.jeans spankingspankingotkff spankingSpanking 101 VideosMelody's Long Schoolday 2Sassy redhead Melody Nore has a very long schoolday. She gets the seat of her jeans scalded with a wooden paddle. Next, it's the slipper to the thin seat of her leggings. Finally, she misbehaves at the school dance and gets spanked hard, then bent over the desk, bottom-bared for a strapping.jeans spankingspankingotkstrapmf spankingFirm Hand Spanking16 Swats With A School Paddle Burns Amelia Rutherford's Perfect BootyDomestic discipline doesn't get any hotter than Getting to the Bottom of It. Amelia Rutherford wants to experience a genuine school paddling. Hubby Earl Grey is happy to set her perfect butt alight with 5 on jeans and 11 on her bare bottom. That stings!jeans spankingspankingwooden paddlemf spankingClare Fonda 5 Sites PassMissy Spanked By AuntClare catches Missy and shows her how she will be in for some serious behavior modification by giving her a long, sound spanking right by the front door. Clare turns that poor bottom bright red and sore and Missy will have trouble sitting for days.jeans spankingspankingotkff spankingMomma SpankingsOpal Spanked Diapered And Mouth SoapedOpal is taken over the maternal lap for a spanking. She is spanked over her tight jeans, then over her panties and finally on the bare bottom. Next, Opal is taken up the stairs for the next parts of her punishment. Mommy humiliates Opal by putting her into a diaper, followed by a mouth soaping.jeans spankingspankingotkleather paddlediapersmouth soapinghumiliationspanked and diaperedageplayabdlff spankingReal SpankingsReal Spankings - Exclusive Updates - Part 14jeans spankingspankingleather paddlestrapwooden paddlemf spankingff spankingMore Free Galleries at Spanking24Real SpankingsPeaches Caught Vaping - Punished With The Wooden Paddlejeans spankingspankingwooden paddlemf spankingClare Fonda 5 Sites PassMadison Spanks Stevie OutsideMadison has some leverage against the woman who recently spanked her. So right there in the backyard, not far from the pool, Madison puts Stevie over her knee for a very sound spanking and paddling and Stevie has the added embarrassment of the neighbors hearing her punishment.jeans spankingspankingotkwooden paddleoutdoor punishmentff spankingNorthern SpankingSurprise PackagePaul has been observing Harley's curvy bottom in her soft, tight jeggings for ages and now he's finally going to get to spank it. And not just once, but for as long as he feels like it. Humiliating and punishing Harley is going to become a weekly occurrence!jeans spankingspankingmf spankingSpanking 101 VideosRachel's Ping Pong PaddingsAdorable Rachel Adams bends over for a corporal punishment with the ping paddle over her tight jeans shorts. Wonderful front camera views. Watch and enjoy Rachel's facial expressions and see how her eyes are filling with tears.jeans spankingspankingping pong paddlemf spankingFirm Hand SpankingLyra Bryant reports to The Principal's Office for a paddling to rememberEvery student dreads reporting to The Principal's Office . 'When the director explained we were doing a school paddling scene, I was really nervous. It was almost real,' remembers Lyra Bryant.jeans spankingspankingwooden paddlemf spankingFirm Hand SpankingBelinda Lawson's Jutting Bottom Is Soundly Caned, Held On Helen's Back'I always dread the cane, it stings so bad even with jeans on,' said Belinda Lawson before her latest corporal punishment test at The Institute. Hoisted onto Helen Stephens' back, Belinda's jutting, round bottom is presented in skin-tight jeans for Earl Grey's cane.jeans spankingspankingcaningmf spankingMore Free Galleries at Spanked & DiaperedAssume The Position StudiosStevie Sneaks In Late - Disciplinary PaddlingAfter Veda is sent upstairs, punished for covering, Stevie finally shows up home. In a scandalous sheer top, her dad know she's been up to no good. With her hands on the wall, her bottom pushed out for a painful strapping as she is scolded. A hard paddling soon as her jumping in pain.jeans spankingspankingstrapwooden paddlemf spankingClare Fonda 5 Sites PassStrict Aunt Clare Spanks CocoAunt Clare does not approve of the skimpy shorts that Coco wears, along with many of her other life choices. This is so shocking and painful for Coco that she cries hard while getting spanked. Coco is left with a very sore red bottom that makes it hard for her to sit.jeans spankingspankingotkleather paddleff spankingSpanking 101 Videos3 Canings For Leia-Ann WoodsBeautiful Brit Leia-Ann Woods joins Tubaman in this class/demo on role play. First, the two experienced players negotiate the scene, then they reenact it. Naughty Leia-Ann gets a good, hard spanking and three consecutive canings.jeans spankingspankingcaningmf spankingGood Spanking StudiosCheater's CompensationLuci gets a long, hard and hot hand spanking. It starts over her tight little shorts, then progresses to her cute little panties and finally climaxes with a sound bare bottom spanking!jeans spankingspankingotkff spankingSpanking 101 VideosSarah's Jeans SpecialMy beautiful BabyGirl Sarah Gregory bought these skintight jeans and it just HAD to be done! So, in short order, she is spanked soundly, paddled with a mean leather paddle, then bent over for a paddling with a wooden paddle.jeans spankingspankingotkleather paddlestrapmf spankingSpanking 101 VideosPaddling Ariel - The VideoAdorable little Ariel Summers bends over for a hard paddling in her first Spanking 101 video. You get two views of the entire paddling.jeans spankingspankingwooden paddlemf spankingMore Free Galleries at Uniform SpankingFirm Hand SpankingBare Bottom Strapping For Pretty Brat Lola Sanders Has Her YellingAfter using the F word in Mr Friday's home, Lola Sanders is alarmed to be told to kneel on the sofa for a strapping - and what a strapping! First on little denim shorts, then on skimpy panties and finally on her bare bottom, Lola learns that a leather strap turns her butt cheeks crimson.jeans spankingspankingstrapmf spankingFirm Hand SpankingBent Over A Chair In Skin Tight Jeans, Then Bare Bottom, Helen Braves The Yard StickMaking recommendations on corporal punishment needs research, which is how pretty Helen Stephens finds herself bent over a chair in Earl Grey's office at The Institute, tight jeans stretched across her pert bottom. See it all captured with Reaction Cam and in butt-rippling slow-motion!jeans spankingspankingyardstickmf spankingAAA SpankingCurious Cleo Gets Spanked - Images PreviewHow humiliating for Cleo that she was caught watching porn by her teachers and now her mom has been informed... Poor Cleo is scolded and informed that since she 'enjoyed' viewing spanking so much, then that is what she will get in person.jeans spankingspankingotkhairbrushblack girls spankingff spankingNorthern SpankingMy Duty As Your SisterDorothy has borrowed her sisters car and returned it seemingly with the residue of a fast food dinner strewn on the carpet and the seats. In this case a spanking across her sisters lap followed by the hairbrush on her bare bottom. Poor Dorothy, Alex is such a tyrant!jeans spankingspankingotkhairbrushff spankingSpanking 101 VideosKiki's Outfits Spankings - Part 1+2Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party. Cute-as-a-button Kiki Cali gets her pert bottom spanked 8 times, and just in case she isn't sore enough, she also gets paddled another 8 times! Add to that some embarrassing corner time, and a great time is had by all. Well. maybe not by Kiki...jeans spankingspankingotkwooden paddlemf spankingMomma SpankingsDacey Steals From MomDacey has once again stolen mom's clothes. Mom is very upset and gives her naughty daughter a stern talking to. Mommy spanks her over her tight yoga pants, and on her bare bottom as the skimpy thong doesn't offer any protection.jeans spankingspankingotkhairbrushff spankingMore Free Previews at 100 Free Caning GalleriesAsian Hand SpankingSeize the Moment - Part 1Eriko and Yurina have been sharing an apartment. Eriko has been hoping to get the chance to spank Yurina, and she might have found the opportunity.jeans spankingspankingotkff spankingAAA SpankingOld Fashioned Historic SpankingAva is spanked over her revealing, shorts which offer little resistance to the hard hand of her tutor, and she faces the embarrassment of having to pull them down. Ava wriggles and squirms as her bottom quickly reddens until her cheeks are given a thorough hand spanking on the bare.jeans spankingspankingotkhairbrushff spankingMarked Butts Domestic DisciplineLeatherfest 2017The very first Leatherfest is finally here! Poor Rose has volunteered her bottom for a variety of punishment at the Leatherfest event. Following a hard hand spanking, the stars are the classic leather strap, 3 Leather Belts, and a wooden paddle.jeans spankingspankingotkmf spankingSarah Gregory SpankingSlutty Sorority Girls SpankedZoe is appalled at the behavior of the two newest pledges, Adriana and Kiki. She spanks them both as the other girl must watch. Their punishment ends with a hard strapping as their bottoms are stuck out, touching the other, so the girls can feel the other receiving the stiff leather sorority strap.jeans spankingspankingotkstrapff spankingAssume The Position StudiosFamily Values - Skin Tight Jeans - Dani Belt Whipped And PaddledThe seat of her jeans is belt whipped harshly as she is scolded. Begging for mercy when he brandishes the family paddle. Burning swats even through the thin fabric of her jeans have her contrite in no time.jeans spankingspankingleather beltbelt spankingmf spankingSpanked Cutie PremiumSevere and painful caning for pretty girl in the back yardSevere and painful caning for pretty girl in the back yardjeans spankingspankingcaningsevereoutdoor punishmentff spankingFree Spanking & Caning FilmsSarah Gregory SpankingBabysitter PunishedWitness Chrissy's pert, tight bare bottom turning red from the hard hand of her employer as she is spanked like a naughty girl over Anna's lap. This film also features spankings over jeans, cotton panties, with lots of leg kicking from the beautiful Chrissy Marie.jeans spankingspankingotkslipperff spankingEnglish SpankersAnother Spanking VirginOnce again we find for you a total spanking virgin, never been over the knee before. Meet Meg. Once she was over Sarah's knee getting her bare bottom warmed we thought she might have seconds thoughts, but no, she did go through with the whole shoot and boy did her bottom turn bright red.jeans spankingspankingotkenglish disciplineff spankingSpanked At HomeWelcome NadineWhile having to wait at a traffic light - a naughty girl grabs his purse with a lot of money, steps off the car and running away. Fortunately, Alex is running faster and gets the girl. Instead of going to the police, she agrees to get a severe spanking for this incident.jeans spankingspankingotkmf spankingAAA SpankingTrashy Freshman's SpankingAngelica has a serious attitude, feeling entitled and selfish and this pushes the officer to take things into his hands the old fashioned way, with a spanking! Angelica is shocked but worse is to come as her panties are pulled down as Angelica is hand spanked harder across her bare sore bottom.jeans spankingspankingotkstrapmf spankingAssume The Position StudiosSummer Vacation Spanking - Paddle And Belt On JeansHer voluptuous cheeks bounce under his hand and paddle, beginning to moan from the first solid swats. A brutal drilled paddle forces whimpers out of her as he brings in down hard on her sit spots repeatedly. She is ordered over the edge of the bed for a healthy dose of his belt.jeans spankingspankingleather beltwooden paddlemf spankingClare Fonda 5 Sites PassKimberly Brix SpankingKimberly Brix is a young cutie with a curvy bottom who was spanked by her mom (played by Clare) a few times while growing up. Kimberly gives a very candid interview with some sizzling re-enactments that left her bottom 'hurting to sit down' as she explains in her post shoot interview.jeans spankingspankingotkff spankingMore Free Galleries at the SpankingXSpanking 101 VideosKitty's Long Schoolday - Jeans SpankingLeggy Kitty Theory is in very big trouble! After years if being a novel student, in her senior year she has decided it is OK to act up at school. Kitty's parents and Principal Tubaman decide it is time for some serious attitude adjustment, and poor Kitty's bottom pays the price!jeans spankingspankingotkwooden paddlemf spankingClare Fonda 5 Sites PassSpanked Sweeties - Spanking Kyra FoxThis is a follow-up to the Maddy Marks sweeties that was a role play, so no interview in this one. Maddy got spanked by her mom for something Kyra Fox put her up to, so now she gets revenge by spanking her real-life friend with hand and a leather paddle. A very sound spanking!jeans spankingspankingotkleather paddleff spankingDon't forget to bookmark this page. We are updating regularly.
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