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Girls spanked on Jeans

Welcome to our video collection of naughty girls who get spanked, paddled and caned on their skintight jeans. Don't forget to bookmark this page. We are adding new galleries and video links regularly.
Spanked Sweeties - Abbie MaleyAbbie Maley is a rising porn star who was not typically spanked growing up, but she did recall a couple of times that her mom spanked her, once with a hairbrush, which we re-create with Clare Fonda playing her mom. Abbie gives a great interview and her bubble butt turned quite red.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushReal Spankings - Exclusive Updates - Part 21High Quality Photo previews from Real Spankings, one of the biggest membership sites for corporal punishment videos and photo series. Join Real Spankings today and enjoy a massive amount of more than 10,000 video files and more than 100,000 high quality photos, for a low price of only $21.95.jeans spankingspankingm/ff/fotkstrapsevereLily James Volunteers For A Spanking With A School Paddle - And It's A Doozy!In this video of her series, sassy Lily James surprises Discipline Counselor John Friday by requesting punishment: 'Misbehavior calls for firm action, sir!' She's brought a school paddle. Mr Friday is impressed: 'Are you sure you can take it?' Her response is: 'Are you sure you can deliver it?'jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleChrissy Marie - The Definition Of Naughty - Part 1 + 2Coming home to find Chrissy Marie in a sheer white crop top and skin tight jeans, she is pulled over his lap for a well deserved spanking. His big and alternates from cheek to cheek, smacking loudly on her skin tight denim. Soon her pants are pulled down to give him full access for punishment.jeans spankingspankingm/fotkleather paddlewheelbarrow spankingSpanking Blair WilliamsPorn superstar Blair Williams talks about her spanking experiences. She was not spanked growing up, but did appreciate swats, more so as an adult who grew to enjoy a swat to the butt during sex. She also shares her views on sex.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkA messy bedroomAt some point even the most patient Headmaster just boils over, taking more serious and more effective measures. Vanessa experiencing Headmaster Tom's indignation firsthand in this movie, a severe spanking with the belt, with grave consequences for her buttocks.jeans spankingspankingm/fleather beltbelt spankingsevereFree Spanking & Caning FilmsToo Late for SorryShe takes her over her lap for a very well deserved spanking. Mommy spanks Apricot over her tight shorts, then over her panties and of course on the bare bottom. She doesn't just use her hand, but also the wooden hairbrush. This makes Apricot kick her legs and cry in pain.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushBrewing Up TroubleHe gave her a spanking that made her bare bottom sore and she knew she had to take this hard spanking for her obvious deception and lack of respect toward her trusting landlord!jeans spankingspankingm/fotktattoosSpanked Sweeties - Spanking Kyra FoxThis is a follow-up to the Maddy Marks sweeties that was a role play, so no interview in this one. Maddy got spanked by her mom for something Kyra Fox put her up to, so now she gets revenge by spanking her real-life friend with hand and a leather paddle. A very sound spanking!jeans spankingspankingf/fotkleather paddleGoing back homeTaking advantage of her time off, Manami decides to go back home. However, she receives an OTK spanking from her angry mother who comes across her poor marks and finds her behavior unacceptable.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkasianBent Over For The BrushI have something of a love-hate relationship with the clothes brush. The pain of it can make me squirm and howl, but all the time there are those lovely feelings of helplessness, and the slow burn of arousal that grows with every heavy thump on my poor thighs and bottom.jeans spankingspankinghairbrushTight Jeans, Hot Cheerleader And A School Paddle: Lisa In The Principal's OfficeThe long wooden paddle is still used for real in many Southern high schools in the USA. When missing lacrosse trophies are found in Lisa Langley's locker she has no option but to stick out her bouncing booty for 10 swats.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleMore Free Galleries at Uniform SpankingBig assed naked blonde caned and ashamed in the kitchen - deep purple stripesBig assed naked blonde caned and ashamed in the kitchen - deep purple stripesjeans spankingspankingm/fcaningYoung Rebel MecelaMecela is just a usual young youngster, she dresses how she wants and she does what she wants. This will not be tolerated and she finds herself over her guardian's knees being spanked on her tight denim shorts.jeans spankingspankingm/fotk3 Canings For Leia-Ann WoodsBeautiful Brit Leia-Ann Woods joins Tubaman in this class/demo on role play. First, the two experienced players negotiate the scene, then they reenact it. Naughty Leia-Ann gets a good, hard spanking and three consecutive canings.jeans spankingspankingm/fcaningSpanking irisIris is a professional switch who works in an LA dungeon. She and her sister were both spanked growing up and Iris tells us all about her experiences. This tall, sexy lady then re-enacts a spanking in which her mom (played by pro domme Mistress Gloria) spanks her with hand and shoe.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkslipperSlutty Sorority Girls SpankedZoe is appalled at the behavior of the two newest pledges, Adriana and Kiki. She spanks them both as the other girl must watch. Their punishment ends with a hard strapping as their bottoms are stuck out, touching the other, so the girls can feel the other receiving the stiff leather sorority strap.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkstrapTake Your Beating Or Your'e Grounded! 18 Yr Old Stevie RoseBent over the edge of the bed, Dad's heavy leather belt whips down on Stevie Rose's cutoff jeans shorts. Whimpering, crying, her pretty face is a picture painful contrition. Scolding as she is belt whipped, Stevie almost wishes she had picked a grounding.jeans spankingspankingm/fleather beltbelt spankingFree Mouth Soaping PunishmentsThat 70's Spanking- Missed Curfew Paddling - 18 Yr Old Stevie Rose Bare Bottom PaddlingA painful decision to ignore her curfew lands poor Stevie in hot water. Bent over the bed for painful discipline with the big paddle till her bottom is throbbing. Crying out as each swat catches her pretty round bottom and the exposed flesh of her sit spots.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleWelcome New Model AmelieHaving a look at her bag, it's clear that she has stolen the key to burgle Alex's house. The girl gets the choice: either Alex is calling the police right away or she is getting a severe OTK spanking and even has to stay at Alex's house for the next three months to learn how to behave.jeans spankingspankingm/fTight jeans, hot cheerleader and a school paddle: Lisa Langley in The Principal's OfficeCoach Friday knows what to do when a varsity cheerleader steps out of line at his Texas high school: bring out the board! The long wooden paddle is still used for real in many Southern high schools in the USA. 'That paddle is a bitch and wearing skinny jeans to the shoot was dumb,' says Lisa.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleDani Daniels Spanks Kay in her KitchenDani needs to teach her to stay away from the booze and decides a sound spanking right there in the kitchen will do the trick. Dani turns Kay's bottom red and speckled with her hand, and a hard wooden spoon. Kay can't sit down after this spanking.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkwooden spoonValerie Bryant In The Principal's OfficeHere's our very own Sabrina Scott as Valerie Bryant in the classic Principal's Office series. We know what happens when students break the rules. Bend over the desk to present her jeans-clad bubble-butt for the board. 12 hard swats will teach Valerie not to start fights: check out the Reaction Cam!jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleAria Lennox - Real Punishment - The Wooden PaddleBeautiful Aria Lennox came to Paul Rogers asking for his services as a Disciplinarian. She is not a masochist. In fact, she hates pain and her punishments are actual deterrence. This is real discipline, no acting. In part 1 her bottom is getting to feel the wooden paddle.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddlebbwMore Free Previews at 100 Free Caning GalleriesStevie Spanked by MomShe takes Stevie over her knee for a very hard hand spanking, this for stealing. She then makes Stevie ask for the hairbrush, this she will get for lying. As mom's arm goes up and brings down the wooden hairbrush hard, Stevie begs and promises to be a good girl from now on.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushSpanking Lux LivesLux Lives is a very tall (over 6 feet) fetish model who was spanked some by her mom growing up. Mom liked to use the belt. She is interviewed by Julie Simone, who then plays her mom for a scene in which a defiant Lux is bent over the kitchen counter for a spanking with hand and the belt.jeans spankingspankingf/fleather beltbelt spankingBelinda Lawson's Jutting Bottom Is Soundly Caned, Held On Helen's Back'I always dread the cane, it stings so bad even with jeans on,' said Belinda Lawson before her latest corporal punishment test at The Institute. Hoisted onto Helen Stephens' back, Belinda's jutting, round bottom is presented in skin-tight jeans for Earl Grey's cane.jeans spankingspankingm/fcaningDacey Steals From MomDacey has once again stolen mom's clothes. Mom is very upset and gives her naughty daughter a stern talking to. Mommy spanks her over her tight yoga pants, and on her bare bottom as the skimpy thong doesn't offer any protection.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushSeries Finale Caning For Alison Miller Has Her Jumping And TwistingAlison Miller takes a bare bottom caning finale in Secretarial Challenge. Her professional relationship with Mr Friday has always been stormy, but Alison knows when he gets out the cane that she has no option but to accept a painful punishment across her barely protected, then totally bare bottom.jeans spankingspankingm/fcaningThe Making Of A Young LadySlutty shorts on young ladies do not go down well with the committee. They do however come down very nicely as Kelley takes her stroppy, argumentative stepdaughter across her lap for a good spanking, followed by the hairbrush.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushMore Free Galleries at Spanked GirlsLelu Learns Her LessonSarah is going to teach this naughty girl a lesson by taking her over her lap for a good old fashioned spanking. Pretty Lelu is amused and a little confused at first but when the spankings continue from over her tight sexy shorts to the slutty panties... she realizes Sarah is serious!jeans spankingspankingf/fotkTrashy Freshman's SpankingAngelica has a serious attitude, feeling entitled and selfish and this pushes the officer to take things into his hands the old fashioned way, with a spanking! Angelica is shocked but worse is to come as her panties are pulled down as Angelica is hand spanked harder across her bare sore bottom.jeans spankingspankingm/fotkstrapAnother Spanking VirginOnce again we find for you a total spanking virgin, never been over the knee before. Meet Meg. Once she was over Sarah's knee getting her bare bottom warmed we thought she might have seconds thoughts, but no, she did go through with the whole shoot and boy did her bottom turn bright red.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkSentenced to be canedHe gives her six strokes of the cane on her jeans covered bottom. 'Trousers down!' he barks at her, 'and get back in position'. The cane strikes her knickered bottom several times. When he pulls her knickers down, she protests, but is told to shut up.jeans spankingspankingm/fcaningsevereKiki Spanked and Caned at SchoolKiki reluctantly bends over his desk and takes down her shorts for a hard hand spanking over her panties. Next it is right to the bare bottom for an even harder spanking before she gets the cane across her very red very sore bottom. She has learned this lesson the hard way.jeans spankingspankingm/fcaningProtective Older SisterAn older sister is worried about her younger sister getting bullied at school. The older sister finds out where the bully lives and decides to confront her.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkasianMore Free Galleries at Spanking24The ComplaintsVeronica is the manager of a hotel where Clare has been partying hard. After receiving complaints, Veronica takes matters into her own hands by giving Clare a very sound bare bottom spanking. But when Clare finds something to hold against Veronica, she returns the favor and gives her a spanking too.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkpantyhoseStepmother Spanks ApricotApricot is given a good hard spanking on her tight shorts, thin panties, and finally on the bare bottom from stepmommy dearest. Her punishment ends with the hairbrush. Apricot is one sorry and sore contrite girl.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushTrixie Otk Paddling - Bare Bruised Bouncing BottomThe swats fall hard and fast covering every inch of her juicy bottom. Her mascara is a mess and she begins to sob. Her punished cheeks are massaged with soothing oil as she is given a moment to collect herself for the worst yet to come.jeans spankingspankingm/fwooden paddleScorching Ava's JeansBeautiful but bratty Ava Nyx gets it good from real life Daddy Tubaman, who warms the seat of her tight jeans, first by hand over his knee, a furious OTK Spanking, then making her bend over for a painful wooden paddle spanking.jeans spankingspankingm/fotkwooden paddleDisruptive Destiny's School DisciplineMr. Stamp is new and was brought in from England as the British way of discipline is much more effective the school has been told. Destiny is first bent over the headmaster's desk and spanked by her teacher while being told to look into the eyes of Mr. Stamp. This adds to the humiliation.jeans spankingspankingm/ff/fcaningblack girls spankingGirlfriend BattleAmelea is Christina's girlfriend and Angela has been messing around with Amelea. Christina puts Angela over her knee to teach her a lesson with a sound spanking. But their is some strange attraction and they end up kissing. Which then gives Angela her opportunity to give Christina a spanking.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkMore Free Galleries at AAA PreviewsJohannas Attitude 1He lectures the girl sternly and tells her he is going to blister her little bare ass with a handspanking and then they will film the fun videos to put her attitude in check. She is then made to stand and pull DOWN her short little shorts, exposing her bright blue panties and deep red thighs.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkSpanking Delilah DayDelilah Day is a beautiful, sexy porn star who is incredibly intelligent and thoughtful. Clare Fonda records an insightful interview with her, in which Delilah talks about spanking (she only got one spanking growing up but enjoys it now in her sex life). Clare does a role-play spanking as her mom.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkDisrespect Earns Pretty Abigail Harding A Spanking With A Leather PaddleLying flat on an office desk, Abigail Harding has time to reflect on her disrespect of an important client of The Estate. The sight of a leather paddle in Mr Johnson's hand makes her nervous - with good reason as he starts to apply it to her bottom!jeans spankingspankingm/fleather paddleFour Girls, Thirty-Two Swats, Four SpankingsNaughty schoolgirls Ava Nyx, Cleo Divine, Nuna Starks, and Key Winds are in serious trouble with Principal Tubaman and their bottoms are going to pay dearly. They bend over side-by-side as he blisters their miscreant behinds with a plywood Spencer Paddle.jeans spankingspankingm/fblack girls spankinggroup punishmentwooden paddleDiscipline Auditions: KendraThe SEXY LITTLE Kendra starts in tight shorts and a loose little shirt, and proceeds to strip BUTT NAKED as she is spanked in various positions of HER CHOOSING with implements she wants to try out for the FIRST TIME on her PERT little BARE BOTTOM!jeans spankingspankingm/fotkslipperQuinn's Attitude AdjustmentMom has never spanked before, but decides that the time has come to take her naughty misbehaving ungrateful daughter over her knee for a much deserved spanking with hand and brush. It is not long before Quinn is promising to change and to be a good girl.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushMore Free Galleries at Spanked & DiaperedMother Knows BestMommy knows the divorce was hard on her but that is no excuse for her daughter's behavior. It is right over mom's lap for a hard hand spanking followed by the wooden hairbrush. Cassy kicks and yelps in pain, but learns the lesson she needs to learn.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkhairbrushSpanking At The PoolWolfie is the pool cleaner who is being hassled by spoiled rich girl Apricot Pitts. You might think Apricot is the one who deserves a spanking, but it is Wolfie who gets a long, painful spanking right outside by the pool, where the neighbors can all hear her embarrassing punishment.jeans spankingspankingf/fotkbath brushoutdoor punishmentDon't forget to bookmark this page. We are updating regularly.
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