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Public Punishments of Disobedient Girls

Imagine the shock of the young ladies when they realize that their next corporal punishment will take place in public. A sound spanking outdoors under the open sky! They are instructed to take oneself outside and wait for the procedure to begin. In the woods, in the garden, the playground or even the dooryard at a busy street. With no further discussion they get their trousers and panties pulled down right there in public for a thorough spanking on their bare bottoms. All this under the eyes of friends, neighbors and walkers. Some of them even take videos with their cellphones! That’s so humiliating! But the girls clearly understand and have to accept that a public spanking is a proven and effective way to learn their lesson and become a better girl soon.
Outdoor DetentionFaerie Willow and cheeky Miss Portia are 2 poorly behaved young ladies at St. Dunstans Catholic School. After a scolding and a long hand spanking, they both receive very hard strokes of the cane which had both girls yelping and feeling very sorry for themselves!outdoor punishmentspankingf/fcaningleather paddleCarmen Spanked In PoolNew girl Carmen was supposed to invite the clients over for a big money pool party today. But she made the mistake of inviting them on the wrong day. Dria is furious. She puts Carmen over her knee right in the pool and gives her a painful wet bottom spanking. Carmen is left rubbing her sore bottom.outdoor punishmentspankingf/fotkhairbrushViolet Spanked For Data MisuseThe brat's continuing sass earns her a bare bottom spanking to ensure she really does learn her lesson and you'll see Violet's bottom turn a beautiful glowing red in our first film featuring this awesome young lady... it also happened to be her first ever time spanked outdoors!outdoor punishmentspankingm/fotkuniformcheerleaderFHS Classics - A Leather Paddle For Bare-Bottomed Princess Amelia's Sound SpankingAmelia Rutherford realises that protesting about Royal disciplinarian Philip Johnson's spankings is pointless. Her bottom has to pay the penalty for her behavior The loud crack of leather on Amelia's thin panties and bare bottom in the garden could attract unwanted interest in Princess Punishment!outdoor punishmentspankingm/fleather paddleSurprised in the Garden at Dreams of SpankingThomas fetches a birch and together, he and Michael prepare a sexy surprise for their naked submissive. Pandora Blake loves being naked outdoors. Enjoying the privacy of her garden, she takes off her white sundress and continues to work in the nude.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fbirchA Beer in the SunNow she is told to lie face down on the bed and he goes onto using a carpet beater. Her beautiful shapely bottom is turned from a creamy white to a blazing red. Finally he advises her to take the last five strokes without fuss, and it will be all over.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fcryingtearscarpet beaterFree Spanking & Caning FilmsPussy Welts - Severe Pussy And Tits Outdoor WhippingNo description available yet. Enter gallery for preview and more details about this production.outdoor punishmentbdsmwhippingpussy whippingSpanked on her firm ripe buttocks otk - teen girl's camping trip ends in tearsSpanked on her firm ripe buttocks otk - teen girl's camping trip ends in tearsoutdoor punishmentspankingm/fotkOutdoor caning for buxom blonde - hot stripes and weltsOutdoor caning for buxom blonde - hot stripes and weltsoutdoor punishmentspankingm/ff/fcaningNo EscapeRosaleen is outside playing in another's yard, being caught trespassing she is put over the knee and gets a good hand spanking as she tries to apologize but it's too late!outdoor punishmentspankingf/fotkLucy Meets Her Match - HQ Photos PreviewLucy's humiliation is complete when her dirty, muddy sneaker (called a 'trainer' in the UK) is used to whack her bare bottom. This is painful and feels very dirty to Lucy, a double whammy of shame and embarrassment.outdoor punishmentspankingf/funiformThe Prank Mistake Feat. Kyle Johnson And MarieA furious and humiliated Kyle takes Marie by the back of the neck, leads her off the trail and puts her over his knee where any passerby hikers can see her getting her bottom soundly spanked.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fotkMore Free Galleries at AAA PreviewsSurprise strapping for future princess Amelia Rutherford, royal buttocks bareAmelia Rutherford isn't expecting a visit from Royal disciplinarian Philip Johnson as she works on her laptop in the garden. Due to marry a prince, she first needs to be taught some traditional values with a leather strap applied across her bare bottom! Classic arse tanning!outdoor punishmentspankingm/fleather paddleA Good Leathering For Naughty Ivy BoundThere is only one way to deal with a girl who tries to seduce all the people around her, including the gardener. It's time for some stern measures. It's time to give her bare bottom a good leathering. All her clothes are removed and she gets it in a variety of painful positions.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fstraptattoosIvy And The Land LadyShe is all for throwing Ivy and her dogs out on the street but is eventually persuaded to give another form of punishment. Ivy agrees to take a hard strapping on the bare bottom, she has little choice and is bent over the table in her garden and paddled and strapped till her bottom is bright redoutdoor punishmentspankingf/fstrapMommy's Spoiled Brat Spanked In JodhpursHelen is spanked over her jodhpurs but worse is to come as Mommy requires that her daughter gets an old fashioned spanking punishment on the bare bottom. Her quivering, exposed bottom is spanked over Mommy's lap and then given the riding crop with the full force of a caning!outdoor punishmentspankingf/fotkriding cropjodhpursBare bottom slippering for Belinda Lawson, lying over a trestle in a gardenWhat WOULD the gardener think if he saw stunning Belinda Lawson bare bottomed and topless over a punishment frame in the open air while a stinging slipper is applied to her bouncing buttocks in Marks Out of Ten? She's cut two training sessions so Captain Johnson spanks her.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fslipperA leather paddle for bare-bottomed princess Amelia's sound spankingAmelia Rutherford realises that protesting about Royal disciplinarian Philip Johnson's spankings is pointless. Her bottom has to pay the penalty for her behavior and attitude before she marries Prince Jack.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fleather paddleFree Mouth Soaping PunishmentsMelanie Learns Her LessonSomething needs to be done! Coach Soria is far from impressed with Melanie and takes her over her knee for a humiliating, hard hand spanking with a leg lock... she then places her over the bench, bottom fully stuck out, for yet more stern discipline.outdoor punishmentspankingf/fotkuniformcheerleaderMadison's DareMadison and Johanna are bored and playing truth or dare while hanging out in the hills. They are talking about spankings they got and Johanna dares Madison to take her pants down and take a spanking like Johanna used to get when she got in trouble growing up.outdoor punishmentspankingf/fCrying Like Hell - No Mercy For Poor MadeleineNo description available yet. Enter gallery for preview and more details about this production.outdoor punishmentbdsmwhippingpussy whippingSkintight Jodhpurs And A Riding Crop: It's A Whipping For Gorgeous Lucy Lauren!The swish and crack of a riding crop across tight-stretched jodhpurs can be heard across the racing stables yard, as other grooms watch pretty blonde Lucy Lauren punished for taking out a valuable race horse. Zoe Page is fair but super strict when it comes to punishing her grooms.outdoor punishmentspankingf/friding cropuniformjodhpursSwing SpankingThe Headmaster comes out and catches her with her knickers down so he puts her over the knee for some more punishment! HeadMaster confronts Paige for bullying and spanking Kara so her bends her over the table and gives her a good hand spanking and strapping to teach her a lesson!outdoor punishmentspankingf/funiformPunished In The ParkWhen Red is caught smoking by 'The Parkie' he takes her to a public spot in the park for some good old-fashioned discipline, where everybody could see and hear it. Her shorts and slutty panties are pulled down for the punishment to count as he pulls out a heavy leather paddle.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fotkleather paddleMore Free Galleries at Spanking24Punished In The Woods - Heavy Bullwhipping Of A Helpless Blonde BeautyNo description available yet. Enter gallery for preview and more details about this production.outdoor punishmentbdsmwhippingBare bottom paddling for Helen Stephens after failing to achieve standardsOrdered to lift her dress and lie over a punishment trestle, Helen Stephens' thong leaves her cheeks totally bare for a stinging leather paddle. Capt Johnson is determined to raise standards and a spanking is his way in Marks Out of Ten.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fPainful Orgasm - Severe Pussy Strokes Make Her CumNo description available yet. Enter gallery for preview and more details about this production.outdoor punishmentbdsmwhippingpussy whippingOutdoor CaningWatching Television, rather than doing the yard work? No girl, NOT a good idea! Watch Vanessa bent over with her buttocks exposed, receiving a hard caning outdoor in the garden for her disobedience.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fcaningA Leather Strap Cracks Across Belinda Lawson's Bare Bottom In An English GardenIn a flower-filled sunny garden deep in the English countryside, a stunning blonde lies bare-bottomed across a wooden frame to be strapped. Belinda Lawson's Asking For It goes al fresco as she demands Earl Grey spanks her.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fstrapSpreadeagled on a frame, Lucy Lauren is soundly punished - Photos UpdateZoe Page spanks and whips Lucy Lauren's bare ass for taking a valuable race horse, so expect yelling and squirming as this pretty blonde is taught a severe lesson with a riding crop. Slow-motion replay shows just how effective a riding crop is on bare buttocks - not to mention Zoe's stinging hand!outdoor punishmentspankingf/friding cropMore Free Galleries at Uniform SpankingRock SaltTucking her red prison uniform into the back of her black knickers - he starts flogging her. She groans loudly after each stroke. However, she is still bad-mouthing him and even has the audacity to suggest that he enjoys this part of his job.outdoor punishmentspankingm/funiformwhippingprison spankingCries and tears of pain - big buxom bottom welted with a leather paddle - heavy bruisingCries and tears of pain - big buxom bottom welted with a leather paddle - heavy bruisingoutdoor punishmentspankingm/fleather paddleLost Map Woods SpankingsVeronica Ricci is hiking in the woods with Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark when she learns that they have lost the map. She spanks each girl until they overpower her and give her a spanking right there in the woods. Lots of red bottoms and no map.outdoor punishmentspankingf/fAn Old Fashioned Lumberjack Lickin'She is very rude to him, makes fun of his 'old fashioned' ways, and litters on his land. He grabs this american brat by the arm and drags her into his cabin to give her some good old fashioned discipline. Anyone who makes a mockery of him and his culture will get a very sore bottom.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fotkLuna's Outdoor PunishmentWhat a lazy, selfish girl Luna is, Mom declares... and she knows the only way that Luna learns is with a good spanking. In no time at all, she pulls the naughty girl right over her lap, right there in the garden for all to hear.outdoor punishmentspankingf/fotkMy First Cold CaningThe one thing I have never had is a cold caning. I was bent over in our garden in Spain and although I started off with a small covering from my panties Mr. Stern soon had me remove these and the rest of the strokes are given on the bare bottom.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fcaningMore Free Galleries at the SpankingXSquatters Rights - The CaningAfter her previous punishment with a hairbrush, I decide to give this little madam a real rough ride. She is soon in tears but that does not stop me from bending her naked body over the outdoors bed and thrashing her with a cane till she can't take any more.outdoor punishmentspankingf/fcaningNew Resident LouiseHe tells her to get over his knee. Using her watch, he's going to hand spank her for exactly three minutes. The next stage is the caning. At the end of the ten strokes, her poor bottom is looking very sore indeed.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fcaningGym MistressRosaleen made the fatal mistake of calling the Gym Mistress some dreadful names. Being over heard she was then put through her paces. On failing to complete a rudimentary run the Gym teacher hauled poor Rosaleen over her knee for a very public Spanking!outdoor punishmentspankingf/fotk4 Brazilian Girls PunishedThe girls are put over the knee for a good hand spanking before benign bent over the chair for a strapping they won't forget!outdoor punishmentspankingm/fotkstrapgroup punishmentNot so fun in the sunTheir bottoms are bared and tanned where the sun wouldn't normally reach, as their men use their hands to smack and spank those pale, perky cheeks a shameful red very quickly. The girls bottoms are now looking suitably punished and very sore.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fotkHarsh Whipping Of The Gogo BeautyFully nude exposed on the garden table, she is waiting to get her bottom whipped thoroughly, in front of her friends. An embarrassing lesson to become a better gogo dancer soon.outdoor punishmentbdsmwhippingMore Free Previews at 100 Free Caning GalleriesStreaming MadKyle is furious and drags Johanna down by the stream to bare her bottom and BEAT IT BRIGHT RED! However, unbeknownst to them, during the spanking, a homeless voyeur sneaks into the side of the screen and watches the entire proceedings unfold with nothing but GLEE on his face!outdoor punishmentspankingm/fCowering young girl caned severely on the bare - hot stripes and deep weltsCowering young girl caned severely on the bare - hot stripes and deep weltsoutdoor punishmentspankingf/fcaningSpanking in PrisonPrison Spanking Video Previews for: Strapped in the Woods. Caught with a Dildo, Part 1. The complete Bars & Stripes Collection at Spanked in Uniform.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fotkstrapuniformtawseprison spankingThere's No 'I' In TeamAnother 'missing' film reinstated - enjoy! Head cheerleader Aleesha is lazy completely lacking in motivation. Coach Leia Ann attempts to correct this situation by smacking her bottom. There is also a new import from the schools twin in Chicago... its made of wood!outdoor punishmentspankingf/fotkuniformwooden paddleSlippered on her bare bottom in the garden - teen cutie in tearsSlippered on her bare bottom in the garden - teen cutie in tearsoutdoor punishmentspankingm/fslipperPunished For Seducing The GardenerI don't like when Ivy is trying to distract my staff with her sleazy behavior and so she had to pay the price, I got her clothes off her and gave her a good hard spanking and switching out there over the gardener's wheelbarrow.outdoor punishmentspankingm/ftattoosswitchMore Free Galleries at Spanked GirlsSpanking in PrisonPrison Spanking Video Previews for: Missing a Parole Hearing. Refusing to eat, Part 2. Paddled in the Woods. The complete Bars & Stripes Collection at Spanked in Uniform.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fleather paddleuniformwooden paddlewhippingprison spankingEpisode 100: Lost in the WoodsThe sorority girls are lost in the woods and when it is determined that Veronica lost the map, Teacher Snow Mercy spanks her right there in the outdoors with the girls watching and assisting.outdoor punishmentspankingf/funiformCamp site caning for misbehaving girl with big sexy ass - swollen red buttocksCamp site caning for misbehaving girl with big sexy ass - swollen red buttocksoutdoor punishmentspankingm/fUnauthorized AccessNo description available yet. Enter gallery for preview and more details about this production.outdoor punishmentspankingm/frussian spankingLeather Shorts at Dreams of SpankingDressed in tiny leather shorts and knee-high leather boots, she teases Thomas Cameron until he has her bent over, against a wooden post for support, ready to be paddled out in the open.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fstrapNs Classics - Get Off My Prairie - Photo SetYoung Harley has a tendency towards exploring, and her habit of wandering around while daydreaming gets her into trouble once in a while. Having spotted her on his ground, Paul Kennedy came out immediately, equipped with a leather paddle for a proper bare bottom spanking, right there outdoors.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fpaddleMore Free Galleries at Spanked & DiaperedBare Bottom Spanking And Paddling For Blonde Hottie Lucy Lauren In The GardenWith a stunning figure and pert bubble butt, how could Mr Johnson resist an invitation to spank Lucy Lauren's bare bottom in Spanked in Uniform? It's a fantasy for Lucy, now she's living it with a long, hard spanking outside in his sunny garden.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fOutdoor Caning On The Hotel Terrace - Images PreviewAs a part of her punishment Monica was to work at the hotel but it soon turns out she is just lazy and does not intend to do anything. The hotel owner takes matters in hand and strips her naked on the terrace before giving her a prolonged cold caning.outdoor punishmentspankingf/fcaningClare Spanks Insurance Agent Outside and InsideClare Fonda is tired of how bad her real estate agent (Alexis Grace) is. She gets so frustrated she bends the sexy lady over her damaged car and gives her a sound spanking right in the yard, before marching her inside for a longer spanking over her knee.outdoor punishmentspankingf/fotkFully Nude Lying Over A Punishment Frame, Belinda Lawson Paddled And StrappedFans of Belinda Lawson will love that she pushes her limits in an all-nude Asking For It scene with Earl Grey. She turns up at his country home demanding a spanking and he adds more than she expected, naked in his garden.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fleather paddlestrapShe Was Pissing In My GardenI take great pride in the garden at my home in Spain but when dirty holiday makers come in the garden und piss everywhere they will find themselves in trouble. I caught this girl in the act and set out to teach her a real lesson.outdoor punishmentspankingf/fLucy's Spanking Continues, But Now Her Bottom Is Bare And Everyone Is Watching!Bent over a chair in a sunny English garden, stunning blonde groom Lucy Lauren is soundly spanked by Zoe Page, her strict manager. Already whipped on her jodhpurs, Lucy's bottom is bared in full view of male grooms in the stable yard for a high-speed, hard spanking.outdoor punishmentspankingf/fFree Spanking & Caning FilmsThe Swimming LessonEryn Rose asked, if she could come over to see me in Spain and if I would be strict with her and teach her to swim. In the pool I decided to give her my sort of lesson. A good spanking on a wet bottom, I find that nearly always works and this case was no exception.outdoor punishmentspankingf/fotkButt Shot HalloweenBella Bathory decides her roommate needs some discipline and punishment this Halloween. She gives Becca a sound spanking and even has her bend over for some hard whacks to her bottom with the BB gun.outdoor punishmentspankingf/fotkPretty girl in tears - searing cane strokes on her soft white buttocksPretty girl in tears - searing cane strokes on her soft white buttocksoutdoor punishmentspankingm/fcaningFantasy Fulfilled For Lucy Lauren As She's Soundly Spanked With Her Bottom BareLucy Lauren has a sense of adventure and explores her latest fantasy with Philip Johnson, craving a spanking in his garden in Spanked in Uniform! She discovers him reading a spanking magazine: he's old school and knows how to deliver a well-reddened bottom with his hand - or a wooden spanking stick.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fLazy girl sripped naked in the field and relentlessly caned on her very cute bottomLazy girl sripped naked in the field and relentlessly caned on her very cute bottomoutdoor punishmentspankingm/fcaningSquatters RightsI have been away from my home in Spain for a few days and when I return I find that my house has been taken over by a bunch of squatters. In no time one of them finds herself dragged down my garden, stripped naked and given a good hard beating with my hairbrush. And this is just for starters!outdoor punishmentspankingf/fhairbrushMore Free Galleries at AAA PreviewsStripped To A Thong, Spreadeagled On A Trestle, Lucy Lauren Feels The Riding Crop!Stripped to a thong, Lucy runs laps, does push-ups and star jumps before lying with her legs and arms spread wide for a spanking and whipping with a riding crop - outside in full view of other stable grooms! The punishment continues in Part Two, and it's ruthless!outdoor punishmentspankingf/friding cropGarden Thief AmeliaAmelia has snuck into her neighbor, John's, garden to steal some of his prized flowers. As she is picking them he comes upon her and scolds her. When a scolding isn't good enough, he takes this naughty thief over his knee for a spanking over her dress and then on the bare bottom.outdoor punishmentspankingm/fotkAnother Punishment For KaylethKayleth has to return to more sadism and punishment from the scary woman who seems to take the greatest pleasure from giving pain to her already sore bottom. What more can happen to her?outdoor punishmentspankingf/fleather paddleDouble Desert DisciplineHe places them side by side and takes turns giving short but SOUND hand-spanking segments to each girl as they giggle. Two bright red bottoms and lots of yelps and squirms take place in the beautiful California desert in this HIGHLY beautiful and artistic HARD SPANKING CLIP!outdoor punishmentspankingm/fDon't forget to bookmark this page. We are updating regularly.
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