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Self Spanking Punishments

You probably wonder why on earth a girl would spank herself? It doesn't seem to make sense? Think again. It does make sense! You would be surprised about how many ladies are practicing self spanking on a regular basis. The most common situation is when the girl feels guilty for something wrong or something bad she did. Maybe poor performance at work. Maybe an unfriendly word to a friend. Maybe spending too much money. Nobody is perfect but certain stupid mistakes just shouldn't happen. A corporal punishment must be the obvious consequence. But unfortunately, there's nobody around to give her the proper spanking she clearly deserves for her wrongdoing and misbehavior. So, self do, self have! Off to the bedroom, trousers down, panties down, and there she goes beating her own bare buttocks until she feels that she has sufficiently paid for her mistakes.
Justine's Self-SpankingBecause of being bored and horny at the same time, Justine decides to give herself a self-spanking. She starts with the wooden spoon and tries her best to get some marks on her bottom. However, she soon realises that it's not that easy to spank herself really hard and properly.self spankingspankingm/fInstructed: Kajira's Spanking & FiggingKajira is instructed on how to carry out her self-punishment. She is also given a thick looking piece of fresh ginger root that has been shaped like a foreboding buttplug to go inside her anus. It is so big that she struggles to take it. Extremely addictive viewing!self spankingspankingleather paddlefiggingI Need A SpankingIn this incredibly sexy self-spanking, a sexually frustrated Masie BEGS you for a spanking. She tells you exactly how she needs to be spanked, and to earn it, decides to act like a naughty little whore and take her clothes off.self spankingspankingstrapI need the painHeather has just gotten into the spanking scene and thinks she may try a bit of self spanking. She has a nice new leather paddle and does give her bottom a good whacking. Her husband comes home to find her at it and she asks him to take over.self spankingspankingm/fpaddleMom's SecretNoa finds her mother watching a spanking movie on the net and spanking herself in the bedroom. Watch what happens to the mother and the daughter next.self spankingspankingf/fasianSpanking RhapsodyA mother finds out that not only did her daughter steal money from her wallet, she has also skipped her piano lessons. The mother decides to give her a severe punishment.self spankingspankingf/fotkasianMore Free Previews at 100 Free Caning GalleriesHe Wouldn't Spank MePandora is disappointed after a lackluster date with an underwhelming top. She take matters into her own hands - literally - and finally she gets the spanking and juicy orgasm she so desperately.self spankingspankinghairbrushwooden rulerAroused DisciplinarianIf you've watched The Naughty Nanny you'll love what happens next… Pandora Blake gets so aroused spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford that she can't resist the urge to give herself a taste of the wooden ruler.self spankingspankingwooden rulerEquestrian Pleasures - Self PunishmentPandora has a moment's rest between clients, and she's got a shocking story to share with us while she takes her break. This lush film promises in its content note to feature 'lascivious behaviour with a leather saddle', and it certainly does not disappoint.self spankingspankingriding cropHousewife Meg Doing It HerselfLovely housewife Meg tells us what it is like to want to become a spanking model, she really likes the idea of modeling for films. She has had her first interview and is waiting to hear, if she will be successful and while she waits she decides to get some practice in.self spankingspankingpaddleSelf Spanking POVYui talks to you – You can spank me, or do you want me to spank you? POV spanking, followed by Yuko self-spanking her mature bottom.self spankingspankingasianSelf-Spanking Under PandemicAs coronavirus continues, it's very important to stay at home and help stop the spread. This film includes two episodes featuring two girls spanking themselves.self spankingspankingasiancorona virusFree Mouth Soaping PunishmentsOffice Slut Undressed For A Discipline SessionFrom unexpected undressing and soft slapping to really painful OTK spanking and pussy paddling! This boss knows very well how to restrain wild secretaries - watch his HD spanking maledom video if you don't believe the bare words!self spankingspankingm/fotksecretaryLily Spanks Herself Hard!Lily has 2 implements, a leather paddle and a hairbrush which she uses as well as her own hard hand. Watch her bottom turning red before your eyes as she relentlessly whacks her cheeks for your viewing pleasure. This spanking turns her on and she imagines that you are there with her.self spankingspankingleather paddlehairbrushThe Whip For A Bad ManagerOne mistake is forgivable, but what if a sales girl does mistakes every day? Watch Spanking Them boss gives a whipping lesson to the hairy slut, who prefers getting her ass thrashed to losing her job - her cries are so exciting!self spankingspankingm/fotkstrapwhippingsecretaryhumiliationI'd Better Do It Myself, Says Pandora BlakeNaughty sixth former Pandora Blake knows she's earned herself a punishment - but the Headmistress isn't in her office! Keen to avoid getting into even more trouble, she decides to take matters into her own hands...self spankingspankingslipperuniformwooden paddlewooden rulerHurting Behavior Correction For A Secretaryself spankingspankingm/fotkleather paddlestockingswhippingsecretaryhumiliationPandora's Spanking Confession To Her BossPandora's been fantasizing about her boss for as long as she's been working for him, but more and more she's realizing how those fantasies get in the way of her job. She decides to make her boss a video: one in which she finally lays herself bare, tells him everything, confesses her transgressions.self spankingspankingcaningstockingsstrapwooden rulerMore Free Galleries at Uniform SpankingJohanna Sullivan - The Shower SceneJohanna Sullivan steps into the shower and proceeds to blister her own butt under the water, as her naked body squirms and writhes as she hits herself as hard as she can til her bottom is bright crimson red and she is making herself squeal.self spankingspankingTeacher In Fishnets Punished With An Ass ThrashingHow to make a stupid teacher wear dress-code? Watch this office butt spanking movie where a principal gives a great slapping lesson to a glassed rule-breaker and then makes her paddle herself. Such a wrong dress never again, no doubt!self spankingspankingm/fbdsmstockingssecretaryhumiliationApologies with spankingRuka inflicted a trauma on another person by traffic accident. Her elder colleague Erika visits the victim with Ruka. Erika spanks Ruka for apology but the victim is not satisfied with it. This episode is portrayed from the viewpoint of the victim.self spankingspankingf/fasianMemories of SpankingIn this POV self- spanking film, wistful housewife Pandora Blake reads from her old diary, and shares memories of the embarrassment of the spankings she received as a schoolgirl.self spankingspankingDoing as she is toldHard and forcefully, but not too brutal as she hadn't done anything wrong here, this was not a punishment but a beautiful demonstration of their D/S relationship which they both kindly shared for us all on camera! He is a lucky man...self spankingspankingm/fotkhairbrushJayda's Self-SpankingIf you're a self-spanking fan, you're going to love this one. Jayda warms herself up beautifully before working through a fantastic collection of implements - a rubber spoon, hairbrushes and bath brushes, even a heavy paddle replete with holes for extra sting.self spankingspankinghairbrushwooden paddleDon't forget to bookmark this page. We are updating regularly.
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